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  1. Appreciate it!!! My apologies for posting that without confirmation fellas. I will go back to Around the nfl!
  2. At this point it’s what we’re rooting for here. Get a chance at a guy like Fields, then you don’t have to pay Dak 40+. Use that money on high draft picks and free agency Its not like we are going anywhere if we win the division lol
  3. No. Don’t know many people saying they would be elite. Improvement over last year was expected DE - Aldon Smith ... 31 years old and didn’t play for 5 seasons DT - McCoy and Poe. Part of the worst rush defense in Carolina last season DE - Lawrence ... overpaid but still ranked high on PFF Gregory .. always suspended Hill and Woods were JAG Griffen is 33 and unsigned for a long period of time The thought wasn’t for them to be elite or top 5. Dallas had the #1 ranked offense. They at least expected them to be middle tier and make a few play
  4. Still had a full 16 games with Kirk in 17 and 10 with Smith in 18. I would gladly take that with Dak this season lol. Can’t wait to see us get humiliated on prime time tonight
  5. Not bashing or defending McCarthy here. But not many teams will function missing Starting QB Backup QB Starting FB (most important STer we have) Starting TE Starting LT Backup LT Starting Center retired Backup Center Starting RG (one game) Starting RT Starting DT Other Starting DT Starting MLB Starting OLB Starting #1 CB Starting CB Injuries do happen. It’s the NFL. But with this year and no training camp makes it tough. This team flat out stinks and I’m happy we are rebuilding. But
  6. 0%. Jerry is too loyal to himself to admit fault. He will fire Nolan and some coordinators. Then he will say McCarthy gets another “full” season before he does any big firings
  7. This team isn’t good. They aren’t well coached. Quite frankly, they do nothing right. Our special teams? Terrible as well. -Negative 12 in the turnover ratio -Terrible against the run -Terrible against the pass -Allowed a league high 84 points after turnovers -Zeke fumbles about twice a game -Injuries, Injuries, Injuries 2nd string QB 2nd string TE 3rd string LT 2nd string C 3rd string RT That is just on offense. The only time the defense stops anybody is when they stop themselves. Worst in the NFL with only 1 pi
  8. How does a team with 1k rusher, 2 1k receivers, 4K passer, top offense, top 10 defense not win the worst division in football? Lmao. You can’t make that stuff up
  9. The Dak Prescott’s - 3 The Redskins practice squad - 14 Jason Garrett gets a standing ovation and is carried off the field as 10 years of mediocrity comes to an end finally
  10. No chance in hell. Jerry has said numerous it takes the NFC Championship game for him to keep his job. That won’t happen
  11. Refs admitted both calls were wrong. Not saying they win, lose, tie. But could’ve been a different ball game without both of those calls https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28164329/source-cowboys-told-tripping-penalties-called
  12. True stuff Cali! We lost last night, but it seemed Dak was less bus driver than Kirk was. Now with that being said, any QB will be a bus driver when Cook is running like a man possessed
  13. Been saying it since week one. People continue claiming they’ll win the East. Philly wins the East based off schedule. Ive got Philly at 9-7 Dallas 7-9 Maybe Dallas gets lucky and Stafford misses next week. No chance they finish better than .500 https://mobile.twitter.com/FiftyGutBlog/status/1193745462920126470 Lol. Garrett is the gift that keeps on giving
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