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  1. I get the points, above.. But don't agree. Players know the smart play is tie and OT... Tell them that it was a right call.now they battle and lose the game... They had momentum, and the D was jacked up...sends a bad message to half the team the D....
  2. The problem is missed here... It's not the L or W it's the message... The team now knows they are tanking . Okay.....it is what it is . BUT.... Here is the missed point, and what's so infuriating! you can't develop talent when they know the overall plans is too lose . Total cray cray future plan for this young team..
  3. Get out? You like losing stradagy? The play is tie the game and flip... Period..it shows we are tanking... If you cant see that, take off the burgundy shaded glasses... This is good for betting lines ..they don't want to win this season. They want to tank a season for a high qb pick...which is stupid, all by itself .. Unreal. O well
  4. Sickening....he just lost the team..you tie the game and let that D feast...they don't want to win...and the birds lost....we would have had a chance at the east... Sad
  5. Fire the HC ....that is unbelievable. Tank is on, cya next season...
  6. 1st and 10 right up the gut....unreal another dog OC in the metro
  7. Stop looking through rose tinted glasses...we are tanking lol
  8. Help ! Driving and I want to listen or watch the game today! I'm outta market Any ideas please! Thanks
  9. Delete please mod...total poll attempt fail!
  10. Supposed to be a poll, I’ll fix
  11. Simple poll: what should we get for Trent Williams
  12. Not sure you read what I wrote..but here it is in short form Trade down with Miami Get the 5 and the 18 and a 2021 first Don’t forget the extra picks we will get over the 18th and next years 1st.... You think the 5 and 18 will result in crap players? Maybe start a new thread calling for the heads of the new Front Office You think that 2021 1st would be low in the first round? I don’t...I’d be willing to bet it’s a top 15 We can’t get an elite OT @ 5? With zero blue chip talent left at 18? I Bet Simmons is there at 5...more I watch his
  13. So back and forth on the #2... I think I have made up my mind though... looking at our total 2020 draft picks, then looking at our 3-13 record it’s time for a major revamp on a 3 year plan, not a one season plan... Here is what I think will end up happening As much as I would LOVE to get Chase Young, we lose to much picking him. Way to much matter of fact. You have to factor in what his value is without leaving out what your losing taking him... is he really worth losing two potential extra first rounders? Plus the jelly...like maybe a se
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