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GameDay Thread: Week 3


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Have you picked the 'skins once this year?
:no: That way, if we lose, at least I get a point (and hell, why mess with it now?).
Love Red Zone Channel, but hate Sundays with no Redskin game!
Not me; allows me to focus solely on RedZone.
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I was emailing picks to friends earlier. I'm kicking everyones ass this year.

week 1 : 11-5

week 2 : 15-1 (baltimore... ftw..)


1:00pm games...

HOU@NO : Saints.

NYG@PHI : This would usually be a great game to watch. If Vick plays, Philly wins. If not, it could be close. I'm going with Philly.

JACK@CAR : Carolina. Cam Newton's first win and 3rd staight game of 400+ yards.

NE@BUF : Patriots.

MIA@CLE : Dolphins.

SF@CIN : 49ers

DEN@TENN : Titans. (off topic, rumor has it Clinton Portis tried out for Tenn.)

DET@MINN : Lions. Thus, McNabb's job will be in question.

4:05/4:15pm games

BAL@STL : With what I've read, Rams actually have a chance. I'm taking the Ravens for the win though.

NYJ@OAK :Jets.

KAN@SAN : Chargers.

ARI@SEA : Cardinals.

ATL@TB : tough choice. I'll take the Falcons.

GB@CHI : always a great game! I'm taking Packers.

8:20pm game

PITT@INDY : Steelers. No contest.

MNF, 8:30pm

WAS@DAL ---Skins are going to push their **** in!!

As a skins fan, I should be rooting for NY to beat Philly right? Just thinking about the math and *cough* any lil bit to help for the playoffs.

I've struggled with this too. A NY win would be good so that Philly takes a loss in the division column. But a Philly win would bury NY deeper in the division W/L column.

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Gotta hope the Giants beat down the Eagles.

Then let people say that we didn't beat anybody lol.

Cards will be 2-1 after beating Seattle as well.

Yeah, that should help in the BCS rankings. Wait, what? You mean the NFL has a playoff? Where they decide on the field? What an idea!
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