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  1. Trey who? I’ll take sims in the slot, thank you
  2. Just ****ing forfeit. Moses done. How many other key players can sustain crippling injuries? **** this season
  3. Confirmation both teams are trying to tank. I mean, what are the Giants doing on that play call? Lol. Literally, anything else would have worked, besides trying to run straight up the middle.
  4. Love the play calling. Kevin O’ Connell needs to stay. Give him an entire off season to construct an offense around Haskins and the rookie receivers. Some optimism
  5. That might be game. Why wouldn't you 10 players in the box on defense, if you're the 49ers? They know whats coming
  6. Understandable, but within the vast expanses of NFL playbooks, there has to be some routes that rely on limited cuts and lateral movement.
  7. I mean, I'm sorry its raining, but you have to attempt forward passes. you just ****ing have to
  8. Well at least Shanny is trying to scheme up some plays. Keenum may not throw the ball the rest of the game..
  9. This is why I hate a the naive commitment to “running the football.” It requires an elite defense, and an elite o line, none of which the redskins currently have. I’m already sick of our running commitment
  10. I cannot for the life of me understand any play that expects positive gains, when you have to throw the ****ing ball -10 yards backwards to then gain yards. That play designed to Richardson wouldn’t have worked against a competitive high school team. Light that play sheet on fire. Never run it again
  11. Huh, that was easy. Play-calls that allow Terry to run in a straight line past defenders seems to work.
  12. I’m still struggling with the fact that we’re this bad, offensively
  13. what offensive scheme has the center block the edge? thought that was so odd
  14. Redskins defense was awkward after that failed third down conversion from the Giants. Just meandered around until it was confirmed no flag was thrown..
  15. Hilarious replay- literally every single receiver was open: Haskins declined all of them.
  16. Hilariously weak. Unnecessary. Refs feel the need to reiterate they exist. Solipsism in action