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  1. That looks pretty nice. I started a movie room in my basement but never quite finished it the way I wanted to. One thing I did that added a nice touch was buy several movie posters, frame them and hang then around the room. You can get them pretty cheap here, and then buy some 24x36 frames a photo store. http://www.allposters.com/-st/Movies-Posters_c101_.htm
  2. Xameil is partially correct that I tend to mix the universes of these movies together, by no fault of my own though. I also recall having a theory that Han Solo was not really dead that caused quite a few rather passionate responses. So I did some research, and even though I may be wrong i also may be correct. See link: http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Han-Solo-Star-Wars-Future-Less-Certain-Than-We-Thought-104977.html I think the best part about these types of movies (Star Wars, Star Trek, Mork and Mindy, Starship Troopers, After Earth) is that the possibilities are endless. Your ima
  3. I was never a particularly big fan of the original trilogy, so I just was going by what I saw in EP 3 where Anakin was killed by Obiwan. Seemed logical, and then Darth Vader was Luke's father in one of the original movies too. So I just figured that Luke was not really Darth Vader's son maybe. Frankly never hashed it out, too much going on.
  4. That's neat. I always thought Darth Vader was a pupil of Obiwan's and that the Vader killed Anakin, according to that scene from the first SW movie from 1977. Seeing it re-cut now explains it. Guess Obiwan was being a bit coy the whole time, answering Luke's question but not really giving him "the whole truth."
  5. Are you saying that victims of Hurricaine Katrina shouldn't be offended? Imagine if you lost your home in New Orleans. I get the whole Hurricanes aren't people thing. What if the San Francisco 49ers changed there name to the HIVs?
  6. I remember seeing Geraldo on Fox News back around 2003 working as some sort of embedded war correspondent. That was it for me.
  7. I'm wondering why Ridley Scott has taken a 180 or at least a 90 degree turn on Prometheus, when he said explicitly before the first movie that this "series" was not going to be about the Aliens, and that it would only exist in the same universe as the Aliens. Said it would go off on its own and more or less have very little to do with those prior movies. Now he's renamed the damn sequel "Alien: Covenant," has killed off the chick from the last movie that was supposed to have gone planet hunting, and we're apparently going to see Aliens all over the place. Plus he got the other Alien movie shu
  8. Did you ever consider that, perhaps, she died her hair red, threw a skins bleaching agent on her face, and dotted on some freckles to play the T2 foster mom? Perhaps the Vasquez look is her real one, sort of like the Joker in the Batman movie from 1989.
  9. I know that every movie should try to keep a tight storyline, not have too many subplots, etc. But for this one, I was really hoping the writers could sneak in a time travel scene so the aliens can go back to 2016 and kill all of the characters from Independence Day Resurgence. And that weird metal sphere that is clearly a rip off of Veeger from Star Trek I.
  10. I'd tell my kid to stop wearing any Redskins related gear and to graduate. And if he wants to try to reverse the "proposal" before then with a "counter-proposal," go ahead and do that.
  11. I always thought the liberals would try to bring down the Miami Hurricanes, especially after hurricane Katrina had such a disparate impact on the African-American population in New Orleans.Edit:
  12. Do they offer a 401K plan? Is it a union shop? How much of the work is subject to prevailing wage law?
  13. Do they utilize fracking or some other engineering method to efficiently extract the gas?
  14. It was 10 years before ANH? If that's the case maybe the female protagonist is not Reys mother as some have speculated. Where u hear that?
  15. I think it's also nice to talk about some good news for a change. Good news being that there's now new data reinforcing our strongly held belief that the name is not offensive, and that the name is safe for at least 10 years or so now.
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