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  4. Not sure you read what I wrote..but here it is in short form Trade down with Miami Get the 5 and the 18 and a 2021 first Don’t forget the extra picks we will get over the 18th and next years 1st.... You think the 5 and 18 will result in crap players? Maybe start a new thread calling for the heads of the new Front Office You think that 2021 1st would be low in the first round? I don’t...I’d be willing to bet it’s a top 15 We can’t get an elite OT @ 5? With zero blue chip talent left at 18? I Bet Simmons is there at 5...more I watch his film, the more I like him, still not convinced LB at 5 is the best move.. I wouldn’t cry over that pick though...still prefer a OT at 5 If my Miami trade down prediction is accurate 5th pick, 18th, next year top 15 1st rounder Here is what your losing to pick CY 18th pick 1st round Another high 1st rounder plus prob. a couple 4ths or 5ths No thanks....I’ll take Simmons plus two extra 1st...and change..or a LT that protects Haskins blindside the next ten seasons.. If we don’t take a tackle NOW we aren’t going to get a blue chip LT for another decade....our picks will be to low after 2021....that I'm sure about Plus the right OL plugs two holes...RT now, until TW leaves, then flop to left... Another one I really like, Swap with Detroit, still get CY and pickup a second... With that deal, I’m going WR best avail. With the 2nd And mark my words...this Tua injury will be a non issue....he will check out fine, he will put out tape showing he’s fine, then people are going to start wondering if he’s a better pick then Barrow..... I wouldn’t be at all surprised with Tua going 1st over all....with barrow sitting there at 2. If that happened, there would be a feeding frenzy for that number 2, that would scare off a pride of lions!
  5. So back and forth on the #2... I think I have made up my mind though... looking at our total 2020 draft picks, then looking at our 3-13 record it’s time for a major revamp on a 3 year plan, not a one season plan... Here is what I think will end up happening As much as I would LOVE to get Chase Young, we lose to much picking him. Way to much matter of fact. You have to factor in what his value is without leaving out what your losing taking him... is he really worth losing two potential extra first rounders? Plus the maybe a second, and a couple 4ths? for the record, I think for Miami to move up they have to offer 5-18 and a 2021 jelly So again CY worth passing on all that? i say no...we have to many needs. And, is LB a need at number 5, after we trade down... I say no to that to. we have a future stud LB...don’t need two, with all the other holes As much as it pains me to say this...@#5 the redskins need to take the best OT avail. The skins will get better, and their draft picks will not be high again....for a long time...I believe this! We need to grab a OT while we can.... At 18 CB If we pick up a 2nd in trade best Safety 3rd wr 4th OL i like this strategy for the future of the team, not for just this season...
  6. Weak joke....shows you have the imagination of a pet rock. if your going to try to put me down, at least use some imagination, then I can respect ya.. Like this.... Calling me a weakling and acting like a tuff guy while posting cartoons? Now that’s real hardcore man... Maybe next time you’ll throw up something really tuff like some bugs bunny...then I will know you really mean business! See cartoon boy? It’s easy if you don’t walk your whole life under a rock, and don’t have the iq of a piss ant playing ruff rider on a website.....Can’t be tuff riding your pink Vespa watching cartoons on your bedazzled Mojave red iPhone, with a tye dye umbrella attached to your handlebars, which also has those two extra chrome bells. Save your allowance and buy you a set of handle bar tassels, you know....the long plastic ones! Then your whip will be complete! haha see? imagination, now Go get some, then come back with some meat, leave the salads for dallas fans.. O’ Next time, if your have any opinions on my post,other then your small little brain cartoon, feel free to share please, leave the weak sauce it’s extremeskins cartoon boy, not Disney land! O dam, now I did it! He’s going to come back at me with some hardcore mini mouse... And don’t mess with a original 500, I go way think I wear this clown for anything other then old school extremeskins respect? TK, Can I start a gofundme for our fallen clowns of yester-year..I miss them all.... HTTR
  7. Trade down I’m not mad if we swap with Miami, the offer, will be huge, if they accept i like Detroit vs Miami... “Hey Miami, Detroit wants to swap and take your QB” “Hey Detroit, we can lock this up right now, you need to up your offer if you don’t want Miami taking your QB” The plan ALL along was to swap with Detroit.... What do I want? Their 1st 2nd and a forth next year We still get CY and a 2nd for the best LB available We all would get to yell yippee if that happens. Well most of us, there will be some cry baby’s that didn’t get their way! Prob mostly, the ones below 30....haha! We shall see, but a couple extra First this year is hard to pass in too!
  8. Brandon S. Wants to be here. Skins will get that contract done easy. Trent W. is just postering, he will also be back. They might forgive the fines to squash it. Dumb bar’ is trying to pull a Trent...not going to work, he can’t afford the fines. I think they will throw him a bone he’ll be back too.. Keeper of commandments....don’t care, let him walk Flowers keep him with new reasonable contract FA Get Diggs Feed a extenz pill too Brandon S. Best avail FA for Moses hole in the OL line (No pun attended) Mid to High tier CB Safety Draft Trade down with Miami Swap into #5 pick Get the 18 a 2nd And a 4th and a first 2021 4th 2021 Not a trade value give or take (I think we might do better) 2020 1st: Best edge 2nd: Best corner 4th Best OL Next years highest number one OL tackle If something close to that happens, I think the future (which is bright now) gets even brighter.
  9. Indeed, the line (@Westgate) has gone up 16.5 now Money Line is UP +800 This is the best shot at those marbles this season. Skins are (Slowly) but surely improving. I expect an upset, but I’m sticking with just the points and a small Sweat...just in case Except for 1,527 views But okay, good luck this week.
  10. Thanks for letting the whole forum know what type of person you are when your not hiding behind your computer screen. Big D alert here people! hater gonna hate
  11. The Clown say....Skins a 16 point Dog? Ship it all out too me Vegas! So I’m back on track, it was close but our skins covered! Yay! I know I know...painful season. But, begin a true skins fan means supporting through thick and thin! No bandwagon Nitz on this sight! So now......holy crap! Are you kidding me? Skins getting 16 points M/L is +700! Over/Under 42 Again, are you kidding me! 16 points.... The D is showing improvement The O line is showing improvement Now for the reason you tune into the S.C.L thread...out of the box thinking! Something not one person (that I read, anyplace) is saying...and exactly why you should ship it this week! AP is returning to Minny....He’s going to have a game! Our O is clearly more based on run, ball control keeps the Vikings O off the field Coaches know Kurts weaknesses, no way this is 16 points... On too the picks! Forget the O/U!!!!! Shoot for skins getting +16! And it could be upset week! Shoot a little on that silly +700
  12. Scratch all my predictions... Just read....Chris Thompson And V. Davis is out... Chris is the big loss here...obviously New pick Take the skins getting 9.5-10 Or, Just some sweat on the skins to win out right +350 or better (if your smart you can do better then +350) The reason I feel the Skins have a fair chance at this, the H.C of the Skins knows Shanny well. Good value at +350 Not so sure the skins are 13 point dogs at home... HTTR