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  1. Got me a new puppy. He showed up while watching Big Lebowski. Say hello to Dude. Only dog I know who can rock a bow tie.
  2. Looks like a pretty large crowd in Durham. https://www.pscp.tv/w/1rmxPqbWOkXKN
  3. Well a dictionary from that time would sure be helpful. Is 1755 close? http://johnsonsdictionaryonline.com/?p=9727 Milítia. n.s. [Latin.] The trainbands; the standing force of a nation. Let any prince think soberly of his forces, except his militia be good and valiant soldiers. Bacon's Essays, № 30. The militia was so settled by law, that a sudden army could be drawn together. Clarendon. Unnumbered spirits round thee fly, The light militia of the lower sky. Pope's Rape of the Lock. Johnson, Samuel. "Militia." A Dictionary of the English Language: A Digital Edition
  4. Ethernet is the way I would go. Set the IP statically and then all nodes in the home can map a drive to the NAS for file storage.
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