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  1. Timberob

    2019 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    I thought that was yesterday and I didnt get an update. Then I didn't remember seeing him today.
  2. Timberob

    2019 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    Did anyone see Adonis Alexander out there today? I don't recall seeing him at all?
  3. Timberob

    Larry Bird Rule

    Why doesn't the NFL have some type of Larry Bird Rule or variation of it like in the NBA? I feel like to really show the value of the draft, teams that originally draft players should be able to keep them at any cost but only have a minimal charge against the cap? It would encourage players to stay with original teams. I would rescind the ability to franchise players in this case. Also I would take the average length of an NFL career, add two years to it, and then allow veterans who meet that criteria to also sign deals of numbers larger than their cap costs. I hate seeing all these aging players get cut, sign with another team for a year or two, retire., and then sign a 1 day contract with their original team to retire again. What am I missing as to why these would be bad ideas?
  4. I dont get the love for Antonio Brown. He is awesome with Ben. Look at his stats without Ben. I have long believed that the Ben/ Antonio pair may be one of if not the best combo in NFL history but it is them together. Brown will not be a star in his next uniform. Good but no longer elite
  5. I'm becoming a hundred percent convinced that Jack Kent Cooke made a deal with the devil in 1991 that if we had the best season in NFL history then we would be destined to suck the rest of the life of the Redskins
  6. Quick question... Which positional group is the best for the Redskins this year? I think one could logically argue it is the defensive lines hands down. I came across this website https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/positional/defensive-line that shows how much of the cap each team allocates to each position. The Redskins currently spend the 32nd most amount on money on their dlinemen. I think this is remarkable and shows how well we are drafting with this usually high priced piece of a defense being paid peanuts (comparably speaking of course). Out of curiosity, which position group do you think the Redskins pay the most? Guess before you check..
  7. He's going to sign a 1 year deal with incentives is my guess. With that in mind, the Skins should get back in on him.