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  1. Very true....we should deal for Jalen Ramsey....he seems to love Haskins and Collins has tried to recruit him as well.
  2. No way AP is released...he's a leader, he sets the tone in practice and in games, he still runs the ball incredibly well and he sells tickets because he's one of the best RB's in NFL history. He might not be a Redskin next year but I think he is top priority in helping to rebuild the culture. You can't have a room full of unproven RB's who lack experience.
  3. I really want to hear what Kyle thinks about this draft
  4. Did Thaddeus Moss go undrafted?
  5. Little disappointed in the draft, really looking forward to our UDFA's
  6. Would have preferred to package that pick for OJ Howard. Still hope we can get that deal done though
  7. I really hope Kyle shocks us with this next pick. I used to get excited about free agency when Vinny was here because you knew it was going to be a splash, now Kyle has the juice. He makes the draft exciting.
  8. Reading his profile on NFL.com looks like he can play guard as well. Looks to be a pretty good prospect. Time will tell
  9. I think Chicago is going to take our target
  10. Looking forward to our UDFA's....we usually crush it there for sure.
  11. I like it....I think that will catch on if he can play
  12. Really good pick.....I looked at a few mock draft early this year and AGG was in the first round. Pretty excited about this one. I really hope he can be a baller for us.
  13. Well that pick makes me feel better.....hope he can adjust to the competition
  14. This draft would be a homerun if we could get one of those guys.
  15. No doubt about it...I couldn't stand seeing Kyle in that Super Bowl and especially didn't like him trashing our team every time he was asked about the Skins. But Bosa sure is fun to watch. I just hope Chase Young can do the same thing.