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  1. DeMarco Murray 29

    Cowboys' DLine Boys

    We will see if he’s worth it soon. Not bad numbers for a guy who played with a torn labrum and broken back for two seasons
  2. DeMarco Murray 29

    David Irving Goodbye to the NFL message

    It says he’s made 3.6 million over his entire career. Sad part, he’s elite talent. This goes back to college. He’s Alabama talent and always seems to not care. He even said he doesn’t enjoy football. if he just showed up and played, he easily could’ve signed a big contract somewhere. But it if you don’t love what you do, I get it. But playing in the NFl isn’t exactly working at Subway or a grocery store lol
  3. DeMarco Murray 29

    Gameday Thread

    Hopefully the Eagles don’t get in! They seem on fire with Foles
  4. DeMarco Murray 29

    Gameday Thread

    I wonder how Dallas will not make the playoffs again this year
  5. DeMarco Murray 29

    Gameday Thread

    Dont worry. We are all still waiting for Dallas to score! Lmao
  6. DeMarco Murray 29

    Gameday Thread

    It pretty much is a done deal, IMO. Jerry wants yes men. He’s got em. Dak and Garrett are perfect for him
  7. DeMarco Murray 29

    Gameday Thread

    New York and Dallas shows you how up and down the NFL season is. Dallas goes from 3-5, to 8-5 and all but guaranteed a playoff spot. Getting blown out (which most real Cowboy fans predicted). To now being nervous about choking Giants drop 40 last week and cannot score Oh and my homer post of the day ... Dallas has legit talent. Can be an elite team. But they will continue to be 8-8, 9-7 under the three turds. Garrett, Dak and Linehan
  8. DeMarco Murray 29

    Gameday Thread

    No worries. Dallas will be on the couch next them after a first round exit lol
  9. DeMarco Murray 29

    Gameday Thread

    From my understanding, Hunt lied about what happened to the Chiefs. Video proved different.
  10. DeMarco Murray 29

    Gameday Thread

    It was one of those, Saints never got it going. Brees started 0-4 and they threw for only 31 yards by halftime. Dallas’s defense is 6-1 with Vander Esch who is a top 2-3 for Defensive rookie of the year. The saints lone lone touchdown drive, came off of three, yes three third down penalties. Than a roughing the punter. The touchdown they scored was (from Mike pereira) was OPI. They had a chance late, trailing 13-10 (after a Prescott fumble deep in Saints territory to ice the game) but Brees threw an easy pick
  11. DeMarco Murray 29

    Gameday Thread

    I don’t disagree. I will say though, this defense is top tier. They likely sign Earl Thomas next year. Garretts a bone head, but it could be the reason we don’t stay 8-8 every year. Elite defense and elite run game. Zeke is leading the league in rushing while missing two all pros.
  12. DeMarco Murray 29

    Gameday Thread

    Defense is on point. Not quite elite, but in that 3-6 range. They are missing Irving and Lee. Vander Esch is making a case for Defensive rookie of the year and has made all the difference in the world.
  13. DeMarco Murray 29

    Amari Cooper

    It was the right and smart move. It just makes Jerry look much more smart after last night. The first round pick gets lower with every win and Cooper is proving to be a number one. Whats great is if Dallas continues winning, that pick falls in the 18-23 range. This is not a great year for top tier receivers. Its quite amazing what he’s done stat wise himself. Not to mention, what he’s done for Dak and Zeke. We had our way last night missing three starters (two of which are all pro), to a team that dominated the trenches a few weeks ago
  14. DeMarco Murray 29

    Redskins Lead NFC East

     Those 1-15 years offenses of Dallas, look like the greatest show on turf compared to this suckfest  If your defense can cover five wide, All curls, screens and Elliott off guard you blow us out.  We get excited now when Prescott tops 150 passing yards.Â
  15. DeMarco Murray 29

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    At least you had the 14 hours  Its a two team race in the east. Redskins and Eagles.  Dallas fans want to go 2-14 and get Garrett out of there.  New York well stinks.  Tough game to win, on the road. There are a few nfl games the opposing teams have no shot (Hurricane Katrina, 9-11 in New York). No way was the NFL going to let golden boy Drew, set the nfl record in a losing effort. Should still be in first after you beat Carolina then destroy Dallas.