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Will FedEx Field ever have another Funky Four?


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It was so much fun watching them break it down in the corner of the end zone. I guess it was partially to distract us from how bad the team was, but it was still fun.

Are they ever coming back? Is there going to be ANY mid-game entertainment?

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Forgot to include a frame of reference:

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Anything is better than watching a FedEx commercial on the big screen during a TV timeout.

Which unfortunately is what the Funky Four became. A good idea that became horrible due to Team Snyder to the point where the guys wouldn't even make it to the chorus of the Wild Cherry song.

Maybe if the Skins make a playoff run and get an NFC Championship Game at home, we can bring back the funky dudes!

And in the category of "things seem less annoying when the Skins win" department, the commercials at the game seemed less intrusive. By cutting Casey Rabach, the Redskins not only upgraded at center, but more importantly ended subjecting their fans to those commercials with Casey and Mike Sellers in the truck.

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I thought they were fun, but it got a bit old. I think two of those guys retired from the band. That kind of stuff is what makes going to games a bit more special than just watching it on tv. For me anyway. I know it's really about the game, but the experience really used to bring people back to the stadium. The days of bringing a thermos of hot chocolate and hoagies to eat while watching the pregame...those days are gone.

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I have never booed louder than when these clowns came out. They always came at the worst time of a close game when everyone should be focused on the game.

What are you talking about? They came out during the long TV break between the third and fourth quarter. There is nothing for the fans to do during that time. Hell, the teams weren't even on the field. They were on the sidelines with the coaches. It did not affect any fan's attention to the game. Stop rewriting history.

If you didn't like the fun diversion....fine. But let's not make stuff up that wasn't true.

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