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  1. Stugein

    Looking for a RZ parking pass

    Fulfilled! Thanks.
  2. Stugein

    Looking for a RZ parking pass

    E-mailed you!
  3. If I can get my hands on a RZ parking pass I'll be there. Beer, soda, cornhole, something for the bar, as of yet undetermined food. I also have a couple extra tailgate tables I can bring.
  4. Hey y'all. I'm looking for a RZ parking pass for this weekend vs the Eagles. If you have an extra let me know so we can maybe work something out. Thanks.
  5. Stugein

    Gruden fired per John Keim

    Callahan is interim.
  6. Stugein

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Early Season Battle

    AP is pissed about his Week 1 scratch and runs like it. 24-13 Redskins.
  7. Stugein

    Redskins Rewards catalog

    Looks like they added a bunch of auctions and sweepstakes yesterday, but the bid/enter button doesn't seem to work on any of them.
  8. Stugein

    Redskins Rewards catalog

    I'm not sure. I still have like 60k saved over from last year that I was holding on to for new stuff that might show up. I'll be pretty mad if they go to waste. I would've used them last year if I'dve known.
  9. Stugein

    Redskins Rewards catalog

    The reward program for STH at hasn't been updated in a long time. Has anyone received word or any sort of update in a STH e-mail I may have missed that might have a status on it? The catalog dried up towards the end of last season and I'd assumed it would be refreshed for this season, but as of today there's still nothing new. I have tons of points burning a hole in my pocket and I can only own so many koozies.
  10. And that all sounds great, but the fear is that the people in charge won't be as reasonable as you are. Anti-control folks' fears can be all reasonably accommodated for; you're absolutely right. But that doesn't change the concerns that they won't be and that, if they are, the next person that comes along doesn't just turn it on it's head on a whim. Checks won't be completed in days/weeks. They will stall. The fee will be hundreds of dollars and go up every year because something something funding/tax/spend/excuse. Some nigh impenetrable barrier will be placed on the system so most people couldn't use it, suppressing private transfers. Hurdle after hurdle will be put in place to ensure as many people are kept from using the system as possible. And they aren't unreasonable fears; we see it today in many states with regard to other aspects of gun ownership. If someone proposed a system with a low bar to entry where private background checks could be performed quickly and cheaply with solid privacy protections in place then we'd probably get all but the staunchest anti-government gun hoarder types on board with the idea. But to allay those very reasonable concerns of abuse it'd have to be made (no pun intended) bullet proof. And that's the rub.
  11. Stugein

    Redskins items for the collectors

    I live outside of Philly and go to the game up here every year. This will be the first year in a long time that I'm missing it because people up here are being insane about their ticket costs because Season Opener. I'm not paying nearly $200 per ticket for standing room access. That's nuts.
  12. I think the problem is less about the what and more about the "how". I'm all for background checks for private sales/transfers, but the process would have to somehow be protected against becoming burdensome, intentionally or otherwise. It would have to be either free to perform the check or only be a nominal administrative fee. You would either have to open NICS up to everyone to perform checks (prone to abuse and privacy violations) or let private sellers initiate a NICS check through a local FFL in which case the FFL would need to be reimbursed for their costs. The thing that worries me are anti-gun folk getting a workable private background check system approved and running, then making it impossible for anyone to actually use (exorbitant fees, unreachable hurdles/requirements, etc.) in order to suppress private transfer entirely. It's the problem we are currently struggling with here in NJ; guns are allowed, carry permits are allowed, licenses are issued, etc. but the requirements are so onerous that relatively few people are able to actually exercise their rights and it only gets worse here every year. That's, I think, the core fear of universal background checks; that it will be used as an avenue to back-door restrictions as we can't trust that whoever is administering such a program will act in good faith.
  13. I'm happy. That is all.
  14. To be fair, the guy had a pretty good read until everyone's legs started exploding. Can't really model for that scenario.