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  1. How does a team with 1k rusher, 2 1k receivers, 4K passer, top offense, top 10 defense not win the worst division in football? Lmao. You can’t make that stuff up
  2. The Dak Prescott’s - 3 The Redskins practice squad - 14 Jason Garrett gets a standing ovation and is carried off the field as 10 years of mediocrity comes to an end finally
  3. No chance in hell. Jerry has said numerous it takes the NFC Championship game for him to keep his job. That won’t happen
  4. Refs admitted both calls were wrong. Not saying they win, lose, tie. But could’ve been a different ball game without both of those calls
  5. True stuff Cali! We lost last night, but it seemed Dak was less bus driver than Kirk was. Now with that being said, any QB will be a bus driver when Cook is running like a man possessed
  6. Been saying it since week one. People continue claiming they’ll win the East. Philly wins the East based off schedule. Ive got Philly at 9-7 Dallas 7-9 Maybe Dallas gets lucky and Stafford misses next week. No chance they finish better than .500 Lol. Garrett is the gift that keeps on giving
  7. Most meh first place, 5-3 team I can remember. just don’t see it.
  8. Good points. Dallas is what Dallas is. Possible NFC East champs / Wild Card. Second round exit if we get lucky. I still like the a Saints as the best in the NFC. Home field is insane, defense just got back Rankins, elite coaching. They were a bs call from the super bowl last season. My money is still on them for Brees last run.
  9. Pass. Pass. Pass. Lazy, me first, whiner, not over talented, slow. We are celebrating cutting a first round pick this fast. All you need to know lol
  10. Cowboys CB Chido Awuzie was randomly PED tested after hawking down Barkley and having the fastest top speed of any player in the nfl since 2017 lol Really random lol
  11. It's easy to hand somebody their ass when they knew what front your defense is running there. If you go outside and play football and YOU KNOW what route you're running, you will dominate. Come on now. Regardless, they were the better team and deserved to win the game.
  12. One of the steals of the drafts. Excellent pick here guys
  13. Depends on who you ask. I read an article last night that they had him ranked higher than Wilkins. Draft is a crapshoot and if you had a magic crystal ball to tell you who is a bust and will be successful it would make life much easier. Hill was their guy since March and he was there. They got him. Every year the "media" guys bash on certain players and they succeed. Look at Travis Frederick a few years back. Remember he was such a reach. Same thing for guys like Jones and Haskins. Ask certain scouts, he's a top 10 pick. Others wouldn't touch him until late. Skins wanted him … Skins got him. Who the hell cares what some random internet scout says. Let them play the game before we start bashing picks. Not a huge fan of Hill. But it is what it is. Nobody is running for 270+ again. I could've ran for 270+ if I knew the defensive scheme. Rams knew our vanilla *** scheme and pounced on it.
  14. We will see if he’s worth it soon. Not bad numbers for a guy who played with a torn labrum and broken back for two seasons