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  1. werent we supposted to update our jerseys 1 year after nike came in. maybe something is coming this summer
  2. I could have sworn we would have introduced at least a new alternative jersey on draft day. anyone know what is or isnt in the works
  3. I know its only preseason but the throwbacks for the skins vs bears should definetely be used this week
  4. They are the same as the 75th aniv throwbacks. The helmet should have been something gather than just plain burgundy...they wimped out when they could have taken the '56-64 feather helmet Rg3 will sell a fewof these jerseys for them
  5. What new items are we in for at Fed Ex Field this year? Do we have a gentleman's club yet in the club section
  6. If we are back to the gold pants of yesteryear....according to GM Allen...where are they in practice...are they making their debut in preseason?
  7. bad idea...they look like ketchup bottles, not to mention the horrible steeler game
  8. One thing I respect about the skins, packers, steelers, raiders, chiefs, etc is that there uniforms dont change year after year. OK with an alternate throwback every once in a while but what is with this Bloody Mary alternate. Gibbs established our classic red pants with white jerseys at home and burgandy jerseys on the road. The combo of 50% of the fans waving terrible towels and seeing ketchup bottles getting the 57 knocked out of them...it didnt feel like a redskin game
  9. STOP WITH THE UNIFORM CHANGES we are one of those classic franchises along with Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, that doesnt go along with fads of new stripes or anything that resembles a team from NFL Europe or the Arena League Gibbs Teams wear white at home and white any other place they allow it. nuff said. I thought the white on white was a huge change for Gibbs...must have lost a bet with someone to do that late last year
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