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Arena Football fan interference.


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A lot of sports analysts talking about this move today:


Watch the slow motion replay if you can.

If you cannot see the video, a fan facemasks a player who is fielding a kickoff, then players from the fan's team shake his hand, as if to say, "Good play."


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I would have grabbed his arm and flipped him over my shoulder onto the field as hard as I could. Self defense mother******!

According to NFL network the guy *was* ejected.

Dude gets his 15mins of fame, gets high fives from his team, and love from fellow fans... I'd say it was worth it lol

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Well, these things happen when you have fans right up against the field of play. Push the seats back five yards and add a barricade if you want to avoid this. I can't blame him for helping his team win.

Hell yeah... The Hockey player would be like "WTF.... I can't run in these skates"

And I laughed way harder at this than I'd like to admit. :ols:

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