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ThinkProgress: Trump confidant dumped millions in steel-related stock last week (Also the Trade War thread)

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3 hours ago, youngestson said:

George Washington, Andrew Jackson, John Tyler, U.S. Grant, Ike Eisenhower; they all shot someone and I didn't hear you complain about it. You make me sick, you libtard hypocrite! 


I went to our first president's house and saw where his slaves slept.

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Just stop the Republican bashing. They are the party of one of the greatest presidents, Lincoln. The man who freed the slaves and tried to kick them out of the country and send them back to Africa. 


Not much has changed I guess.


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Also in the article


“Even though it’s hurting me, I hope we have the guts to stick it out,” said Tom Sligh, president of Billco Products, which makes cabinets, dressers and other furniture for hotels at three factories in Holland.


Mr. Sligh grew up working at the furniture business his great-grandfather started more than a century ago. The company shuttered in 2005, a casualty of imports from China.


In his own business, Mr. Sligh relies on imported quartz countertops and metal parts — door handles, gliders and other hardware — much of it made in China.


The tariffs have increased his costs by 10 percent, he said, but he has not been able to pass them on. He recently lost a bid to outfit a hotel in Grand Rapids when a Chinese competitor offered less than half his price.


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Farmers will vote again for Trump because they are now dependent on subsidies. Republicans have affected farmers in the same manner for which they deride leftists' treatment of urban poor - they have created a system of welfare dependency.

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I will register surprise if his base turns on him even slightly. 

They will die of starvation first, I'd bet. No matter what happens, they will never believe they were wrong. They will once again swallow whatever slop they are fed as to how it's all the democrats fault.



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