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Qadafi may have fled to Venezuela (unconfirmed but credible British sources)


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#1921: A Libyan government source has denied reports that the eastern oil centre of Brega is under rebel control. "Brega has not fallen, we are still tracking a band of terrorists and saboteurs in that area," the source told AFP news agency.
#1936: Just to demonstrate the confused situation in Libya tonight: AFP is quoting rebels who claim to be in control of Ras Lanouf, while Reuters quotes Libya's deputy foreign minister saying government forces control the town. The claims are impossible to verify.
#1947: Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim via Reuters: "The government controls it (Ras Lanouf), everything is calm."

Of course...everything is calm. ;)

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Ben Wedeman is talking on CNN about the "amazing" variety of common folks who were a large part of the force that took Ras Lanuf.

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#2005: Al-Jazeera producer Evan Hill sums up the Benghazi incident: "What we know is that something blew up at Rajma, around 20km outside Benghazi, fmr army weapons dump. Don't know how or who yet."
#2010: Reports now coming in that some 17 people have died in the explosion near Benghazi.

another report:


Confirmed 3 dead in Rajma, Bemghazi due to bombing of weapon depot #libya #gaddaficrimes #feb17 2 minutes ago via web
Confirmed 16 killed in Rajma (just outside Benina), Benghazi from the bombing of the weapon depot #libya #gaddaficrimes #feb17 less than 20 seconds ago via web


#2017: Latest from Benghazi: hospital officials confirm the explosion but tell the BBC the blast was caused by some kind of accident
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Reports from the protests in Tajoura earlier today (the outskirts of Tripoli)


#1348: The BBC's Wyre Davies says there have been incredibly violent scenes on the outskirts of Tripoli. "This is significant because, of course, Col Gaddafi insists that everybody, especially in the country near Tripoli, loves him and that there are no protests," he says. "What we saw after Friday prayers was a vocal and vociferous protest by anti-Gaddafi protesters. Then, just all of a sudden, these pro-government militia and police came in vehicles screeching into the centre of the suburbs firing dozens of tear gas canisters and baton rounds. The scene was chaotic as people ran away but then they came back, shouting anti-Gaddafi slogans."
1355: The Associated Press reports that more than 1,500 people marched out of the Murad Agha mosque in Tajoura, an eastern district of the Libyan capital, chanting "The people want to bring the regime down" and waving the red, black and green flag of Libya's pre-Gaddafi monarchy. The protesters also tore down posters of Col Gaddafi in a nearby square and spray-painted walls with graffiti saying: "Down with Gaddafi" and "Tajoura will dig your grave"
#1421: The BBC's Wyre Davies has now left the Tripoli suburb of Tajoura, where tear gas and rubber bullets were used to break up an anti-government protest. "Any message that Col Gaddafi may have given in recent days that he is widely loved and that there are no demonstrations against his regime in Tripoli, were put to the sword today," he says.


The confrontation happened after weekly prayers in the Tajura neighborhood. Witnesses said flatbed trucks full of gunmen drove through the streets and used the tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse crowds.

Government officials won't allow CNN into Tajura but CNN saw a heavy police and armed security presence on the outskirts of the neighborhood. Those forces were searching cars along the Corniche, a main street in the city, and were controlling routes.

Protesters hoped to march from the Corniche to the center of the city but were unable to do so.

Witnesses said anti-government supporters in the neighborhood hid journalists in abandoned buildings and moved them around to keep them safe and allow them to report.

Near Green Square in the center of the city, anti-government protesters emerged from a mosque to find pro-government supporters outside. Police intervened and fired shots in the air to stop a confrontation, and ushered the anti-government protesters back into the mosque for their safety.


Some news from Zawiyah:

#2045: We're now getting an eyewitness account of the fighting that took place in Zawiya earlier on today. One unnamed fighter told the BBC's Newshour programme protesters were fired on from 10 heavily armoured trucks by militiamen armed with Kalashnikovs and rocket launchers. He also denied reports city had been retaked by the government: "He [Gaddafi] is trying to use journalism against us so the rest of the city doesn't wake up but that hasn't been true. Three days ago it was reported and it was fake and today also it is fake.

Wow...I can't believe it's past 4 pm here already.

I think I better get some more rest now.

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The latest from Zawiyah


12:50am A new audio message from an anti-government activist in the town of Az Zawiyah describes a "very tense" situation in that city. Earlier in the day, after Friday prayers, anti-government demonstrators had held a peaceful protest march towards the outskirts of the city, the activist says, when they were ambushed by pro-Gaddafi forces, who were holding positions on the roofs of buildings.

He said that many had been killed and injured in that attack, with four burials taking place in the early afternoon.

He also says that pro-Gaddafi forces are alleged to have taken people injured in the attack from their hospital beds, and that the city is preparing for another attack during the night.


Electricity has now been cut in Zawia, Gaddafi gov say they aim to have the city under their control by the end of the night #Libya #feb17 about 1 hour ago via web


Audioboo: LPC from AzZawiya explains location of #Gaddafi forces at the edge of dense parts of the city. #Libya #Feb17 http://boo.fm/b294263 3 minutes ago via AudioBoo
LPC from AzZawiya: #Gaddafi troops hiding at new hotel in the city, protesters caught off guard and got trapped. #Libya #Feb17 2 minutes ago via web

Meanwhile of course there is growing concern that pro-Gaddafi forces along the border with Tunisia are restricting foreign refugees from leaving the country.

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1:31am Muammar Gaddafi's government has called for sanctions imposed on him and his aides, including a travel ban and assets freeze, by a UN security council resolution "to be suspended until such time as the truth is established".

The letter, dated March 2, says that a "modicum" of force has been used against opposition activists, and that the government is "taken aback" by the sanctions.

The letter was sent to the UNSC by Musa Mohammad Kusa, the head of the Libyan People's Committee for External Relations.

2:29am Hector Timerman, the Argentinian foreign minister, has announced that the government has ordered its embassy in Tripoli to be shut and its staff evacuated.

The country will also be sending a team to assist the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on the Tunisian border with Libya.

2:26am Libyan state television news reports continue to claim that the situation in the country is being misrepresented. The national broadcaster has reported that the presidents of Mali and Guinea called Gaddafi to express their support and admiration for him.

While showing pictures of pro-Gaddafi demonstrators shouting "Allah, Libya and Gaddafi only!", the broadcaster also slammed Al Jazeera for our "biased coverage".

More From Zawiyah


CONFIRMED:A caller from Zawiya now-Surrounded by tanks for 3 hrs.. Any1 in the streets is killed and many bodies laying there. #libya #feb17 about 1 hour ago via web
IT IS NOW CONFIRMED:More than 100 left dead in streets of Zawiya and snipers are killing the injured in the hospitals #libya #feb17 #gaddafi 33 minutes ago via web
BREAKING REPORT: RT @hamzamu another call from #zawiya :"He is burning us down!" "He is killing us all!" #libya #feb17 PLEASE RETWEET! about 1 hour ago via web Retweeted by LibyaInMe and 18 others

Not sure how accurate that is, and it does sound extreme, but not unbelievable.

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This is so ****ed up. Everyday I think about how lucky I am to live in pretty much what is paradise on this planet. Still there are people in this country who don't take full advantage of the opportunity they have.

Once Gaddafi kills of the revolutionaries and suppresses the movement, then what? Does the rest of the world just sit there and do nothing about it and let Gaddafi continue his reign? This is ****ing sad.

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Once Gaddafi kills of the revolutionaries and suppresses the movement, then what? Does the rest of the world just sit there and do nothing about it and let Gaddafi continue his reign? This is ****ing sad.

It worked for Saddam and many others....

Maybe the Arab League or UN will do something other than talk and issue sanctions,but I wouldn't bet on it.

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It worked for Saddam and many others....

Maybe the Arab League or UN will do something other than talk and issue sanctions,but I wouldn't bet on it.

I totally expect that to happen but it just goes to prove what a sham the United Nations is. I'd like to think that the dynamics of the world are a lot different now and such tyranny that Gaddafi is displaying upon will be dealt with in the appropriate ways. I won't get my hopes up though.

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Once Gaddafi kills of the revolutionaries and suppresses the movement, then what? Does the rest of the world just sit there and do nothing about it and let Gaddafi continue his reign? This is ****ing sad.

I know man, its so totally ****ed up that no one is stepping up to do something. Europe is run by a bunch of *******, China wants to sit at the big boy table, but when have they ever done anything to prove they are worthy? It is always the US that has to play world police and get the brunt of the hatred from other countries. I'd love to just send in a precision airstrike to where Gaddafi is sitting right now, tip our hat to the revolutionaries, and wipe our hands clean of this so they can do what they want

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3:03am The latest report from Voices of Feb 17 from on the ground in Az Zawiya indicates that while there are "plenty of Gaddafi troops" holding positions outside the city, the main square is still under the control of anti-government forces. The activist who left this audio message called Libyan state media reports that Gaddafi loyalists had taken the city as "the biggest lie".

I wonder how long they can hold out.


---------- Post added March-4th-2011 at 10:11 PM ----------

ON CNN they're interviewing journalists who were in Tripoli during today's protests there.

The reporters were surprised that the government was willing to shoot people while the media was out there.

One of the New York Times reporters said he saw the bullets coming at him and he ran.

The protesters were all just marching peacefully until they were shot at and tear gassed.

Ben Wedeman is talking about how the Gaddafi forces fired rockets at the opposition and strafed them with helicopter gun ships as they approached Ras Lanuf today.

There was some evidence earlier today that the opposition militia had shot down at least one helicopter after the battle. There were also a blown up and burnt out cars in the area and reports during the fighting that the helicopters and air forces of Gaddafi had shot them up.

---------- Post added March-4th-2011 at 10:19 PM ----------

Anderson Cooper is talking to an eyewitness from Zawiyah right now on CNN.

(probably recorded from a little earlier)

He said it started as an ambush against people who were walking to the edge of town to protest and then the Gaddafi forces shot up ambulances and medical people who tried to help them.

Right when Anderson asked if the opposition were still in control of the city square, the guy had to go and said something was going on.

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Apparently there's an interview by Nic Robertson of Saif Gaddafi on CNN in a minute or so.

I'm tempted not to watch though. I'm kind of sick of Gaddafi and his spawn.

On CNN Bill Richardson just called Gaddafi a butcher and said a no fly zone was a viable option.

Fareed Zakaria said we need to arm the opposition, but a no fly zone might not help all that much and might be more disadvantages than helpful.

Bill Richardson agrees that we need to aid the opposition with training and weapons.

He says it is reaching the point where diplomacy is not much of an option.

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6:34am Al Jazeera reports at least 30 people have been killed in the city of Az Zawiyah in the overnight attack by Gaddafi forces attempting to re-take control of the city, just 75km west of capital Tripoli.

As the sun rises, however, the city remains in the hands of the opposition.

6:57am This video purports to show an anti-Gaddafi protest in Al Zentan, 160km southwest of Tripoli. We cannot independently verify the accuracy of videos posted on outside websites.



Azawiya overnight saw massacres as snipers shoot anything that moves in the city... #Libya 21 minutes ago via web
Azawiya now seeing an attack by #Gaddafi tanks... situation dire. #Libya 23 minutes ago via web

---------- Post added March-5th-2011 at 12:46 AM ----------

Looking back at the maps from earlier pages, I realized that I had forgotten that Zawiyah is on coast too.

It's too bad international ships can't go there and send in supplies, doctors, or take the wounded where they can be better treated if there's no more room in the hospitals there.

It would be nice....

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Attacks Begin Anew In Zawiyah


7:25am The Al-Gaddafi brigades have reportedly renewed the offensive against Az Zawiyah - where 30 were killed in last night's attack. An eyewitness tells Al Jazeera Arabic the city is being shelled, and tanks have been seen entering the city centre.
7:35am The attack against Az Zawiyah - just west of Tripoli - was renewed at 6am, Al Jazeera is told.


Gaddafi battalions are entering Azawiya now after artillery bombardment. Situation dire. #Libya 11 minutes ago via web

Revolutionaries in Azawiya succeed in destroying two proceeding #Gaddafi tanks. #Libya 4 minutes ago via web

All mosques in Azawiya are calling citizens to arms. #Libya 3 minutes ago via web
Many #Gaddafi snipers in Azawiya now. #Libya 2 minutes ago via web
New report from Azawiya:Six #Gaddafi tanks destroyed and all of its crew killed except for one captured. #Libya 1 minute ago via web
Gaddafi tanks now shelling all buildings around Martyrs Square in Azawiya with civilian residents still inside. #Libya less than 5 seconds ago via web
Everything I'm reporting now is via live call from Azawiya on Aljazeera Arabic. #Libya 2 minutes ago via web
Azawiya being shelled from the north now by #Gaddafi navy gunboats. #Libya less than 20 seconds ago via web

I'm seeing reports on twitter of helicopters firing on the city as well.

There is a caller on Al Jazeera English now calling for the world to help, begging for help.



injured are being executed point blank by #Gaddafi troops on Azawiya streets. #Libya 2 minutes ago via web


Earlier In Ras Lanuf

6:39am This video has been posted online in the past few hours, and purports to show the hospital mortuary in Ras Lanuf dealing with the injured - and the corpses - resulting from yesterday's fighting in the city. The video contains footage the viewer may find disturbing. Translations are below the clip.


The injured man, the first to speak, says:

We engaged carrying light weapons - and a helicopter started shelling us from above. Still, victory will be ours.
Afer five minutes, the man in the camoflage jacket says:

We were being bombed by M21 long range missiles - but I want to assure you that none of our guys backed down. 130 of Muammar [Gaddafi]'s mercenaries were killed. When we drew near them and their long range weapons were ineffective, they ran away.
The final man to speak in the video says:

I would like to send a message from this hospital to all the Arab nations: There is no room in the mortuary for the all the bodies, and no place to keep the victims of this vicious and murderous regime.
6:18am Al Jazeera's Bernard Smith reports that thousands of refugees are expected to make their way to Libya's southern border crossings after pro-Gaddafi forces take control of the border with Tunisia.
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I'm in shock right now.


Reports now that #Gaddafi troops have failed to take Azawiya and have retreated. #Libya 12 minutes ago via web
Live call on Aljazeera from Azawiya: We have defeated them, they have retreated, there are several destroyed tanks. #Libya 12 minutes ago via web
Live call on Aljazeera from Azawiya: Two tanks have been destroyed this morning and we managed to destroyed another one. #Libya 11 minutes ago via web

Some of this seems different from what was said earlier.

Although it may be that the other tanks were on fire (as I saw it mentioned on Al Jazeera's site) but were not destroyed?

In any case I'll assume it's hard to tell what's going on when you're being attacked like that.

Live call on Aljazeera from Azawiya: Gaddafi troops have just retreated. #Libya 10 minutes ago via web
Live call on Aljazeera from Azawiya: #Gaddafi snipers are still in the city. #Libya 9 minutes ago via web
Live call on Aljazeera from Azawiya: #Gaddafi troops left their dead & wounded and withdrew. At least five dead and three captured. #Libya 9 minutes ago via web
Live call on Aljazeera from Azawiya: #Gaddafi troops have pulled back to their original positions just outside the city. #Libya 8 minutes ago via web

Live call on Aljazeera from Azawiya: We are expecting another wave of attacks but we are on alert. #Libya 7 minutes ago via web

Azawiya is being shelled from the outside now after #Gaddafi battalion pulled back and repositioned outside the city. #Libya 3 minutes ago via web


10:14am Conflicting reports coming in from Az Zawiyah - we're hearing just three of Gaddafi's tanks were set on fire - but that troops have now pulled out of the city, and are shelling the city of 100,000 from outside.
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"There is a very tragic situation in the city," Ahmed, a resident in Az Zawiyah, said. "We were expecting the world to intervene but they have let us down."

"They are shooting at Libyan citizens and we have made up our mind that we will die," he said, as Gaddafi's forces continued to shell the town.

"It's not a matter of oil or gas being taken out of our country, it's human lives," he said, pleading for the United Nations or the Arab League to step in to protect Libyan civilians.

At least 30 people were killed in fierce clashes in the town by Friday evening, as the two sides battled to control it. The death toll is climbing steeply, witnesses said.

"They have no mercy on civilians; the regime is attacking everything indiscriminately," Ahmed said.

The loyalist forces attacked residential areas in the city, including from the sea. Tanks and armoured vehicles had entered the centre.

Gaddafi's security forces were using ambulances to kidnap wounded people, Human Rights Solidarity, a Geneva-based organisation, told Al Jazeera.


To show how insane #Gaddafi is, he wants to hold to #Libya even if his people are dead and his country broken. 7 minutes ago via web


from earlier:

#0740: A witness in Zawiya has meanwhile told al-Arabiya that government forces are firing from tanks at residential areas. "Now with all the artillery, tanks and armoured vehicles, we're seeing battles and killings we haven't seen in Iraq. I consider it total genocide," the man said. "The battles have now entered the city. More than 15 armoured vehicles entered two hours ago along with a tank. There is heavy firing in all the areas and mosques have announced 'jihad' against these brigades."

More recently:

#0806: Sky news correspondent Alex Crawford in Zawiya says that in the last few minutes, the rebels have repelled the attack by the government forces. She says 25 to 30 tanks advanced from the east at dawn, and that the city was under attack for two and a half hours. But eventually, the rebels were victorious. People are now celebrating in the main square, she says, chanting and firing into the air. She also says she can see up to a dozen bodies of pro-Gaddafi fighters on the ground. The rebels have also destroyed three tanks.
#0811: Alex Crawford says there may be a few pro-government snipers in the city, as shots ring out whenever the rebels try to gather in Zawiya's main square to celebrate. She is urged by one man to "tell them about the massacre". She then says she was told by a wounded government militiaman that they had been told everyone in Zawiya were "terrorists".

The East

#0820: Meanwhile, hundreds of kilometres to the east, rebels have told the Reuters news agency that they are pushing further west after driving government forces from the oil town of Ras Lanuf on Friday. They said their fighters were now in control of the small town of Bin Jawad, about 60km (38 miles) west of Ras Lanuf. One man said they had advanced to Harawa, another 15km (9 miles) further along the coast.


10:38am With Gaddafi fighting hard to regain control of cities lost to his control, people in Benghazi tell Al Jazeera's Tony Birtley they hope the international community will intervene.


Ok, that's enough for me for tonight. I need to get some sleep.

Already feel like I have the flu or something since yesterday morning. Ugh.

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1:33pm Pro- and anti-Gaddafi tribes have clashed in Gaddafi's hometown of Sirte - formerly reported as a stronghold of the de facto Libyan leader.
1:40pm The inter-tribal fighting in Sirte was sparked by one tribe refusing to support Gaddafi's fighters in Ras Lanuf yesterday, Al Jazeera Arabic reports. This has reportedly opened a political divide overnight in the city, which is home to 135,000 people - and which houses several government ministries.



#0951: A rebel spokesman in Zawiya, Youssef Shagan, tells the Reuters news agency: "They entered Zawiya at six in the morning with heavy forces, hundreds of soldiers with tanks. Our people fought back... We have won for now and civilians are gathering in the square. We captured three [armoured personnel carriers], two tanks and one pick-up after an hour and a half of fighting. A lot of civilians fled when the fighting started."
#0954: Ibrahim, a rebel fighter, says government forces are regrouping on the outskirts of the city, but vows: "Gaddafi will never enter this city. He will never set foot here. The only way for him to enter the city is when we are all dead. He has to kill us all to control the city."
#1206: Sky News correspondent Alex Crawford, who is in Zawiya, says two brigades - including the elite Khamis Brigade led by Col Gaddafi's son - are attacking the coastal town with tanks and artillery. There are sporadic outbreaks of gunfire on the Tripoli-side of the city, fairly close to where government forces are deployed, although they have been less frequent in the past hour, she adds. She has heard reports of numerous casualties, including one woman who was shot through the head with a 14mm round while driving to her mother's house. She is now in intensive care. Alex Crawford says at least 11 people have been killed, but that the figure is probably higher.
#1209: Alex Crawford says a colleague on the other side of the city has seen at least 11 government tanks approaching the rebel defences, perhaps signalling yet another assault has been launched. Residents of Zawiya are starved of all knowledge, she adds. The internet is down and it is difficult to move around the city. The rebels are semi-organised - they have set up a 10-man military council over the past few days, made up of army officers who have defected, and have been training civilians to help defend. "There is a feeling that this is a fight to the death," she concludes.


2:11pm As many as 35 of Gaddafi's tanks are approaching Az Zawiyah from the city's east, Al Jazeera is told.



#1037: The former UN Deputy Secretary-General, Lord Malloch-Brown, tells the BBC that although Col Gaddafi's forces have made some recent gains, time is running out for the Libyan leader. "I think if you look at this over the course of the very few short weeks that this has been going on, huge numbers of his regime have defected - both civilians but also elements of the armed forces. So while he's had a good last couple of days, I still think the longer-term trend is irrevocably running against him," he says.




#1127: The BBC's Nick Springate has arrived in Ras Lanouf, the last town on the road to Sirte, Col Gaddafi's hometown. "The opposition, if they can get themselves organised as a fighting force, may soon move towards Sirte," he says. "But in the last few minutes, two jets have flown overhead and there have been two large explosions, and there is what appears to be a Russian attack helicopter on the horizon. That means pro-Gaddafi forces may now be trying to take out the flank of the rebel forces. However, if the rebels gain momentum, they may move through the east in the coming days towards Misrata, the third city of Libya, and then possibly on to the outskirts of Tripoli."
#1134: One of the rebels in Ras Lanouf, Ahmed al-Zawi, has told the Associated Press that the battle for the oil port town was won after residents joined them. He said 12 rebels had been killed in the fighting, in which rocket-propelled grenades and anti-aircraft guns were used. However, officials at a hospital in the nearby city of Ajdabiya told AP that only five rebels had died. The march on Sirte, Mr Zawi said, would start after the rebels regrouped.
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#1503: A witness in the western Libyan city of Zawiya tells the AFP news agency that government tanks have entered Zawiya and are firing on buildings.
#1508: Sky News correspondent Alex Crawford, at Zawiya's hospital, says that within the last 10 or 15 minutes government tanks loaded with soldiers have been rolling in and heading towards Martyrs Square in the centre of the city. She says there was a heavy artillery bombardment lasting about 10 minutes. Since then, the sound of gunfire has died down. Casualties have started arriving at the hospital - many with serious injuries, including a young boy of about 10 whose body peppered with bullets, she adds. There are also reports that government forces have been taking away bodies on the streets to minimise the number of known casualties. Clearly a battle is going on for Zawiya, she concludes.


The revolutionaries don't get any help from outside while Gaddafi can import every weapon&vehicle he can!!! Now Emirates sending trucks! 10 minutes ago via web
A woman now talking from Zawiyah on Al Jazeera Arabic: Calling upon muslims & arabs to help!!! 4 minutes ago via web
May the cries of the people of Zawiyah haunt the deaf world, arab & muslim leaders forever! #Libya #Tripoli #Zawiyah Gaddafi 2 minutes ago via web
@UN @whitehouse @Ahmet_Davutoglu The ppl in Zawiyah have been crying help for days now & you're silent. Shame on you!!! Speechless..... half a minute ago via web
Zawiyah needs you! If u can physically help, do it NOW. If u can spread the truth, do it NOW. If u can pray, do it NOW. #Libya #Zawiyah 5 minutes ago via web


#1524: A resident of Zawiya tells the AFP news agency: "The tanks are everywhere in the city and are opening fire on houses. I saw at least seven speed outside my house and the shelling does not stop. Pray for us."
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#1605: With Zawiya the focus of the conflict today, a few facts about it: the population is just under 300,000, making it Libya's fourth-largest city. It has one of the country's most important oil refineries.
#1607: A doctor in Zawiya has told Sky News the city is being starved into submission, with supplies of food, fuel and medicine cut off.
#1608: Hussein, the Zawiya resident who has been updating the BBC about the situation there, says Gaddafi forces have not been able to take over the square despite their tanks.
1530: Anonymous resident in Bath, UK, writes: "Libya's main refinery is located at Ras Lanuf with secondary refineries at Zawiya and Tobruk. If the freedom fighters can hold these places they can, given time, starve the regime of fuel as none can be imported. This would paralyse the regime's land and air forces and give the freedom fighters a major strategic advantage."
#1618: Rebels are engaging with government forces at Bin Jawad, the BBC's Nick Springate reports from Ras Lanuf.
#1627: With government tanks being thrown into the battle for Zawiya in such numbers, it may be worth knowing just how many Libya has. According to a 2009 estimate by London's International Institute for Strategic Studies, there were 2,025.
#1631: Report of a jet shot down near Ras Lanuf. "I saw with my own eyes a downed plane and two dead pilots... [still] strapped into seats," Ahmed Harram, an unarmed rebel supporter, told Reuters. "It was a fighter plane."
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#1651: Fear and anger in rebel-held Benghazi after the massive arms depot blast, AFP reports. People the agency interviewed were unwilling to give their full names, fearing reprisals from Gaddafi forces. "There will be rivers of blood," said one man in jeans and a leather jacket. "It won't be like in Tunisia and Egypt. How long will the West hold back and do nothing? People are asking why the West is watching without doing anything."


Commander refusing to give up base 20 km South of #Zintan #Libya bcz his Family has been Kidnapped by Gadhafi's Regime 29 minutes ago via TweetDeck
Gadhafi's Regime threatened Kill the Wife & Daughters of the Commander of the Base south of Zintan #Libya if He Gives it up to Opposition 20 minutes ago via TweetDeck


Live call from Azawiya on Aljazeera: Sahban brigade to our west, Khamis brigades to the east but no #Gaddafi troops inside city. #Libya 22 minutes ago via web


CONFIRMED: Misurata- Revolutionaries caught 5 cars carrying weapons that were heading to the Air Force Academy #libya #feb17 #gaddafi 20 minutes ago via web



Reports of Revolutionaries in Sirte who have received reinforcements from Ijdabiya. Plan to attack tonight #libya #feb17 #gaddafi 18 minutes ago via web


Al Arabia TV, Caller say thousands are moving towards Sirte from Beni Walid to besiege gaddafi forces and their mercenaries #Libya #Feb17 10 minutes ago via web


1708: Why would Sirte be such a prize for the rebels? "If Benghazi [rebels] can expand down into the Gulf of Sirte... they've got a very good shot at independence at the least - or maybe even overturning him [Col Gaddafi] at the most," Peter Zeihan, an analyst with the US-based Stratfor think tank, tells Reuters. The fight is likely to be tough because the city is psychologically important:
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#1736: A new diplomatic defection from the Gaddafi camp: Libya's second-highest ranking diplomat in Namibia, Saad Bakar, has left for a Mediterranean country to join the opposition movement, a Namibian human rights organisation told AFP. "Earlier this week on Tuesday, Bakar arrived at our office and was near hysterical fearing he might be kidnapped by Libyan intelligence agents," said Phil ya Nangoloh, executive director of Namibian Rights and Responsibilities.
#1732: The rebel government, or National Libyan Council, has named a three-member crisis committee, which includes a head of military affairs and one for foreign affairs, Reuters reports. Omar Hariri, one of the officers who took part in Col Gaddafi's 1969 coup but was later jailed, was appointed head of the military. Ali Essawi, a former ambassador to India who quit last month, was put in charge of foreign affairs.
#1753: The rebel National Libyan Council has declared itself the country's sole representative - AFP.
#1800: Our colleagues over at BBC Arabic report that the 30-member National Libyan Council will withhold the names of those members in Gaddafi-controlled areas for their own safety.


19:57 Libyan Interim Council in Benghazi appoints 31 officers and and announces Mustafa AbdulJalil as the head of the council


I am getting reports that oil revenues are still being paid to #Gaddafi regime, this should be stopped ASAP and drain his resources #Libya 7 minutes ago via web
#Dubai needs to act now - freeze Gaddafi's assets and those of all associated with this monstrous regime. #Libya #Feb17 18 minutes ago via web


#1812: Reports from Zawiya, where fierce battles have been raging throughout the day, suggest civilians have been learning how to use rocket-propelled grenades in order to defend their homes.


URGENT: Revolutionaries have managed to get weapons and most importantly the sniper rifles, and they are calling (cont) #libya #feb17 about 1 hour ago via web
(cont.) on people who know how experience in the use of sniper rifles or shotguns to go to Martyrs Square. #libya #feb17 about 1 hour ago via web
Reports-Attack on Zawiya yest.+today was because Saif #Gaddafi was planning to speak there to prove to media they are controlling it #libya 43 minutes ago via web


Heavy fighting continues in #Zawya, residents say they will not give up their town of 100,000. Dozens of tanks surround them. #Libya 8 minutes ago via web
BBC: Ahmed Al Ghzieri in Zawiya,"Please help us, we're all dying here, all we need is medical help and food supplies from you, please help!" 14 minutes ago via web

updated maps:








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Why cant the UN get involved in this? Too bad Libya isnt like Kosovo, otherwise NATO would totally be dropping bombs on them right now.

**** the UN.


If Obama called in an airstrike and blew up the forces surrounding Zawiya, you better believe he'd have a street named after him in Zawiya the way people are begging for help

Didnt Clinton call in random airstrikes in Iraq in the late 90's?

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