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  1. More on Mularkey...just a report at this time: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/titans-and-mike-mularkey-are-reportedly-parting-ways-hours-after-talk-of-new-contract/
  2. I was just getting redy to post something along these same lines...wouldn't surprise me at ALL to see Reid fired.
  3. Never said he wasn't a good dude, but Team President? I ask again....what exactly has Doug Williams done to make anyone think he'd be a good professional football executive? Being admired by all is an awfully low bar.
  4. What in the WORLD has Doug Williams done to inspire anyone to think he'd make a good professional football executive? Doug Williams as team president will never happen...I'd guess that if Bruce goes, Doug is gone with him.
  5. I was a doom and gloomer after week one as well. I would be thrilled beyond belief to eat crow at a Redskins paloff party.
  6. Burgundy and Gold are great colors BEACAUSE they are the colors of the Redskins.
  7. I want to see a PALOFFS sign on TV at FedEx next weekend.
  8. Melancholy film about the potential gravity of even the smallest of human mistakes. Nice bit of redemption with an interesting twist at the end. Saw it at the theater when it came out last year and liked it enough to watch it again.
  9. This post is 100% the antithesis of my feelings. I watched both NFC divisional games this weekend, and I pointed out to my wife how great it was that there were four teams in action who ALL wore traditional designs. It was great...everything I love about the NFL.
  10. Don't be so ridiculous and call people sick simply because they are glad that the world is rid of a deplorable human being.
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