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  1. I'm happy. That is all.
  2. To be fair, the guy had a pretty good read until everyone's legs started exploding. Can't really model for that scenario.
  3. Stugein

    Redskins Send Off Welcome Home Eagles

    Sorry I didn't see this in time! We were in the Wells Fargo lot near D6. Great tailgate made the day not terrible despite what came after.
  4. Stugein

    Redskins Send Off Welcome Home Eagles

    Follow them up here and tailgate with me!
  6. I get that, yeah. Watching events unfold on video after the fact isn't the same as in the heat of the moment. At the end of the day the dad shouldn't have initiated violence.
  7. I'm of 2 minds about that one. Yeah, he was attacked. If he had pulled and shot, then I'd say it was a bad situation but it was self defense. But as soon as the gun was pulled the attacker backed off. Showing the weapon was clearly enough to stop the attack. But after the attacker backed off then the dude shot him. I don't get how you can still feel deathly threatened when you're holding someone at gun point who is walking away. I am generally OK with Stand Your Ground type laws, but I don't think it was employed correctly in this instance. The man should not have shot; it wasn't justified IMO.
  8. I can appreciate where you're coming from. The problem is that Dont Taze Me Bro is a good guy who follows the law and wouldn't do that. The dink that wants to shoot up an art festival doesn't care. Nobody is made safer by telling Dont Taze Me Bro he isn't allowed to carry outside of his home, or that he can only have 10 bullets. To be legal in NJ we have to go through multiple layers of background checks, fingerprinting, mental health history reviews, character references, and other red tape. In many cases it takes months to legally qualify for and purchase a gun. And even after navigating and passing all of that, if you're the cleanest, most well adjusted and competent gun owner, we have a de facto ban on carrying (you can transport the gun, cased and unloaded, in your car to use at your nearest approved range which could be an hour's drive away, just don't stop for gas or you're an instant felon). On top of that we already have low magazine limits (which just recently got made even lower; I now have 6 months to get rid of my standard sized 15 rd. magazines or risk jail), and all the other feature restrictions, ammo restrictions, and "assault weapon" bans that everyone clamors for as "common sense". Despite all of this we have some of the most violent cities in the country with depressing rates of gun violence and clowns like the ones at the art festival this past week are still able to do what they're going to do. It doesn't exactly fill one with faith that enacting the same at the federal level would have an appreciable effect if the underlying causes of the violence aren't addressed. There's no 100% solution to the problem. Economic inequality, gang activity, the war on drugs, lax enforcement of existing state and federal regulations, racist social policies, incomplete and poorly updated NICS databases, and a myriad of other deficiencies all contribute to creating environments that are conducive to gun violence. Until we address the core faults that allow a culture of violence to fester in our cities, no amount of specific device restrictions or new controls are going to stem the bleeding. Telling Dont Taze Me Bro he isn't allowed to carry a gun isn't saving anyone's lives.
  9. You're right. I'm sure if NJ's super strict laws were enacted at the federal level there's no way these guys would've had guns.
  10. The fun part is that here in NJ we have some of the strictest gun control laws in the country and they just recently made them even stricter. I'm absolutely shocked that the shooter in this incident didn't follow them. It's almost like someone who would go out to murder people doesn't care about the laws. Crazy. :|
  11. Stugein

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I've had 4 seats for years and dropped 2 of them for this season (circumstances decided that I could only afford 2 this year). A couple weeks ago someone from the ticket office called me to let me know that 2 seats were open right next to mine and they wanted to give me the chance to grab them. Yeah, they tried to sell me back the tickets I had just dropped. In any case...getting antsy for my tickets to arrive. I'm jonesin' for that new ticket smell.
  12. Stugein

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I was originally going to drop from 4 seats to 2, but it looks like the federal government doesn't want me to be able to afford tickets at all this year. Damn.
  13. Yeah exactly. Hell, I've got "hundreds of rounds of ammo" laying around just because Dick's had a good sale and I haven't been to the range lately.
  14. Edit: Deleted; embed won't start where I want it to.