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Qadafi may have fled to Venezuela (unconfirmed but credible British sources)


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#2010: Zawiya resident Mohammed, tells the BBC things in the city are very calm right now
#2013: More from Mohammed: "We are hoping pro-Gaddafi troops will not attack, if they do we are ready."
Clarification: Bani Walid (Wurfalla) elders opted to stay within their own areas for defense; but youths are on the move. #Libya 17 minutes ago via web


Libyan National Council spells it out for everyone: Our plan is to take Sirt, relieve Misurata and open a front there. #Libya 16 minutes ago via web.


URGENT: Reinforcement for Gaddafi brigade heading to Zawiya, north of the region through Jaddaim to besiege Zawiya from 4 directions #libya 23 minutes ago via web


Zawia is confirmed to remain in the hands of the free Libyan people #Libya #Feb17 #gaddaficrimes 11 minutes ago via web


#2016: Dr Sunita Singh, who teaches at the University of Sirte, tells the BBC's Newshour programme gunfire has been heard for the first time in daytime."
#2018: Dr Singh says every student has been given a gun to protect themselves against any sort of invasion.
#2027: Dr Singh's description goes on: "In the past week, every boy has been given a gun for self-protection. My students told me they couldn't come to class, they said, 'We have night duty, we can't come.' They are protecting the city and many of them have been armed. Maybe they can sense that they are losing ground so they are trying to do their best to protect themselves. They know the battle has reached them and they have to fight it."


Warning from a caller to Aljazeera: 3000 of #Gaddafi's men heading from Sebha to Harawy to help Saif's brigade #libya #feb17 3 minutes ago via web.


URGENT: Attack on Zawiya stopped @ 5 evening. Gaddafi's men failed to regain it. Electricity came back @ 11 evening 3 minutes ago via web


#2050: Residents of the rebel-held city of Zawiya have told the BBC that government tanks, which had been shelling buildings in the centre of the city, withdrew suddenly for reasons that are unclear. At least 30 people are reported to have been killed in Saturday's fighting in the city, during which many buildings were damaged or set on fire. Control of Zawiya is seen as crucial to Colonel Gaddafi's efforts to defend his stronghold in nearby Tripoli.

protests yesterday in Misrata



WAM: UAE bans exports of 4x4 vehicles to #Libya after reports said they were used in the violence http://bit.ly/eIqfEu 21 minutes ago via web


Algeria has denied sending in mercs for #Gaddafi, yet Algerian military planes continue to fly into #Libya 18 minutes ago via web
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If Obama called in an airstrike and blew up the forces surrounding Zawiya, you better believe he'd have a street named after him in Zawiya the way people are begging for help

Didnt Clinton call in random airstrikes in Iraq in the late 90's?

Arabs have to learn how to stand on their own two feet. They say they want to be free of western interference, so Obama is granting them that wish. Good. Maybe now theyll learn to take responsibility for thier own defense.

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Reports that 20 000 revolutionaries from Eastern Libya are a few km away from Sirte. Pray 4 them #Libya #feb17 14 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone


Opposition forces should use loud speakers to announce to the people of #Sirt to join! Please get this message to them. #Libya RT IMPORTANT 36 minutes ago via web


We must remember, every citizen in Sirte is not pro gaddafi by default, only time can show us how this will unfold, we pray for them #Libya 6 minutes ago via web


#Libya: Libyan Consul General in Mali resigns (via @shabablibya) 11 minutes ago via web

On Al Jazeera a doctor in Zawiyah said that the tanks and troops rolled into town earlier and shot down women and small children who were trying to go into their homes.

Earlier I heard someone from Zintan say on Al Jazeera that they had sent people to Zawiyah to help them fight. Also he said that Bani Walid was under a brutal attack in the morning but had taken over a military base outside town and defeated the forces. This was before they sent a thousand youth to aid those heading for Sirt.

---------- Post added March-5th-2011 at 05:37 PM ----------

Arabs have to learn how to stand on their own two feet. They say they want to be free of western interference, so Obama is granting them that wish. Good. Maybe now theyll learn to take responsibility for thier own defense.

They've been begging for help. just about everyone I've seen in Libya has asked for some kind of aid.

They don't want an invasion, most of them, but there are lots of things they have asked for that we don't appear to be doing.

For instance they have asked for us and others to jam Gaddafi's transmissions from our ships.

They do want to be able to win the brunt of the fight themselves, but a lot of them are growing bitter and angry at other countries for not offering any aid and even in some cases continuing to help prop Gaddafi up.

I worry that if the people fail to overthrow Gaddafi and are more or less slaughtered whole sale, without the international community lifting much of a finger to even send them humanitarian aid in Libya, we will see a a lot of people turning to much more extreme acts in the future and possibly becoming desperate or hate filled terrorists out of a sense that everyone has abandoned them.

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@ShababLibya From #Libya: "We've never felt this way before, all Libyans love each other now, we are ALL family & we fight together." #feb17 about 1 hour ago via web


URGENT #Gaddafi militias in the Air Force Academy in Misurata,retreat to the road between Misurata/Zliten in the direction of Tripoli #libya about 2 hours ago via web

URGENT: #Gaddafi's militia backed away from Zawiya and have arrived at Jedaim, in direction of Tripoli #libya #feb17 about 2 hours ago via web.
URGENT: Supply of mercenaries and #Gaddafi militia headed to Sirte to help out Gaddafi militia there. #libya #feb17 about 1 hour ago via web


LPC with a freedom fighter in Sirt. Says the opposition is almost in control. I can hear the gunshots in the background! @AJELive about 1 hour ago via web


Email to Almanara: Sirte is now free of #Gaddafi's brigade. Youth of Sirte helped in freeing it. U will receive the news soon. #libya #feb17 4 minutes ago via web
Almost Confirmed: Sirte is free of Gaddafi's brigade. #libya #feb17 2 minutes ago via web
If Sirte is freed, than #Gaddafi will be in serious trouble. #libya #feb17 1 minute ago via web

Not sure how accurate this all is, but if true, it would be a big gain.

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From the Independent, a UK paper:

Britain offers covert help to Libyan rebels as fighting kills further 100

Government sources said yesterday that a "diplomatic task force" would be sent to Libya soon to make contact with opposition leaders. This is in addition to Friday's announcement that up to 600 Black Watch soldiers are also on alert to fly to Libya to work with any aid effort. But, while the politicians talk only about humanitarian assistance, behind the scenes, their experts are preparing to go in and talk to the rebels about giving them a lot more than food parcels and tents.

A select band of British agents, special forces and diplomats is expected to arrive in Libya this week, with an initial brief to make contact with opposition forces in the rebel stronghold of Benghazi. A former military intelligence officer said last night: "There is the absolutely covert element of the 'secret war' variety, where they will be helping the opposition by offering military assistance, letting them know where the government forces are. Less sensitive but still covert would be work to prepare the way for the imposition of a no-fly zone or a humanitarian relief effort."

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Aljazeera live call from Misurata: We expect heavy attacks on our city, but we're on alert and well armed. #Libya about 3 hours ago via web
Misurata local radio calls upon all residents to stay home except those who have weapons. Shelling & mortar attacks, tanks advance. #Libya about 1 hour ago via web
Live call from Misurata on Aljazeera: Calling upon Zliten, Al-Khoms, Bani Walid, and Tarhuna to revolt to ease pressure. #Libya about 1 hour ago via web
Live call from Misurata on Aljazeera: A few tanks have advanced into some main streets. #Libya about 1 hour ago via web
Live call from Misurata on Aljazeera: We do not except Gaddafi to try to hold the city, this is more likely a "punishment" attack. #Libya about 1 hour ago via web
Live call from Misurata on Aljazeera: Shelling continues, some tanks have rolled in. One tank disabled so far. #Libya 14 minutes ago via web
Live call from Misurata on Aljazeera: 3-4 tanks and 1-2 APCs cut off & surrounded by revolutionaries within the city. #Libya 12 minutes ago via web
2:12pm Residents in Az Zawiyah say that the city is under heavy artillery attacks from the West and tanks are trying to enter the city. Also, electricity, communication lines, and internet are reported to have been cut.

Abdel Fatah, a political activist, says that in Misurata, Gaddafi's tanks attacked the city, supported by armored vehicles - some tanks are now under siege by rebels inside a main square in the city.


So many Libyans from the East seem against foreign military help, but from Misrata & Zawiyah ppl desperately call for foreign help 28 minutes ago via web
Confirmed: Two #Gaddafi aircraft downed between Ras Lanuf and Bani Jawad, pilots held, Syrian passports. #Libya about 1 hour ago via web

Haven't heard anything about Sirt today although there are confusing reports that revolutionary forces were pushed back to Ras Lanuf or Bin Jawad (maybe these are other forces however that didn't get to the area outside Sirt yet, I don't know)

Today both Zawiyah and Misrata are under heavy attack.

Zawiyah has between 100,000 and 200,000 people and Misrata has like 600,000.


#1036: A rebel spokesman in Zawiya says rebels are still in control of the town centre, as an attack by pro-Gaddafi forces has been pushed back, reports Reuters.
#1109: A rebel spokesman tells Reuters that all is quiet in Zawiya after fighting against government forces, in which two rebels were killed and many more injured.
#1209: A local doctor in Misrata tells the BBC that four government tanks have entered the city firing on people indiscriminately - even shooting at an ambulance. He says the situation is "very bad"; at least three people are dead and scores more have been injured - he says people are being treated for gunshot wounds to the arms, shoulders and legs.


Reports From Al Zawya: the heroes defeated the forces of al-Qadhafi and killed 21 of them, looted 4 Land Cruiser carrying Aircraft weapons.. 25 minutes ago via web


Al Manara reports gaddafi forces defeated in Zawia, tanks jeeps and landcruisers carrying weapons also seized by anti gaddafi forces #Libya 18 minutes ago via web

---------- Post added March-6th-2011 at 08:15 AM ----------

The people celebrating in Tripoli are either delusional, totally brainwashed, or putting on a good act for Gaddafi.

They seem to think that Gaddafi now controls, Zawiyah, Misrata, Ras Lanuf, and even Tobruk...which is past Benghazi.

Oddly enough a bunch of the people celebrating seem to be non-libyans.

One woman was from Algeria and one of the men was from Palestine.

Not sure about the rest.

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4:45pm Al Jazeera's Hoda Hamid, reporting from Tripoli, describes the city as a "parallel universe".

Celebrations are still continuing for this 'great military victory' that teh people here in Tripoli seem to believe that Colnel Gaddafi's forces have already achieved ...

A colleague of mine, who works for the British Daily Telegraph, asked a few of the people in Green Square today what they actually did for a job - and after a lot of umming and ahhing, a lot of them admitted to him they were either army or police in civilian clothes filling up the numbers in the square - which, by the way, was not in any way full.


#1315: AP summarises what its reporters have seen of the fierce fighting between Ras Lanuf and Bin Jawad: "The reporters witnessed air attacks by helicopters on the rebel forces and heavy fighting on the ground. A warplane also attacked a small military base at Ras Lanuf and destroyed three hangars and a small building. Regime forces shelled rebel positions at Ras Lanuf with rockets and artillery."

Good thing Gaddafi's forces haven't made any air attacks on the opposition. ;)

It seems like they get scared and scatter and sometimes retreat a bit when a helicopter or plane starts attacking.

Which kind of makes sense, but also seems to be slowing them down.

#1417: A Libyan expat who lives in Wales tells the BBC he spoke to his mother in Zawiya on Saturday night. The city was under rebel control but surrounded by pro-Gaddafi forces, he said, who were using heavy artillery and "shooting randomly at peaceful protesters and innocent people on the streets, in what they call daily 'hit and run' attacks. Two of my cousins were shot yesterday. One of them is OK but we remain worried about the other one. Two teenagers were also reportedly chased by pro-Gaddafi thugs and hanged in public - just as an example, to put fear into the hearts of the city's people."
#1520: LibyanYouthMovement tweets: "We are getting reports from Misrata that the city is free and they have captured some of the pro gaddafi forces #Libya #Feb17."
#1522: And LibyaInMe also tweets: "CONFIRMED: #Gaddafi's men backed out of Misrata. 10 killed incl. a 2 yr. 10 of Gaddafi's men have been detained. #feb17 #libya."

---------- Post added March-6th-2011 at 10:57 AM ----------


BREAKING: Az-Zawiyah under renewed air strikes - #feb17 #libya - http://t.co/e27jlFL about 2 hours ago via Tweet Button.
BREAKING: Heavy presence of Gaddafi fighter jets and helicopters over the area of Brega - #feb17 #libya - http://t.co/e27jlFL 21 minutes ago via Tweet Button
BREAKING: Gaddafi tanks are shelling Misratah from the western side - #feb17 #libya - http://t.co/e27jlFL 19 minutes ago via Tweet Button
BREAKING: Az Zawiya being shelled by Gaddafi tanks. Electricity, internet and telephone still cut - #feb17 #libya - http://t.co/e27jlFL 17 minutes ago via Tweet Button
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Live call from Ras Lanuf on Aljazeera: Within 24 hours we have exclusive and very happy news... #Libya 15 minutes ago via web
Live call from Ras Lanuf on AJA: Negotiations ongoing with factions in Sirt and we're hoping to enter it in 24 hours without a fight. #Libya 14 minutes ago via web
Live call from Ras Lanuf on Aljazeera: We proceeded all the way to Wadi-al-Ahmar but fell back according to orders. #Libya 13 minutes ago via web
Live call from Ras Lanuf on Aljazeera: We are hoping to enter Sirt peacefully within hours. #Libya 11 minutes ago via web
Live call from Ras Lanuf on Aljazeera: Gaddafi spread propaganda in the Sirt area, saying we're coming to pillage, rape and burn... #Libya 9 minutes ago via web
Live call from Ras Lanuf on Aljazeera: Our negotiations were with the elders, to tell them we do not wish them any harm. #Libya 8 minutes ago via web


City of Misrata, the people are now out in 1000s celebrating, eye witnesses say around 20 pro gaddafi were killed, & 16 anti gaddafi #Libya 14 minutes ago via web


Live call from Misurata on AJA: Hospital and drug storage warehouse was hit by #Gaddafi shelling. #Libya 4 minutes ago via web
Live call from Misurata on AJA: We are low on anesthetics, there are over 60 injured. #Libya 3 minutes ago via web
Live call from Misurata on AJA: Among the #Gaddafi cars today firing on civilians was an ambulance with Tripoli plates. #Libya 2 minutes ago via web
Live call from Misurata on AJA: A third of our casualties (dead/injured) today are civilians, including young children. #Libya 2 minutes ago via web
Live call from Misurata on AJA: Latest figure, 93 injured, at least 20 are critical. #Libya 1 minute ago via web
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Hospitals in Tripoli received many dead & wounded Gaddafi soldiers after the heavy gunfire this morning; no further details yet. #Libya 17 minutes ago via web
Aljazeera now airing footage from Misurata with citizens celebrating today's victory; wrecked tank, destroyed buildings...#Libya less than 20 seconds ago via web
Live call from Azawiya on Aljazeera: Today alone we took 11 SUV's from Gaddafi's troops in usable conditions. #Libya 12 minutes ago via web

footage from Misrata after the attack today


An interesting article about the taking of Ras Lanuf, mostly old news though:


Villar said that as their truck approached Ras Lanuf, they came under machine gun and mortar fire. The driver halted in a panic, and the man operating the mounted machine gun began to cry. Another man jumped out and attempted to fire his AK-47 assault rifle, but it jammed. Villar and other journalists abandoned the car and sprinted back through the desert as mortars fired by Gaddafi troops landed around them.

A van carrying other rebel troops had been shot and immobilised on the road. One fighter fired a rocket-propelled grenade without aiming.

There was “zero organisation,” Villar said. One of the men in the car with him told him before they arrived at the front that he had never fired a weapon before the uprising.

The town around the refinery is mostly opposed to Gaddafi, Villar said, and the armed resistance in the area was co-ordinated mostly through familial ties.

“Any man with a car and an AK that had been looted from one of the government stories headed straight to Ras Lanuf,” he said. “Everyone was talking by cell phone. One family talks to the next and says, ‘Today, we’re going to Ras Lanuf.’”

Back at an occupied military checkpoint near the refinery, rebels attempted to institute some kind of order. They stopped cars coming from the west to interrogate their occupants. One car held a family trying to escape, the next had a plasma television in a cardboard box strapped to the back.

Fighters attempted to halt the car. One man opened the passenger door. The driver, perhaps sensing that he was in trouble, chose to drive away. Two men with AK-47s ****ed them and prepared to fire before a man ran up telling them to stop. One appeared to hold fire only because he couldn’t get his weapon to work.

The next car wasn’t as lucky. It was packed with blankets, gloves, machine lubricant and was towing a new Toyota Hilux truck carrying two other men. Troops at the checkpoint angrily dragged all three men out and chopped the rope towing the Hilux with an axe. They scattered the contents of the lead car across the windswept desert highway, accusing the driver of trying to escape with looted goods.

As they screamed at him, they distributed the confiscated gloves to journalists and among themselves. A Libyan fighter jet could be heard circling high above, and a minute later the sound of explosion from a military base down the road reached the checkpoint.

Farther east, at a rebel assembly point near the small town of Brega, next to another oil refinery, better-trained rebels waited.

They bore special medallions; some indicated that they were part of a paratroopers unit. Several men referred to themselves as “special forces” and said they had come from the Benghazi commando unit that had once been under the control of Abdelfattah Younis and had defected to the protesters side, playing a key role in the fall of the military garrison there.

Many wore full army kit, including modern ballistic helmets, unlike their comrades closer to the front. They lounged and slept in Land Cruisers and jeeps, some spray painted with what appeared to be an official paratrooper emblem and the word “special forces”.

EDIT: 3:25 pm est:

I found this twitter account.

Pretty funny.


We won over most of the country in the overnight hours with the aid of Batman and the Incredible Hulk. The drugs are wearing off! #libya about 15 hours ago via web
Our retaking of Tobruk, Ras Lanuf, Misurata, Zawiya, and the Aouzou strip was so swift and quiet that no reporters have noticed #libya about 14 hours ago via web
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Gaddafi forces in Misrata earlier:



11:48pm Journalist Ahmad Ali Ahmad tells Al Jazeera from Az Zawiyah, which has seen heavy fighting over the course of the day - but is understood to remain in control of anti-Gaddafi forces, that there has been a new development in the city.

The families who live in the flats overooking the square in the town centre have started to evacuate because of the repeated air-strikes against that area.

The Omar Mokhtar street seemed deserted, and most of the buildings were destroyed by the fierce air strikes yesterday and today.

There were many wounded, but I cannot confirm the numbers.

11:56pm Gaddafi appeared on Libyan state TV earlier - just for a few seconds. He appeared to be in Green Square, but state TV didn't give any explanation as to why they didn't stay with it.

After showing crowds shouting his name, the channel cut back to the studio...



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It seems as if every time I go to bed expecting the opposition to reach Sirt by morning, I wake up to find them pushed back to Bin Jawad or Ras Lanuf.

I thought they had regained control of Bin Jawad yesterday and kept the Gaddafi forces back while pushing forward a bit, and were in talks with Sirt. Apparently they're back in Ras Lanuf today.


#1213: The BBC's John Simpson, in Ras Lanuf, says rebel forces have received a serious check at the town of Bin Jawad, about 60km (40 miles) to the west. "The rebels attacked Bin Jawad on Sunday, but a combination of air power, better weaponry and the fact that they were fighting on more favourable territory meant that Col Gaddafi's forces were able to beat them off," he adds. "The rebels fell back on the important oil town of Ras Lanuf, which they captured on Friday night. On Monday, a plane from Col Gaddafi's air force came over to bomb them. Whether deliberately or not, the pilot missed but the rebels have been disheartened by their failure, and many of them who drove up so enthusiastically on Sunday have been streaming back down the road."

On the other hand:


About the Sirt area, please don't be bummed by news about Bin Jawad "falling" to Gaddafi. I think it's a mis-characterization. #Libya about 3 hours ago via web
Bin Jawad isn't (and never was) a strategic town. The revolutionaries pulled out of it to consolidate at Ras Lanuf. #Libya about 3 hours ago via web
Bin Jawad is more a way point than a strategic point. When revolutionaries pulled back some of them had even reached Sirt outskirts. #Libya about 3 hours ago via web

Hmmm, seems like an awful long distance to pull back.

The truly strategic point is Wadi-al-Hamra, that's a pinch point, and that's the true place to look for. #Libya about 3 hours ago via web
The revolutionaries said: "Our target was always Wadi-al-Hamra. If we're past that, we're in Sirt." Bin Jawad is just a waypoint. #Libya about 3 hours ago via web
In fact some of the revolutionary fighters said that they don't even need to enter Bin Jawad; but cannot circumvent Wadi-al-Hamra. #Libya about 3 hours ago via web
Wadi-al-Ahmar or Wadi-al-Hamra literally means "the red valley", it's a little over 100 kms from Sirt (to the east of course). #Libya about 3 hours ago via web
I expect Gaddafi to go after Ras Lanuf like a freight train, he's gonna hit it like a ton of bricks... hope they hold their ground. #Libya about 3 hours ago via web

I don't know if Ras Lanuf can withstand the kind of attacks that Misrata and Azawiyah have had. Not sure the place is big enough or that the people have enough cover there.

We;ll have to see. Gaddafi's forces may not want to damage the place much.

Aljazeera's reporter in Benghazi says there's an "continuous stream of convoys" of volunteers heading to the front. #Libya about 3 hours ago via web

I don't know if I've seen any recent reports of an attack on Ras Lanuf, but there have been continuing air strikes on them, though most have missed. I did just noticed a report of fighting in Ras Lanuf from a few hours ago, and it seems the opposition won.


8:20am Libyan troops troops loyal to Muammar Gaddafi launched counteroffensive attacks against a number of rebel-held towns yesterday as the uprising intensified into open warfare.

In Libya's Ras Lanuf, which is home to an important oil refinery, the fighting has been particularly heavy, rebels there say the town remains in their hands.

That report was around 6 hours or so ago.

Some more random bits of news:


12:20pm Under unprecedented fire from tanks, artillery, military jets, and helicopter, opposition forces, armed with light arms and some air defense weaponry, had to withdraw from Bin Jawad. Some of them describe what happened in the city as "actual horror".

Reports said pro-Gaddafi forces were hiding inside residential homes and attacking opposition forces as well as civilians from there.

11:46am Opposition forces from Az Zintan, located 160 KM southwest of Tripoli, attacked pro-Gaddafi forces in the outskirts of the city yesterday and arrested 10 of them, in addition to the leader of the pro Gaddafi brigade who is a colonel sufferring from severe wounds and currently being treated at a local hospital, Mussa Zwaeeb, an eye witnesses from Az Zintan, said.
2:02pm Abdel Basset Abu Zouriq, a spokesperson of the opposition, told Al Jazeera on Monday that Misurata was still under control of opposition forces.

Pro-Gaddafi forces are still somewhere outside the city, regrouping for future attacks.

He said that the city was anti-Gaddafi in general and so government forces could only attack the city or invade it for few hours and then withdraw.

---------- Post added March-7th-2011 at 09:11 AM ----------


Reinforcements arriving from the East of Libya to the front Line currently just east of Bin jawad #Libya #Feb17 #gaddaficrimes about 1 hour ago via web
Caller from Ras Lanuf, says the pro gaddafi forces use snipers from roofs in Bin Jawad, the anti gaddafi called them with load speaskers 38 minutes ago via web
To come down from the civilian homes, but no response, the anti gaddafi do not like to shoot at homes because of civilians #Libya #Feb17 38 minutes ago via web

There seems to still be a lot of fighting going on in Bin Jawad now, according to Al Jazeera tv.

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#1425: Pro-Gaddafi forces have resumed their attacks on the key western city of Zawiya with tanks and artillery, an exiled Libyan opposition group has told the Reuters news agency. The Libyan Human Rights Solidarity said in a statement that there had been heavy fighting on Monday morning, and that the rebels had been able to capture government troops who "admitted that they had been instructed of the need to recapture the city before Wednesday". A journalist near the city said he had heard artillery fire and smoke rising above Zawiya.
#1448: Al-Jazeera is also now reporting that there have been renewed clashes in the western Libyan city of Zawiya. Pro-Gaddafi security brigades are bombarding the city from the east and west, and plumes of smoke are rising from the main square, it says.
#1449: Political activist Abdul Jabbar al-Zawi, who is in Zawiya, tells al-Jazeera: "Gaddafi brigades launched the most violent attack ever on the city today. The attack began with artillery shelling of the buildings overlooking Martyrs Square. The tanks entered the square and bombarded the surrounding area."
#1452: He adds: "The bombardment is still ongoing, yet the youths have returned to the square and regained control of it. The youths are still in control of the city of Zawiya."


4:44pm Al Jazeera reports: Three dead in an air strike on Ras Lanuf
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Not sure how accurate this is, and I'm assuming the caller was at least exaggerating somewhat...but still...:


There's a live call on Aljazeera now from a person from Azawiya. He literally says the city is no more. #Libya 41 minutes ago via web
Resident of Azawiya now on Aljazeera says the city is no more. #Libya 41 minutes ago via web
The Aljazeera anchor is speechless. On the phone is a guy from Azawiya saying the city is no more. #Libya 40 minutes ago via web
I hope this guy is exaggerating. #Libya 38 minutes ago via web
Caller on Aljazeera says most of Azawiya's population has been wiped out in today's bombing. I hope it's not true. #Libya 38 minutes ago via web
Azawiya is a closed box right now. It's so difficult to confirm information from there. The caller was outside the city. #Libya 33 minutes ago via web
Azawiya has had no electricy, phone lines, or internet for days. Very difficult to get any news from within. #Libya 30 minutes ago via web
Awaiting another report about Azawiya in a few minutes. #Libya 6 minutes ago via web

---------- Post added March-7th-2011 at 02:33 PM ----------


OK, let's hold off news about Azawiya until we get something more concrete. I'll move on to my reports for the day. #Libya less than a minute ago via web
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The men of Az-Zintan have started some serious action. #Libya about 1 hour ago via web
For a bit of background, the Nafusa (aka Western) mountains extend in an east-west direction from Nalut to Gharyan, around 200+ kms. #Libya about 1 hour ago via web
The people of the Nafusa mountains joined the revolution early on - including towns as Zintan, Nalut, Gharyan, and Yafran. #Libya about 1 hour ago via web
They were recently criticized for being too slow to pick up arms. I say they really made up for it over the past couple days! #Libya about 1 hour ago via web
They hit #Gaddafi troops hard, with really well laid out and well executed plans; professional stuff, not just volunteer action. #Libya about 1 hour ago via web
They attacked the back lines of Gaddafi's troops, along the Sorman road. Multiple attacks, all hugely successful. #Libya about 1 hour ago via web
Sadly, just as we saw in Ras Lanuf and Benghazi before, they found soldiers bound and shot for refusing to follow orders. #Libya about 1 hour ago via web
Another video from Zintan hospital showing soldiers found bound & shot by Gaddafi for refusing to follow orders: http://j.mp/h7EiGR #Libya about 1 hour ago via web
@ru4peace2 In the Zintan/Nafusa area, high-ranking Libyan army officers joined the revolution. They know how to fight. about 1 hour ago via web in reply to ru4peace2
Anyway the attacks of the people of Zintan were numerous, I'm just showing part of them. I'm sure there's more to come, too. #Libya 44 minutes ago via web


Finally some of #Gaddafi's early plans were revealed. Interesting but no longer relevant, since they've already failed miserably... #Libya 22 minutes ago via web
OK, I'll go back to #Gaddafi's "grand plan to encircle the east" which failed early on. Interesting nonetheless, details follow... #Libya 13 minutes ago via web
It appears Gaddafi's plan was to launch an invasion of the east on two fronts: further east (Egypt) and from the south (Kufra). #Libya 12 minutes ago via web
Ahmad Gaddaf-al-Dam was to handle the Egypt part by recruiting mercenaries and launching attacks on Tobruk across the border. #Libya 10 minutes ago via web
Of course Gaddaf-al-Dam failed to recruit anyone, the tribes there rejected him, and he ended up seeking asylum in Egypt. #Libya 9 minutes ago via web
Saif-al-Islam was supposed to handle recruiting the Kufrah tribes to launch an attack from the south on Ajdabia & Benghazi. #Libya 8 minutes ago via web
Saif #Gaddafi sent three planes full of weapons & cash to Kufrah. Before the first plane landed, Kufrah had joined the revolution. #Libya 6 minutes ago via web
The revolutionaries at Kufrah captured the first plane and took weapons, 18 million Libyan dinars and some gold bullion on board. #Libya 5 minutes ago via web
The weapons were distributed among the residents; the cash & gold was handed to Kafrah's bank. #Libya 4 minutes ago via web
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#1131: A warplane has bombed a two-storey block of flats on the eastern edge of Libya's rebel held town of Ras Lanuf, blowing off the side wall of the bottom floor, an AFP reporter says.
#1140: "An air strike hit a house in a residential area of Ras Lanuf. There is a big hole in the ground floor of the two-storey home," Reuters correspondent Alexander Dziadosz said. "A massive plume of smoke and dust flew up in the area from the strike. Men rushed to the area shouting 'Allahu Akbar' (God is greatest)." He said many houses appear to have been evacuated. No casualties have been reported in that strike.
#1239: In the west of Libya, the rebel held town of Zawiya is reported to be under artillery attack. It has been hard to get through to anyone in the city, but Libyan Murad Hamaima in Cairo told the BBC World Service his relatives in the city have told him on the phone that they "are under constant bombardement" and that some members of his family have been killed and others have been injured. Mr Hamaima, a former official in the Libyan Foreign Ministry who defected to the opposition, says it is his understanding that the rebels still control the centre of Zawiya. "But Gaddafi's security forces, his militias, are everywhere in the streets, doing house-to-house searches and rounding up people."
#1309: The BBC's John Simpson in Ras Lanuf says there is a lot of firing going on all around. There have been at least four bombing raids in a small stretch of area around the crossroads in Ras Lanuf. In one case a member of his team was blown off his feet but not harmed, he added.
#1349: More from John Simpson in Ras Lanuf: "The air strikes have died away because there is low cloud. The warplanes need to see their targets properly and are scared of coming too low because there are a great deal of rebel anti-aircraft guns on the ground. The rebels are firing off the guns all the time, probably to scare off Col Gaddafi's troops. Earlier today, the bombing was quite accurate. Often in the past, you got the feeling that the pilots were deliberately missing. But not today, when they bombed a house across the road from where we were filming. The more accurate bombing suggests the government has changed pilots or is giving different orders."
#1359: Mohamed says he is a member of the civil committee that runs Misrata. He told the BBC about the situation in the town: "It is calm but tense in Misrata. We are expecting another onslaught from the dictator. He is running out of options and is lashing out. There is some sense of normality. Some shops are open. But we are crying out for medical supplies."
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#1609: Ibrahim, a resident of Zawiya, told Reuters: "Fighting is still going on now. Gaddafi's forces are using tanks. There are also sporadic air strikes. ... But they could not reach the centre of the town which is still in the control of the revolutionaries".
#1613: The BBC's Wyre Davies in Tripoli says news of the attack on Zawiya is coming from a source well known to the BBC. The man had had to drive several kilometres out of the city to be able to telephone with the information.
#1615: A Libyan in London who has spoken to family in Zawiya who described a heavy bombardment of the city. The family had fled to the outskirts of the city to escape and said Zawiya had been "wiped off the face of the Earth".
#1643: More from Zawiya, where appears to be under a major attack from regime troops. A witness in the city told BBC Arabic that a shower of bullets is hitting every building in the city. Rebel fighters there are claiming to have killed a high ranking pro-Gaddafi officer during the clashes.
#1656: "Ibrahim", who has been speaking to Reuters from inside Zawiya, said telephone connections in the city had been cut. "I'm now able to speak on the phone because I'm standing on the top of a building," he said.
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50 Tanks reported to be attacking Zawia, as well as aircraft. Buildings and Mosques have been completely crushed reuters #Libya #Feb17 about 4 hours ago via web

Amazing video of the early days of the battle for Az Zawiyah.


A more detailed written report.

It looks pretty interesting.

(I'm a little too sick and exhausted to read through it all right now.

If anyone wants to look it over and point out some interesting sections, feel free to)


sky news live fee


CNN is reporting Gaddai may have finally shown up 6 hours late!

Not sure if he is going to make another speech or what...

Interesting coverage on CNN right now.

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#1352: A witness in Zawiya has told the BBC that the city is besieged by pro-Gaddafi tanks. They did not enter the city but they are bombarding it for the third day in a row. Mortar missiles hammering down, some buildings have collapsed and people are fleeing.
#1359: Libyan state TV reports that Zawiya residents are holding massive rallies of support for Col Gaddafi.
#1515: Libyan state TV has interviewed people it says are residents of Zawiya. One old woman says: "Ever since Muammar [Gaddafi] came [into power] and we have seen nothing but happiness and well-being. May God protect him."


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More From Zawiyah:


1637: Al Jazeera TV is reporting that several of Gaddafi's soldiers have been killed in the Libyan town of Zawiya, including a general and a colonel, according to Reuters.
#1640: A doctor in Zawiya says at least 40 people have died in fighting on Wednesday, probably many more, reports Reuters.

and that's just so far today

#1641: Pro-Gaddafi forces entered the main square of Zawiya on Wednesday, as rebels pulled back, an anti-Gaddafi fighter told Reuters.
#1644: The rebel told Reuters: "We have pulled back and they are inside the square but we will attack them again and have it back. We will do that tonight. This is not the end."
#1654: The Libyan authorities have offered a bounty of 500,000 Libyan dinars ($400,000) to anyone who captures rebel leader and former justice minister Mustafa Abdul Jalil and hands him in. In an urgent headline bar, Libyan state TV also announced a reward of 200,000 dinars ($160,000) for information leading to the capture of Mr Abdel Jalil, who was described as an "agent spy".
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Horrifying Accounts Of 3 BBC Reporters Who Were Captured And Tortured by Gaddafi's thugs:


#2200: Three members of a BBC News team have left Libya after being detained and mistreated by the Libyan military for 21 hours earlier this week. The team was among several reporters trying to get to the besieged town of Zawiya when they were detained.
#2203: The BBC's Wyre Davies says: "Like many reporters seeking to get around Libyan government restrictions, the team from the BBC Arabic service was trying to get into the town of Zawiya, controlled earlier this week by anti-government rebels but under attack by Col Gaddafi's forces. After being detained at an army roadblock, the three men were taken to a military barracks in Tripoli where they were blindfolded, handcuffed and beaten. Reporter Feras Killani was singled out for repeated beatings and was repeatedly attacked because of his coverage of the Libyan uprising. After being released, all three team members told us that they had feared for their lives. There were at least two mock executions, with live bullets being fired past the head of one of them men. Although a senior Libyan government later apologised for their treatment at the hands of the army, the men have now left the country."
#2209: One of the team, Chris Cobb-Smith, said: "We were lined up against the wall. I was the last in line - facing the wall. I looked and I saw a plain-clothes guy with a small sub-machine gun. He put it to everyone's neck. I saw him and he screamed at me. Then he walked up to me put the gun to my neck and pulled the trigger, twice, the bullets whisked past my ear. The soldiers just laughed."
#2214: BBC cameraman Goktay Koraltan said they saw other prisoners, mainly from Zawiya, in a much worse state than them were: "I cannot describe how bad it was. Most of them were hooded and handcuffed really tightly, all with swollen hands and broken ribs. They were in agony. They were screaming."
#2222: BBC Arabic reporter Feras Killani said: "In one cell there were about 10 to 12 prisoners. Two of them were Egyptians, the others Libyans. The majority of them were from Zawiya. I understood from other guys that they were fighters, or that they were accused of fighting against Muammar Gaddafi's army. Four of them were in a very bad situation. There was evidence of torture on their faces and bodies. One of them said he had at least two broken ribs. I spent at least six hours helping them drink, sleep, urinate, and move from one side to another."
#2224: Feras Killani added: "When we arrived at the detention centre, one of the soldiers hit me in the back with his Kalashnikov. I dropped to the ground. They then asked me to put my hands behind my head. Then I started to hear the weapon being ****ed. I thought I only had minutes to live, and that they would shoot me. I thought at that moment that if they had decided to do it, they would. I just closed my eyes and asked God to help me."
#2239: More from BBC Arabic reporter Feras Killani, a Palestinian, on his Libyan captors: "They hit me with a stick, they used their army boots on me, and their knees. One found a plastic pipe on the ground and beat me with that, then one of the soldiers gave him a long stick. He knew who we were and what we were doing."
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