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What Do You Think About Bow Ties



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  1. 1. What do you think about bowties

    • They are silly and I would never wear one (except with a tux)
    • They are sweet and I rock them all the time

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This topic came up in the Hugh Douglas thread.  What do you think about bow ties?


Personally, I think they are silly and would never, ever wear one unless it was with a tuxedo.*  Evidently they are "in" right now, but so are a lot of things that are stupid.  I recently took the bar exam and was in a room with 1200 people in suits, at least 15% of the males were wearing bow ties. Every one of them looked ridiculous.   


Clowns wear bow ties.  











*A bow tie with a tuxedo is acceptable and IMO preferable to a regular tie.  

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damn, i made a simple joke about bowties in the Dougas thread......lol


if you can pull off a bowtie, go for it.  i wouldn't get caught dead one one though.

Bow ties are lame. Even if I did wear a tux, it would be with a long skinny tie. I won't wear a bow tie.  

huh man.  Fonzworth Bentley ass dudes out here.




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Hugh Douglas is a race traitor. Had to counter-balance the universe . . .


I'm pro bow tie, but only 'cause if you can rock it without irony or being self-conscious more power to ya. Just like with any article of clothing: wear what you want. We got too many clones walking around. 


I've never worn one apart from a tux. 



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