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3-0 win on the frozen tundra of Minnesota, against a woeful Honduras side, who looked as though they’d rather be anywhere else, puts the US pretty safely in the WC with 3 to play. They beat Panama at home, they’re in.


Game last night showed the good and bad. Three goals from set pieces, the first they’ve had all qualifying, and the midfield, were the good. Inability to get service in from wide areas, and inability to break down the bedded in defense were the bad. Defense gets a pass, because they didn’t have to do much of anything, but Zimmerman was in on two goals, and the Robinsons shut down the Honduras right side.


Still not convinced by Berhalter’s tactics, but hard to tell in such a boring and lopsided match. Acosta was very good, and he is the best spot kick taker in the team, without doubt. Biggest plus for me was the play of de la Torre, guy was everywhere. He broke up play in the box, on the wing, in midfield. He carried the ball forward and asked questions of the Honduran defense all night. Almost with a sweet assist to Pulisic, which missed by a hair. He continues to play like this, he will push Musah for time.


Big game in Mexico coming up next month, then the home match against Panama. Hopefully they will have qualified by then, because I don’t trust Berhalter in a one off in Costa Rica with qualifying on the line.

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Need something in the midfield. Not getting much from them. Like to see Gio Reyna in the mid, it’s where he generally plays for Dortmund. Could also use a guy like De la Torre to help carry the ball forward from the back, and link the attack. 

Pepi has been almost invisible. Surprised he got the start over Pefok, who’s scored like 20 goals already this season.

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USA with 2 chokes on gimme goals (Pulisic and other guy). 


Costa Rica over Canada is a bad result for US.  At the end of the day, a point over Panama means they just have to tie Costa Rica... but I want them to win and play well. 



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1 hour ago, ixcuincle said:

US essentially through to the WC barring a 6 goal loss vs CRC



Way to go boys! 

That tweet though. Cheap shot at the guy who basically made this team happen. Klinsman said American kids need to play in Europe to develop their games, and look at the USMNT now. Most all these kids play in Europe.

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They got the job done, but truly uninspired performance. The guys who’d played the first two games, Jedi, Zimmerman, Pulisic, Adams, Musah, all looked gassed early on. Acosta, while a good set piece taker, is just slow in the run of the game, and was almost invisible last night. Weah frustrated again. Guy has all the physical tools, but his touch, passing, and decision making seem to let him down more often than not.


Thought Gregg should have rotated a bit more, get fresher legs on, and some of the same questions remain. Who is going to be the #9? What is the best XI? Where is Gio’s best position?


This team missed McKennie. Guy is the heart and soul of this side, and a quality player. Team shows a whole different dynamic when he is on the pitch. I hope Berhalter tinkers a bit this summer, because, IMO, the best XI includes both Reyna and Aaronson. I’m wondering if Gio might be able to play a false #9, using his movement, and ability to drop back, and carry the ball forward, and create, to move defenders, and open up lanes for Pulisic and Aaronson to run into. I’d also like to see Sargent get another run, as he has been playing well for Norwich on the right in a front three.


Glad they’ve made WC, as this will be invaluable experience for this young squad. Depending on the draw tomorrow, it will be a battle to make it out of group stage into the final 16, and that’s okay. I have little expectation for them this time around, as they are so young. Now, in 2026, when the WC will be in North America, and these “kids” will have that experience under their belts? Then, I will have expectations.

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We wont' know for sure until later tomorrow when the groups and schedule are released, but there is early speculation the US could play their World Cup opener on Thanksgiving or the day after.


This is if they are in group G or H. Still very early.

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