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  1. 1st day off since thanksgiving. Slept all day. Now I’m up hella late. Plus is that I thought of you guys and had a minute to catch up. also lake effect snow is lame.
  2. That kid is savage. Ill try try to upload some game footage from this weekends games. We’re 1-1. Lost our first game 35-39, won our second 45-0. The difference? The first game was 103 heat index. The second game was 70 degrees lol. My big kids don’t like heat I guess.
  3. Well, my first post night shift trip to the beach was a blast. And I gotta stop being hard headed. Wife says “ want me to put on your sunscreen?” “Nah babe, I got it.” needless to say, my pasty white ass is medium well now with well done streaks where I missed completely. Moral: let your wife or significant other put on the sunscreen. Not to stop the burning, to stop the 8 hours of ridicule and I told you so. Also, fresh water is weird to swim in and smells weird. Lol.
  4. Ugh. Paychecks without 60 hrs of overtime.
  5. Ugh. Paychecks without 60 hrs of overtime.
  6. Really loving my new job. I’m a safety coach for lack of a better term. In 3 days of training sessions, the entire site knows me by name and for the most part are backing our new program. Stoked. Soon, the title defense begins for my youth football team. My favorite time of year.
  7. Lmao im getting old, I tolerate hatred and vitriol less and less. I won’t get into it here, the RTT(4L), as I’m trying to keep my account in good standing. Good to be back, missed you peeps.
  8. I know I’ve been gone for a while, but when did it become ok to openly bash people on this board? Friendly banter is one thing. Open bashing of people who have a different opinion wasn’t allowed. Dude, it’s everywhere. I’m not cool with that.
  9. Read the whole statement about rapists and murderers, not what CNN covered. And for for what it’s worth, it doesn’t take talent to be a dictator. Trump did not choose his words wisely.
  10. Can we keep this on topic and not attack each other? Thanks.
  11. I can’t get my head wrapped around why Un is so in love with Trump. Maybe it took the anti-president to get through to the man child.
  12. Then get an A in the class. Don’t flop now. And seriously, congrats. We bust your ass relentlessly about everything. Good to see you bettering yourself and your future. Just invest in ankle braces so you don’t fall on your face at graduation.
  13. I’m glad you didn’t get too far in over your head. I think you’re a pretty cool dude and I’m sorry you went through that. Weed to me is like alcohol. My view on it has changed since I realized the seemingly endless medicinal purposes it has. And my skepticism about it being listed as equally bad or worse than heroin or meth. Which seems ridiculous to me. I’ve never tried it, most likely never will - but I dont look down upon those who do. I have a lot of buddies that smoke to deal with ptsd, TBI and a best buddy’s wife who used it through chemo and radiation. It helped her
  14. Thanks man. Glad I have time to be part of the fam again. I used to to think it was weakness. I’ve learned a lot about conditions that allow suicidal thoughts to flourish. I’m a youth sports coach and have changed the way I speak, act and mentor in light of this. (We do UCLA drills, not suicides, etc) I want to be there for our kids and help them through their tough times. It was immature of me to think of it as wekness. But I will concede that I was trained to think like a hammer and everything was a nail when it came to mental “toughness”. I’m thankful I don’t have these e
  15. And I think that’s why I have a hard time reconciling the action. I don’t have those misfirings or imbalances. But it I know there is a problem. Just don’t know the solution. We lost a guy from my unit this past month to suicide. We were trained the same “last man, last breath - keep fighting”. Punched his own ticket. Its frustrating and heart wrenching. I talk with my 11 year old weekly. About life, bullying, suicide etc. build him up strong so he can weather the storm. I hope.
  16. That sucks. I’ll never understand suicide. Permanent solution to a temporary problem.
  17. Yeah, a year in Iraq, 4 months in Afghanistan and a couple 1 month shots to Kuwait. Not typical. She probably went through some bad stuff. Or she wants the d. Either way, she will need to talk about it. I did a combat tour so my time as a civilian was cake. Our base was attacked a few times and us vets were watching the marines tear them up from on top of a connex. Cheering our boys on. To us vets, it was an awesome spectacle and drive us wild with adrenaline. To someone who hasn’t been through it personally, it could be utterly terrifying.
  18. Im disappointed. I thought that came from you, and had a whole ankles burn post started. Damn. Back to being bored at work.
  19. Precook your food for the week on a sunday and heat it up during the week. Youll get your cooking practice in and not be eating take out when time is a factor. Edit: LSF beat me to it. Good advice!!!
  20. I’m impressed Kosh. Thought you were getting battle ready. Love my RTT peeps
  21. Yeah, i dont know why parents dont check their kids to be stowed under the plane. Or tied to the bustle rack on top of a bus. Inconsiderate pricks need to stop pollenating each other. Lol.......i had to. I know its annoying. Thats why i use this before we get on a plane.
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