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  1. I've never met someone in greek life who was not a sociopath
  2. typical dbag frat boy in front of me for this class. Drinks a coffee and eats all class and instead of waiting for class to end to throw his trash out he picks up his trash turns around and puts it on the empty desk behind him and then leaves. Greek life should be illegal.
  3. What instagram filter should we pick...how about th.....BOOM
  4. I'm super bitter today. My parents got another brand new car. So I drive a 1993 Honda. I've been driving it since 2006. Since 2006 My parents have bought 5 cars. My younger siblings have inherited the 2005, 2007, and 2009 cars. For free. While I'm stuck with the car that has no heat or AC so I have to stick my head out the window in the winter to drive because the windows won't defrost. Also only 2 doors open and only the driver side window rolls down. So I've been wanting to get a new car for a long long long time. I'm finally getting one this summer and my parents are willing to help a
  5. I guess I'm bias. We had 6 trashcans growing up. But I come from a family of 6. Usually only 4 would get filled but still it was awful. I had to drag them up and down our steep driveway it was one of my chores. #1stworldproblems
  6. You only have one trashcan? How is this possible? Do you only eat rice or honey nut cheereos?
  7. Maybe that person needs the trashcan more than you need it! Share the wealth bro!!!
  8. Is this real powdered booze? Can I snort it? http://www.thespiritsbusiness.com/2015/03/palcohol-approved-for-sale-in-the-us/
  9. Someone should fix those cables behind her looks like a possible tripping hazard
  10. Indigo Augustine is my fav Do not google uif you're on a work computer or your wife checks your browser history.
  11. You clowns remind me of little boys seeing a girl in bikini and getting excited because they think thats porn. Probably would not even know what to do with it lol u noobs
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