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  1. Hello, friends. Hope everyone is doing well! Not sure what made me sign on today. When I blaze after work today, I will be thinking of my RTT homies.
  2. Hello, friends! Haven't been on the site in forever it seems. Figured I'd see if the Stadium blew a gasket after our practice game. I'm sure they won't disappoint over there. Hope everyone has been well. I've missed most of you. #murica
  3. The margaritas were strong tonight. This Mexican joint we go to gives you a free shot at the end of the meal if you have alcohol. Usually it's a cheap tequila but we're regulars and they give us grand marnier. It was a 2 pitcher night. Weeeeeeee
  4. I'll be chowing down on free food and free liquor at a friend's party. That's all I really need to know about the situation.
  5. This is Belle. She's 10 and I've had her since she was 12 weeks old. She lost her sight in her right eye back in August. Her left eye just went this week. She's blind as a bat right now. Her behavior hasn't really changed at all and she's been fairly happy. She's just unsure where to walk and bumps into things at times. But it's amazing how strong dog's other senses are. She still can make it around the condo and find her water bowl and hasn't messed the house once (she mostly uses puppy pads). I just feel so bad for her and hate that she's getting old.
  6. Im going to one up you. He replied to my tweet yesterday. I posted it in the twitter thread lol. In all seriousness, it kind of made my day.
  7. What sucks is that blackjack at MGM pays 6:5 instead of 3:2 like most places. It does pay 3:2 at the higher tables.
  8. Actually 15 hours. I don't get the trunk part either.
  9. Got a meeting with a recruiter tomorrow morning and he's presenting my resume to some companies today. One that is interested is in NW DC, which would be an ideal commute for me. Fingers crossed! Also, my federal tax refund hit my account today. BOOM!
  10. On Indeed my resume is there and there's a setting for it to be public or private. If it's public, employers can contact you. On LinkedIn I basically have my resume on there in my work history, so recruiters are constantly asking if I am in the market or not and send me job descriptions.
  11. Volcano vaporizer has been getting crushed since I got home. Blazing like it's my job. Oh wait, it is.
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