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ThinkProgress: Trump confidant dumped millions in steel-related stock last week (Also the Trade War thread)

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the manufacturing real output is still climbing




the trade issues,strong dollar and depressed oil prices are limiting it .


manufacturing employment drops due to automation and lack of skilled workers can easily be addressed  (a good problem)


wage growth is better,though still needs improvement


retail is still adjusting to the online economy


the farmers bankruptcy filings are mainly debt restructuring whilw awaiting bailout money


I'd be more worried about other areas such as the auto finance bubble and pension issues 


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Yeah, it's hard to be completely serious about simple aggregate numbers, which generally fail to account for all the features of the gig economy: short-term jobs, no benefits, the need for multiple jobs, etc., etc.

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Trump administration moves to block Chinese airlines from US


The Trump administration moved Wednesday to block Chinese airlines from flying to the U.S. in an escalation of trade and travel tensions between the two countries.


The Transportation Department said it would suspend passenger flights of four Chinese airlines to and from the United States starting June 16.


The decision was in response to China’s failure to let United Airlines and Delta Air Lines resume flights to China this month. The airlines suspended those flights earlier this year in response to the coronavirus pandemic that started in China’s Wuhan province.


The Transportation Department said that China was violating an agreement between the two countries covering flights by each other’s airlines.


Click on the link for the full article

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