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ES Coverage & Interactive Pre Season Game Day Thread - Skins at Titans


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Are you ready?

Redskins Football is back!

Who to watch:

Kirk Cousins. While I only expect to see him for 10-15 snaps its important he shows up & looks good on film. I fully expect to see him shopped for draft picks next offseason. Yes, he came in & won that Browns game last year with his only start, but that's only four quarters & that first quarter was a bit rough.

Bacarri Rambo. Reports from camp have him lighting it up in camp. Morris loves the kid. And he's been getting a fair amount of time in with the starters. Can he cement his place as a starter in the next four weeks? By now he knows our WRs routes, time to see how he fairs against someone else's. Even if he has a bad game it'll still be an upgrade over Mahdoodoo Williams.

Aldrick Robinson. By all reports dude has been tearing it up in camp. The knock on him last year was he needed to work on his route running. If he's got it down, watch out.

Leonard Hankerson. Bottom line here is he can't afford to drop or miss a single ball. Period. In fact, I'd put him at the bottom of the chart right now.

Special Teams. This is where a lot of guys will actually make the team at this year. Plus, to make Bang happy, Danny Smith is gone.

More later so stay tuned.....

FYI With the rain and flooding here, pay attention to the field as its the same grass that was recently installed at FedEx.

It's about 5pm here & they're starting to uncover the field.

Morris, Trent, Hall,& Garcon will not play tonight.
J Reed out as well. I'm not expecting to see Davis or Merriweather either.

Earlier today at the hotel I ended up on the elevator with Raheem & the secondary. Guys were loose & joking around but not over confident.

Zoony reports in that the field is fine & dry so that's good news.

There's a Green Bay scout here two seats down from me. He looks like Lance Reddick from The Wire & Fringe.

About 10 minutes to kickoff & you can fit everyone here in about two sections of stands. Thursday Night Football = BAD IDEA. Take notice NFL, take notice.

Skins taking the field now. Awaiting kickoff...
Titans just came out to Welcome To The Jungle.

The Titans have a raccoon looking mascot. Somehow I think roadkill might be more appropriate. Or maybe a still.


Skins win the toss & will receive. Niles Paul brings out from 5 yards deep. Skins at the 19. Skins run it to the left for a gain of 2 by Helu JR. Helu for a gain of 4. Cousins passes complete to Moss for a 1st down. Gain of 10.Cousins fakes the handoff, almost gets killed before reeling a completed pass to Paulsen. 3 yard catch for a 1st down. Tennessee challenges. WTF? a 3 yard challenge? Are you kidding me?

WOW. Challenge upheld. WOW.

Helu to the left again for a small gain. 3rd down. HANK catches a ball!!. Rocca to punt. Skins called for delay of game. Geez. 34 yard punt. Titans ball. Time to see Rambo.

Titans run it for 2 tackle by Jenkins. Amerson breaks up a pass. 3rd down. Locker goes DOWN. Sack by Kerrigan.

Three snaps & can't tell if the D looks that good or if the Titans just suck.&
Crawford back to return. 42 yard punt no return.

there's now a DJ playing Smoke On The Water under the jumbo tron.

Cousins still in & completes a pass to Morgan who gets forced out. 6 yard gain. 2nd down. Kirk boots out ala the Browns game. Complete to Aldrick who gets killed by Pollard. And penalty yardage.Helu for 4 to the left. Pitch to Helu up the middle. Cousins to Davis for a 1st down. Skins in the Red Zone. Helu for 6. 2nd & goal. Ball on the 3 timeout Titans.Cousins to Davis in the back of the end zone TOUCHDOWN. Kick is good Skins up 7-0.

AND there's nothing like a good ol ES board crash for 15-20 minutes DURING A GAME. C'mon Man!

Now that we're back, the Titans have managed to go 14-7.

Rex with the old McNugget impression pass to the ground short for Paul. Helu getting the workload at RB so far tonight. End of the 1st.
Had to actually quit following the game for a few to shoot off a few emails about our 403 server crash issues.

Battle is getting just enough each play to keep the chains moving for TN. Locker attempts a pass which stops their drive. Titans punt for 45 yards

Sexy Rexy complete for 20 yards from back of the endzone to Morgan.Skins running their 3rd QB, TN still running their starter.Aldrick drops a pass from rex. Shoulda been caught. Rex sacked on next play. Skins punt & Muckleroy saves a sure punt return for a TD. TN called for holding on return as well.

Grant Paulsen quote of the night: Locker's a qb that runs well. He just can't throw:D At which point Locker has a pass tipped & its incomplete.36 yard punt Skins take over at the 16.

Rex & Helu get it going on the ground. Be nice to see this drive ind with a TD. The announcer in the Press Box keeps calling Helu "Halo" Dude clearly plays to much xbox.

HANK catches another pass!!!

"Halo" on a run that's negated by holding. 1st & 20. Pass complete to HANK for a gain of 12. 2nd & 8. Royster in now.

Two Minute Warning

Skins need to come away with 7 here....Rex to Morgan who takes 3 guys to bring him down. Goon Bros in da house. Incomplete to Aldrick back corner of the endzone. Complete to Aldrick. 1st & goal. Aldricks catch now under review.....

Confirmed as a catch. Booya!
"Halo" to the right no gain. 2nd down. Skins burn a Time Out. TOUCHDOWN HANKTIME. And the game's tied at 14 with a Forbath extra point.

Locker 7-11 58 yards and is done for the night. Fitz in at QB for TN. They run for 2 yards and it's Haftime.

3rd Quarter
Rex still in & now Royster getting work at RB. Skins moving the ball on the ground. Rex throws incomplete. And another incompletion. 3rd & 10 at the 40. Rex complete to Stallworth over the middle for a 1st down. Nice grab by Donte. And back to the run game with Williams. Rex complete to Donte again. Hands to the face on the D declined. 15 yard gain. Ball on the 28. Royster carries again. Rex with a swing pass complete to Williams who can't get any YAC. 3rd & 11. Rex complete to Lewis with an amazing grab, touchdown but flag on the play for illegal formation. 3rd & 16. False start on the O. 3rd &17. Skins killing themselves here now. Geez. Rex incomplete to Williams. Holding on the O. Rocca punts, fair catch at the 16.

Titans do absolutely nothing on their drive. Dawson back to receive the punt. waves it off.&

Aaaaannnd Pat White is now in. Wearing #5. Horrible overhand mechanics but completes his first two passes to Paulsen. Skins running the Read Option with White. Stallworth out with a left hammy. White incomplete to N.Williams. Drive stalls, Rocca punts. Titans take over as the 3rd quarter ends.

4th Quarter
Titans start a drive & the D goes offsides to give them a 1st down. This is wear this game is going to get really hard to watch with 3rd/4th stringers now in. Titans back to their run game for a 3 yard loss. This drive was about over until Skins get called with roughing the passer & give them a first down. Ugh. Titans get to the 48. 3rd &1. 3 yard gain for a 1st down. Crawford & Gumbs give up a pass for a 1st down. D punishes Parmele who's helmet pops off. Next play, Crawford breaks up a TD pass & his helmet pops off. 3rd down. Skins challenge as Crawford had the pick between his legs. Stands as called- Incomplete. Three plays later & the Titans have a 1st down. Next play its a TD. Titans up 21-14.

Titans kickoff hits the uprights. Touchback. Pat White is back. Skins driving with small chunks at a time. White runs for a gain on 18.Skins at the 50. Royster for a nice gain of 9. White with a run for 6. White complete to Lewis. Lewis drops one. White to Lewis again nearly fumbled after the hit in the endzone. Penalty on TN for roughing the passer. Skins keep possession. Play now under reviewed. No change still Skins ball. White on a Read Option keeper for a small gain. Pat White playfakes a lane wide open & scores a TD. Skins going 2 & get it.

Game day chicken bucket goes BOOM!

Titans try to fire the crowd up for the return with Pantera's Cowboys From Hell riff. Also heard Iron Maiden's Run To The Hills here earlier.

Titans get 15 on the ground, stopped by Muckleroy.

Two minute Warning.
1st & 10 at the 38. Incomplete pass. 2nd down. TN completed pass short of the 1st down. 3rd & 6. Holding call on the Offense backs them up. 3rd & 16. Batted & incomplete pass. Flag-hands to the face on the Titans. declined-4th & 16. FLAG again on TN for false start. Punt team in, Dawson to receive. Skins take over in TN territory. Royster carries for a small gain of 2. 3rd down & 3. TN burns another timeout just to prolong their loss. And now the Skins burn one. Royster with a HUGE run that almost takes out the ref in the process. Gain of 15. 1st down Skins. White takes a knee & this one is over.

zoony's takeaways and observations:

1. Brian Orakpo after the game let it slip... "even though we HATE preseason, it's still good to go out there...." There you have it folks. That wasn't the royal we, either. Vets hate the preseason. Even vets who haven't played competitive football in 11 months.
2. Got confirmation from Fletcher, Orakpo, and Kerrigan that the defensive gameplan tonight was vanilla. No real gameplanning or specialty packages, just basic defense
3. I'm no expert, but gosh, is Josh Leribus a football player? I'm not sure he's in the best physical shape.
4. I asked the guys in the locker room, who out of the young guys is standing out to you in camp? Minnefield, Jenkins, Rambo were consistent answers... and Logan Paulsen told me that he feels like Reed might be a game changing talent at some point. He is really impressed with the kid.
5. Kirk Cousins has a lot of leadership quality. You can just tell on the sideline, guys gravitate to him. I feel like he is going to be a quality starter in this league.
6. Chris Neild says the knee brace is purely for his psychological well being. His knee is 100%
7. Baker gets the bench cheerleader award. From where I stood he looked to have played a good game.
8. Seems like Helu missed some of his running lanes. I think Shanahan wanted to get some good tape on him tonight. He had a few good runs as well.
9. Troy Aikman asked during last Thanksgiving's broadcast, how does that kind of speed (Aldrick Robinson) slip so far in the draft? You saw it tonight. He had a few drops in warmups, too. Hopefully just an off night.
10. I took the coolest picture ever of Hankerson upside down in the end zone. If I do say so, and I will say so

What can I say, I like this team. I think our FO is to be commended for building this roster. I feel like for the first time in the post Gibbs I era we are looking at a roster that is not only talented, but deep on key positions. A great mix of young talent with a few veterans mixed in... if we can keep the injuries to a minimum, this year is going to be a great one.

ES photostream is :http://www.flickr.com/photos/extremeskins/'>HERE


London Fletcher audio



Logan Paulsen audio



Orakpo audio



Kerrigan audio


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Wish I could go to this game.  I hear out of all the stadiums/cities to go to a Redskins away game, Titans are in a very welcoming city.  Other fans treat opposing fans with respect.  


yeah you won't get any beef here.  only time i did was from some drunk b* back in 2002 that spit some beer on my Rod Gardner jersey (he signed before game). 

used to be a season tik holder and only team that really got any hate was the Ravens.  that could have just been me giving them hell, too.

in 2010 it was pretty tame.  we both sucked, tho.  there's a ton of disgruntled fans now that the titans REALLY suck.  tik prices reflect that (see stubhub)

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My husband works from home & has only 1 thing on the "honey-do list" today...see if there's a way to get our entire game, and not NFLN's "whiparound" coverage.  With exactly 12 hours to complete said task, I'm gettin' nervous.




Good luck, Mary.  Worst case scenario, are you aware of the online option through the NFL for the preseason?

This has been the looooongest offseason. So glad football is starting again!


Yeah, it basically started in the 4th quarter of the playoff game...

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I won't lie, I actually like the preseason.


Its this time of year you begin to get to know your team in side and out. I love seeing some of the young guys who may be starting later this year or later in their career early on to get to know them and see their potential. Yeah, by week 4 it starts to get a little old and the games can be somewhat bland, but in terms of watching MY team play I actually do generally enjoy it.


Can't wait till 8:00

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It's weird.. We've been bad for so long, that I usually am ridiculously excited for the preseason, probably because it's the only time we have hope for a good year.


But now that we are coming off a 10-6 season with expectations for a deep playoff run, I can't wait for the preseason to be over. 

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About to leave NC while talking smack to Philip Daniels on Facebook about his FF money league :)

several bad wrecks on 40 between the line and knoxville the past two days. be careful!

I flew in. Currently having lunch with Doc.
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About to leave NC while talking smack to Philip Daniels on Facebook about his FF money league :)

several bad wrecks on 40 between the line and knoxville the past two days. be careful!

I flew in. Currently having lunch with Doc.


I see you took the good whisky. Asswipe. Don't let zoony get arrested again. He's got a half-dozen teenage "ex"s around that area.

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About to leave NC while talking smack to Philip Daniels on Facebook about his FF money league :)

several bad wrecks on 40 between the line and knoxville the past two days. be careful!
I flew in. Currently having lunch with Doc.

I see you took the good whisky. Asswipe. Don't let zoony get arrested again. He's got a half-dozen teenage "ex"s around that area.

I always have the good whiskey. :)

Bad thing about it being Tennessee is zoonys also related to all those teenage exs :P

Ps- answer your damn phone ya deaf bastige. :)

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