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  1. Truthfully, I made a mistake. I apologize as it had no relevance and I am not sure how I did it!
  2. I do believe a 1st rounder is being talked about now but not before because before compensation dealt with this year's draft. I believe any deal made now has to be contingent on a physical which leads me to believe it will for a 2021 draft pick. Think about it. For awhile now Skins have been on record saying they want compensation equal to a 2nd round pick. General consensus is that a 1 next year is worth a 2 this year. Just a thought. Could explain why their are rumors of higher draft picks?
  3. No need to clarify my post. but I do thank you for making my points. First, if you don't think this board doesn't slight players as soon as they are no longer Redskins then you do not read this forum. Second, if you think it's just an obvious in the last year that he was a head case then you haven't been a fan for very long. Anyone who has been suspended three times breaking rules even though it cost them millions of dollars qualifies as a head case. Third, I love the narrative that he is always injured. Excluding last season, which was due to contract, he had the potential to play in 146 gam
  4. Why can't people just admit the truth? Why do we always have to slight a player if we think he's not going to be a Redskin? Yes, Trent Williams apparently is a head case which he was when this board loved him. Yes, he may get injured from time to time which he was when this board loved him. And Yes he is NOT what this new culture needs. He wasn't good for the culture when this board loved him. Yet, he is still a dominant player when in the game. Yet, he is a top 3 player at his position. And yet, the Skins have the leverage and SHOULD use it. There's absolutely no player that they could
  5. This is why Ii think they may have a deal in place already with Miami. Why over pay a cb if you are getting Okudah st 5? Otherwise are you taking a cb in round 3 when you need an OT, TE, or WR there?
  6. This neglect of cb is slowly leading me to believe the whole we will trade down wirh Miami and take Okudah at 5 and a Lt at 18. I think Young will be a what if for Skins fans. Nothing else makes sense
  7. I agree that we should have got more for Dunbar. But as a coach for over 25 years, there's absolutely nothing worse than a player that shows up each day that doesn't want to be there. It truly is a detriment to the team and a never ending exhaustion for the coach. Furthermore, it undermines the whole program when everybody else on the team knows that the guy doesn't want to be there and yet still starts each week. This is the culture that we have had in the past that Ron Rivera is trying to change. He was given a five-year contract and might fail miserably in those five years. But with that sa
  8. I say load up on picks this year and next for sure and bail out of #2. I want flexibility next year after a year in a new system and an identity installed. Plus I want a chance to draft Lawrence (not ideal but in case needed) and Micah Parsons who is only a sophomore but a stud.
  9. Young is a stud, but I think we should convince Micah Parsons to come out and then draft him. He is going to be awesome.
  10. I am to the point now that no matter what we get we will lose the deal. If I heard we got Mahomes, Barkley, Julio Jones, Travis Kelce and Bill Belicheck for Jeremy Sprinkle I d have to believe Mahomes would quit to play baseball, Barkley would become a pacifist who couldn't hit someone and play football, Jones would pursue his rapping career, Klece would sign an exclusive reality series deal that would prohibited from playing football, and Belicheck would switch to his second career choice of moedling 3 piece suits. I mean honestly, when have the SKINS ever really one a deal?
  11. No, I am not suggesting we draft Tua. I like the Miami mindset of knowing you are going to suck this year and embracing it. Likely, this staff gets replaced by next season. If I were GM (do we have one?) and we started 0-4, I would wave the white flag. Trade Trent, Josh, Reed, and even Kerrigan for draft capital. Get what you can. Here's the key. You just need to finish worst than Miami and you play them!! If you can truly tank and go into the draft with #1 pick, Miami will trade a crap ton (and they have it) to us to get Tua. This type of one year tank could be a launching point. B
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