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  1. Skinarchy


    So just finished the recorded game. very impressed with Haskins! All I can really ask for is flashes, and he flashed. Taking into account he’s a 1 year collage player, I find it incredible he can come in and flash anything good. A few throws where great. I also see a smart player, dumping the ball off to avoid sacks, hell, there are qbs that don’t do that after 3 seasons. Think it’s a safe bet the D is going to be great. The bad coaching, sorry but it’s been a cluster Mess.. special teams, wth? This coaching staff is a bunch of wimps, the way they call games, o and d ... the o line, nuff said, zero run blocking At this point, I say Start Haskins I don’t see us winning 8 games, so out with the old in with the new Haskins Mclrn’ Harmon All start Make sure Guice gets allot of touches Basically play the younger players, trade blue chips for picks and stop half azzing the rebuild, this is the year to train the younger players up, but our front office and lame duck coaches are hanging on too hope for continued employment, so they can’t just write the season off, which puts us another season behind.... This front office, and coaching are hideous... HTTR !
  2. Agree, but he is threatening retirement... This is how he could play that... NFL....Mr Williams please come with your hair to the front office Trent....Sorry, I’m not doing anything football related until this issue is resolved with the skins organization.. NFL...Okay that will be a failed strike Trent: Once this issue is resolved, I will commit to the test. And I will appeal any suspension. If he’s able to clean out and pass the test, the suspension will be much less then a season...imho All this assumes he’s already dirty, knows he’s caught, and is trying to limit the whole season suspension, and save O’ooo...9 million in pay...
  3. Not sure I agree, he is holding out from all team activity. Think they are going to send swat, and break his door down? I will give you this, it’s possible his goose is cooked, and he knows it. He might be hiding from the test, so the team can off load him before the suspension takes effect. Conspiracy theories no doubt, but I'm betting it’s drug related. Guess the guy doesn’t value another contract @ 13 mill per season over the next 4 yrs, more then smoking some dam kush... that’s why, if True, I say ship him now, he’s a moron. Imho EDIT: Just to add’ I believe this is what’s happening now, the Front office is passing on offers until they get their number.. If I was a betting man’ and I am, I would bet he’s gone before pre season game 4 ....
  4. Who knows, I haven’t seen any reliable reports on his current condition. I’m sure he is flushing and drinking lots of carbon as we speak. I don’t like our schedule this season one’s a tuff road to travel... When we get a 1st offer (bet we already did) from Miami, ship him ASAP... Use that draft pick for the best LT, hope I’m wrong, but I have this season at 8-8 No wild card, so Play the rookie, and let the new coaching staff train him up next season. Ship Trent Ship Doc Ship Norman now for draft picks Trade TE JR for picks This season: Run the ball, run the ball, run the ball clear cap room Next season is a wild card run....please don’t waste this season with rookies on the bench...or here we are again next yr...
  5. I agree 100% and the team knows about it. If he fails another, I think it’s a season! I’ve thought this from day one of this news breaking. Btw, it’s hair testing now, glass cup was 1933 haha! Trade this nit wit! ASAP Its football season! Let’s go Skins! HTTR
  6. Skinarchy

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Great draft so far! HTTR sweet dreams!
  7. Skinarchy

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Only one clown allowed here man.... “Huge fail” Night Troll
  8. Skinarchy

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Good trade down, get the bpa now the rest of the way out. Hope one of them is a guard
  9. Skinarchy

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Good pick, most here missed the big picture. This is a pick to help groom the future QB, keep him comfortable with someone he knows. Plus best special teamer in the draft...speed kills, so high upside! Love it
  10. Skinarchy

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    2nd round of the playoffs this season yes, you want to give me fat odds, I’ll take the bet....this team is a sleeper. They went 6-3 before the injury bug hit us.
  11. Skinarchy

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Huh????? you got a first instead of a 2nd so that’s a plus you gave a low 2nd I guess around 24... next year to get the one.... for or a player that shoulda went around 10 or better....over some bullxxxx med’ report steal
  12. Skinarchy

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Omfg!!! I was out side talking on the phone, and we get this beast! wow what a day! Unreal edit: I really hope people get off the front office bashing now! This draft is already legend.
  13. Skinarchy

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Scumbag espn bringing up that dirt on a HS kid that made a mistake, had to show the vid too... lowball crap espn
  14. Skinarchy

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I agree, most people just don’t understand that Haskins wanted to be in Dc He is in Gaithersburg now! A skins fan He is home, which improves his stock greatly! wow....did today go his way, he must be on cloud 9.