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Qadafi may have fled to Venezuela (unconfirmed but credible British sources)


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10:18pm Al Jazeera's producer in Benghazi says crowds there are chanting: "With our souls with our blood, we'll protect you Al Jazeera".
00:30am Ali Hassan Al Jaber's death marks the first instance of a journalist killed in the line of duty in Libya:


1:30am Al Jazeera's Ayman Mohyeldin tweets: body of #aljazeera cameraman ali Jaber draped in #Libyas flag taken thru crowds in benghazi http://twitpic.com/48wron


Some interesting reports from West Libya:


Direct Report: Town of Zuwārah surrounded by tanks with a possible attack tonight - #feb17 #libya - http://t.co/6MmMOw6 about 1 hour ago via Tweet Button

remember that Zuwarah is near the Tunisian border.

Report: Town of Zuwārah surrounded by tanks & hostage taken - #feb17 #libya - http://t.co/6MmMOw6 about 1 hour ago via Tweet Button
Unconfirmed: Khamis and Hamza battalions clashed outside Misratah. Hamza battalion defected - #feb17 #libya - http://t.co/fD6eKkU about 1 hour ago via Tweet Button

I saw a few reports earlier that some of the Hamza brigade had defected.

Reuters: 32 defections in Khamis battalion including a general as it headed to Misratah on Saturday #Feb17 #Libya 39 minutes ago via web


A crack Libyan brigade commanded by Muammar Gaddafi’s son Khamis was slowed by a mutiny as it advanced on Misrata on Saturday, with 32 soldiers joining the rebels holding the city, a rebel there said. One defector was a general, said the rebel named Mohammed. The feared 32nd Brigade tried but failed earlier in the day to take Misrata, the last major rebel holdout in western Libya.

Stalled about 10-15 km south of the city, the brigade broke out in a fire-fight after dozens of troops balked at the idea of killing innocent civilians in the impending attack, rebel spokesman Gamal added.

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10:33pm Sources tell Al Jazeera that rebels have taken over Brega and arrested tens of pro-Gaddafi forces in a trap set by them.
10:36pm Pro-Gaddafi forces are besieging the western Libyan towns of Misurata and Az-Zawiyah and heavily bombarding the eastern city of Brega after rebels entered it.
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Al-Brega remains in hands of forces loyal to Qaddafi, residents say. Atmosphere tense, fear of reprisals. #Libya about 1 hour ago via web


0:59am The AFP news agency has reported that the Libyan armed forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi have cleared "armed gangs" from the oil-rich town of Brega in the east, an army source told state television on Sunday.

"Brega has been cleansed of armed gangs," the military source was quoted as saying. The report could not immediately be verified. State television has in the past issued false reports claiming territory.

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BAGHDAD, March 13 (Reuters) - When he sees reports from Libya of a euphoric youth rebellion crushed in a brutal armed crackdown by an Arab ruler, Ahmed al-Saidi is overcome with an ominous sense of deja vu.

A survivor of the failed 1991 uprising against Iraq's Saddam Hussein, Saidi knows what it feels like to believe the international community will help you overthrow a dictator, only to find your town abandoned to merciless revenge.

"Of all the news from other Arab countries, Libya is the one that is most moving for me. It is as if it was copied and pasted from Iraq," he says.

"Almost the same atrocities that happened in Iraq are happening in Libya. The same shy response from the international community. The same shameful hesitance from the Arab world."

"God willing, the rebels in Libya will still succeed. But I fear the casualties will be huge."


2:34am Reuters news agnecy has reported that government troops advancing east along the coast road took Brega early on Sunday in what looked like an increasingly confident drive towards the rebel stronghold of Benghazi.

But the rebels, said they had re-taken Brega on Sunday night. There was no way of verifying the rival claims.


3:15am Al Jazeera's Tony Birtley reports on the battle for Libya from the rebel stronghold, Benghazi.

(Actually I'm pretty sure I saw this report on tv hours ago.

so it doesn't seem to be anything really new)


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Interesting article in the Washington Post about two of the contrasting fighters in the Libyan opposition.

(I suggest reading the entire article via the link)


BENGHAZI, LIBYA - They are two fighters on the front lines of what they say is a battle for freedom and survival. But the paths that Haitham al-Ghaybee and Abu Sultan took to this moment were very different.

One is a scruffy rabble-rouser who has a reputation for hard drinking; the other a clean-shaven, green-eyed Islamist who has fought before in the name of his religion, carrying out attacks against U.S. forces in Iraq.

Neither fits neatly into the profile of drug-addled al-Qaeda devotees that Col. Moammar Gaddafi has used to denigrate the rebel force seeking to oust him from power after 41 years.

Instead, the men reflect the wide array of perspectives and backgrounds present among those who in recent weeks have captured control of half of Libya, and are desperately seeking to win the rest.

The rebel movement's strength has been its diversity - an all-inclusive mix of secularists and Islamists, women and men, young and old, longtime Gaddafi opponents and recent government defectors. They are bound by their love for Libya, and by their hatred for Gaddafi....

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7:23am Reports say that rebels have recaptured the oil town of Brega - they say 25 government soldiers were killed and 20 more captured.
10:24am Al Jazeera's Tony Birtley reports from Benghazi that, "It is very hard to get a handle on what is actually going on but we understand that rebels have taken back Brega after fierce fighting over the last 48 hours.

"And there is fierce fighting 300kms outside Benghazi.

"This is a rumour capital, it is hard to understand what is really going on but we know that the interim council is very much looking to international community for help."

10:30am Hamed Al Hassi, a spokesperson of the Feb 17th revolution in Libya, told Al Jazeera how rebels forces attacked Gaddafi forces last evening.

"At 8:30 pm, the chief of operations on the front gave orders to siege and surround them (the pro Gaddafi forces).

"We took 20 people hostage and killed 25 people. We also captured and destroyed many of their weaponry and machinery.

"There are now small groups dispersed in the areas West of Brega.”


There are also reports of heavy shelling in Ajdabiya.

10:37am Reports say that today's air strikes on Ajdabiya hit part of a hospital and military camp.

No causalities have been reported. And local residents are refusing to leave the town.

10:44am Many families who fled Brega and nearby towns fearing the ongoing confrontations, are now living in makeshift tents in the desert in nearby areas.

Reports say that these tents are very primitive and that there is a lack of basic supplies, food, and medicine.

11:03am Major General, Omar Al Hariri, the military chief of the interim national council told Al Jazeera how his forces were able to take Brega back last evening.

"Today, the armed forces and the revolutionary youth have reorganised and maneuvered the Gaddafi forces, which are weak because they are not fighting for a cause.

"Most of the Gaddafi forces are mercenaries, who are fighting for money. Therefore, they were very weak and the revolutionary forces were able to kill and capture so many of them.

"The revolutionary forces were then able to enter Brega and to push Gaddafi forces to outside of Brega and Aqaila. They are now taking fortified defensive positions in Aqaila."

1:04pm According to Al Jazeera's sources in Libya, Khalifa Belqasim Haftar, former Libyan army commander, who was one of Gaddafi's commanders during the war against Chad, has returned to Libya to support the rebels.
1:22pm Al Jazeera's Tony Birtley reports from Benghazi, "The rebels here have two plans, Plan A is about what will happen if Gaddafi goes, how they can run their country according to their own rules and Plan B is run."
1:38pm According to our sources, Gaddafi forces have attacked Zuara trying to take control of it - the city is close to Libya-Tunisia border.
2:08pm As Libyan leader's forces bombard Ajdabiya, the last town standing before Benghazi, the rebel stronghold in the east. Check our latest story on Libya here.

I guess they're not counting Brega.

2:22pm According to Al Jazeera's sources 1 person has been killed and 7 injured in attack by Gaddafi forces on Zuara, in western Libya.
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Vision, can you give a quick syanposis of how things are going?

It seems lilke Qadafi has greatly pushed back and now there is some counter movement?

Do the rebels have a chance?

At the moment things are not good for the opposition/revolutionaries/rebels overall.

They have been pushed back from the Bin Jawad area near Sirt and Ras Lanuf (where they had advanced to a week or so ago)

and are now making their stand in the Brega and Ajdabiya.areas.

Brega seems to be going back and forth from one side to the other, but supposedly is currently in control of the opposition after a couple of sneaky attacks that cut off Gaddafi forces there. (at least that seems to be the current consensus).

At the same time Gaddafi forces are shelling and bombing Ajdabiya which is farther east from the sky and with tanks.

Past this area is Benghazi the stronghold of the resistance and where a lot of the political arms of the opposition are reaching out from.

If Benghazi is besieged and taken I'm not sure what would happen. There are other large opposition towns to the east of it, so perhaps they could move back, but Benghazi is the heart of this movement.

It's hard to say just who is doing the fighting and how many each side has there in the east.

The most elite brigades of Gaddafi's forces are still doing city attacks in the west.

Misrata and Zuarah are at the moment both under siege, although Misrata seems to have quieted down today.

I am curious to see how Zuarah holds up because we've barely heard much about them so far.

They are very close to the border, so it would be nice if the Tunisians would send aid somehow, but I doubt they will.

There are still other towns in the West who have risen up but have not done a lot, possibly because they only have a few thousand people there and thery are focused on defending their homes in case Gaddafi forces come for them too. Early on there were talks of towns sending help to other cities but they seem to have gotten more of as bunker mentality after what happened in Zawiyah.

Do the rebels have a chance?

If they get outside help they do.

If no help comes they will most likely be run over eventually.

It's hard to say how long some of these cities in the west and Benghazi and Adjabiya in the east can hold.

If Gaddafi decides to level these cities there may not be much the rebels can do but flee or die.

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Damn it!

That was fast.

8:27pm Reuters reports: A resident of Zuwarah told Reuters that Gaddafi forces had taken control of the town and that fighting had ended.


Benghazi, Libya (CNN) -- Rebels appeared Monday to have slowed the eastward advance of Libyan government forces toward Benghazi at the town of al-Brega.

But it was not clear late in the day who controlled al-Brega, which contains a large oil refinery and natural gas plant, said CNN's Ben Wedeman, reporting from Benghazi, which is about two hours west. Meanwhile, government planes carried out air raids 40 minutes from al-Brega, in the town of Ajdabiya.

CNN was not able to reach the front lines Monday.

For the first time since violence erupted last month, forces opposed to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi did not allow members of the news media to go forward. They expressed concern that coverage from the rebel side of the lines could provide intelligence to government forces about the ragtag rebel forces' tactics, or lack thereof.

Life in Benghazi appeared calm on the surface: stores were open and people went about their business. But some residents expressed an underlying fear that Gadhafi appeared to have gained the upper hand and was advancing his military forward as much of the rest of the world focused on the catastrophe in Japan.

Some expressed fear that Gadhafi may seek to block roads leading to Benghazi and other coastal cities, then lay siege to them. Some worried that, if Gadhafi reasserts control of those cities in eastern Libya that led the revolt against his rule, he might carry out bloody reprisals.

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5:50am In Libya, Colonel Gaddafi's forces in the east are continuing to push the rebels back.

That's as the UN's security council has again discussed imposing a no-fly zone in the country - but with no firm outcome.

But as Nick Clark reports from Libya, time is running out for a population that has a proud legacy dating back thousands of years.


I saw this report earlier too.

It's interesting seeing the ancient Roman/Greek ruins there in Eastern Libya.

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7:41am Two young Libyans whose rap music is being broadcast to the front line by rebel Benghazi radio hope they are helping to maintain the morale of fighters outgunned by Gaddafi forces.

"Rap does not physically change things, but it invigorates the soul of people fighting and sends a message to all Libyans," 16-year-old Imad Abbar, sitting perched on a paint can in the patio of his home in Benghazi, told AFP news agency.

Hamza Sisi agreed, and the lyrics - in Arabic - he wrote for their rap song "Shamat Al-Medina", or "Candles of the City", say all:

The candles of the city shine to tell the world what we want,

The candles of the city won't rest and won't give up,

The blood of the fighters is our own,

We won't surrender until the regime falls.

8:11am British newspaper Guardian reports that the Libyan rebels are urging west to assassinate Gaddafi as his forces near Benghazi.


Libya's revolutionary leadership is pressing western powers to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi and launch military strikes against his forces to protect rebel-held cities from the threat of bloody assault.

Mustafa Gheriani, spokesman for the revolutionary national council in its stronghold of Benghazi, said the appeal was to be made by a delegation meeting the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, and the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, in Paris on Monday, as G8 foreign ministers gathered there to consider whether to back French and British calls for a no-fly zone over Libya.

"We are telling the west we want a no-fly zone, we want tactical strikes against those tanks and rockets that are being used against us and we want a strike against Gaddafi's compound," said Gheriani. "This is the message from our delegation in Europe."

Asked if that meant that the revolutionary council wanted the west to assassinate Gaddafi, Gheriani replied: "Why not? If he dies, nobody will shed a tear."

But with diplomatic wrangling focused on the issue of the no-fly zone, there appeared to be little immediate prospect of a foreign military assault on Gaddafi's forces, let alone an air strike against the Libyan dictator.

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"We are telling the west we want a no-fly zone, we want tactical strikes against those tanks and rockets that are being used against us and we want a strike against Gaddafi's compound," said Gheriani. "This is the message from our delegation in Europe."

Start with a no-fly zone, then you take out the artillery and rockets, then the tanks, then the troops, then... Slippery slope.

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Start with a no-fly zone, then you take out the artillery and rockets, then the tanks, then the troops, then... Slippery slope.


Who will get blamed when the US kills Libyans in suppressing air defenses?

Who will they blame when rockets are fired on cities while we control the skies?

You want to go to war ,that is fine by me...but this half measure BS has got to stop.

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How could this lead to World War 3?

I don't know thats why I asked. You see i said excuse my ignorance so if the answer is no then just simply say no or say no and explain why it wouldn't.

I asked because I always hear that it will be started by the problems in the middle east.

I don't know what would happen or if anyone would be angered by us jumping in this situation so I asked the question

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I don't know thats why I asked. You see i said excuse my ignorance so if the answer is no then just simply say no or say no and explain why it wouldn't.

I asked because I always hear that it will be started by the problems in the middle east.

I don't know what would happen or if anyone would be angered by us jumping in this situation so I asked the question

Ah got ya. No there is no risk of WW3. Gadaffi really has no allies. He's a crazy old genocidal man. But like everything else in the Middle East--and really anywhere when it comes to war--it's a complicated situation. The question is, is it really our place to be involved? And do the benefits outweigh the risks? I know those might seem shallow when people are being slaughtered, but that is, unfortunately, life and politics on the world stage.

I'm of the opinion that the answer is no to both. We don't have the resources for any extended action in Libya. We're already locked in, in two countries in the region in Afghanistan and Iraq. And, as history--including recent history--has shown us, bad things normally happen when we get involved in the Middle East. Sooner or later.

If the world wants to step up, say the UN or the Arab League, then yeah we should support them in whatever ways we can. But we shouldn't be leading anything.

That's just my opinion though.

---------- Post added March-15th-2011 at 07:21 AM ----------

And I don't know if it's been posted in here or not, but of all the foreign fighters we picked up in Iraq, the country with most was Libya. And they mainly came from Eastern Libya. The people that are now fighting Gadaffi. And some of the people who are asking the West for help. So yeah, like I said, complicated.

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11:55am Rebels say they are fortifying the town of Ajdabiya, against a possible assault by advancing forces loyal to Gaddafi, according to the Associated Press reports.

Rebel spokesman Ahmed al-Zwei said on Tuesday that "intermittent" fighting between the two sides was taking place on an 80-kilometre stretch of road between Ajdabiya and the oil port of Brega.

12:26pm Al Jazeera's Tony Birtley reports from Benghazi that "There is no immediate threat to Benghazi, and the rebels have a new commander, an experienced commander who has defected from Gaddafi forces.

"This is good news for the rebel forces as he is reported to have some 8,000 men with him and heavy weapons too.

"Militarily, it is difficult for Gaddafi to come all the way to Benghazi, there will be street fighting, and Gaddafi will lose men and their morale may go down."

12:39pm Gaddafi forces and rebels are fighting for control of the oil town of Brega as the battle for eastern Libya edged closer to Benghazi.

"In Brega it is still advance and retreat, we are not in control and they are not either," rebel fighter Hussein al-Wami told the Reuters news agency.

His report was seconded by fighter Addel Ibriki, who returned to Ajdabiya from Brega on Tuesday morning. "It is still to and fro," Ibriki said.

3:12pm Al Jazeera has learned that Gadaffi forces have reached the western gate of Ajdabiya.

---------- Post added March-15th-2011 at 10:17 AM ----------

And I don't know if it's been posted in here or not, but of all the foreign fighters we picked up in Iraq, the country with most was Libya. And they mainly came from Eastern Libya. The people that are now fighting Gadaffi. And some of the people who are asking the West for help. So yeah, like I said, complicated.

So you're saying that under Gaddafi, Libya is not only a hotbed for terrorism but the hotbed for terrorism.

Sounds like a good reason to let him keep power.

We need to make up for the potential terrorists lost by Mubarak's fall from power.

(yeah, sorry if this mess is making me a little bitter)

---------- Post added March-15th-2011 at 10:35 AM ----------


Reports that the Free Libyan airforce may be in action and hit more then 1 Gaddafi warship#Libya #Feb17 AJ #gaddaficrimes 28 minutes ago via web
The Free Libyan Airforce, have destroyed 2 Gaddafi warships, hit a 3rd. just off Ajdabiya. #Libya #Feb17 #gaddaficrimes 22 minutes ago via web
@libyahmed @ChangeInLibya I guess NFZ was option one. it is pretty clear that the libyan people are alone, so they will fight alone 20 minutes ago via web in reply to libyahmed
Looks like the NFZ took so long, our free libyan airforce decided to teach Gaddafi a lesson, multiple warships destroyed #libya #feb17 15 minutes ago via web Retweeted by ShababLibya and 41 others

I didn't know they had an airforce.

I knew they had a few planes left somewhere though.

What have they been doing?

This is probably part of the lack of coordination they've suffered from.

But I have a feeling they don't have much ammo or fuel to last for very long anyway.

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4:45pm The eastern Libyan oil town of Brega has been retaken Gaddafi's forces who have advanced steadily along the coast deep into rebel-held territory, a rebel told the Reuters news agency.

"We have lost Brega completely. We could not face Gaddafi's forces," said a rebel, who identified himself only as Nasser, in the town of Ajdabiyah further east which was also under attack.

One witness, Ahmed Mohammed, who was filling up his car with fuel on his way out of Ajdabiyah, said: "Gaddafi forces entered into the centre of Ajdabiyah that is when we were shot at."

The rear window of his car was shattered. "They shot through the window, the shot through the window," said one of two women in the back of the car, where there were also five children. The car had shattered glass scattered inside.

6:58pm Riad Kahwaji, a military analyst in Dubai, tells Al Jazeera the rebels need to resort to "guerrilla warfare tactics" in order to repel Gaddafi's forces.
8:56pm There are conflicting reports on whether or not Ajdabiya has been captured by Gaddafi's forces.

Rebel fighters have told Al Jazeera that Ajdabiya is still under their control.

10:38pm "There is a gun battle going on in Benghazi. Rebels are flushing out pro-Gadaffi supporters," Tony Birtley, Al Jazeera's correspondent, reporting from Benghazi said.


Aljazeera: Revolutionaries in Tobruk intercepted/took control of Gaddafi fuel tanker coming from Greece which was headed to west of #Libya. 40 minutes ago via web Retweeted by LibyaInMe and 5 others
CONFIRMED: Ijdabiya celebrating the defecting of 300 of Saadi Gaddafi brigade after they were surrounded by revolutionaries #libya #feb17 26 minutes ago via web

(if this is true then it seems that brigade has taken a lot of damage out in the east the last couple of weeks)


AJ has confirmed 7 tanks in good condition captured in the city of Ajdabiya #Libya #Feb17 #gaddaficrimes 31 minutes ago via web
Jet fighter pilot who crashed into Bab Azizia, Gaddafi's secure compound in Tripoli is confirmed, huge fire erupting #Libya #Feb17 about 2 hours ago via web
The ship Revolutionaries captured is owned by Hanibal Gaddafi, on its way to Zawia from Greece containing fuel supplies #Libya #Feb17 2 minutes ago via web

It seems that Gaddafi has likely suffered a bunch of defeats today and I'm seeing a lot of rumors that there is fighting going on in Sirt right now. I'm reluctant to believe rumors from Sirt though.

Still, this has been an interesting day. I'm a little disturbed that Greece is still sending supplies to Gaddafi though.

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Debka reporting Syria sending arms and supplies to Gaddafi fwiw


Yeah, I've seen reports of Syria sending them things including pilots for a while now.

Seems to be at least partially true.

More defections:


2 fighter jets have landed in Benghazi to join the Feb 17 revolution, will we see a wave of defections from the air force? #Libya #Feb17 21 minutes ago via web
25 troops and officers from Khamis brigade have joined the Feb17 Revolution in misrata. Tonight is seeing a fair few defections #Libya 12 minutes ago via web

That's the second reported batch of defections from the Khamis brigade outside Misrata in recent days.


Unconfirmed reports that two of #Gadaffi's sons are in the burns Unit in #Tripoli, Sec forces are not allowing any1 in within a 4 m. radius 7 minutes ago via web
So, it is confirmed there are 2 of #Gaddafi's sons in the burn units in #Tripoli but which sons is the question. 4 minutes ago via web
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10:54am The Reuters news agency is reporting that the residents of western Libyan city of Misrata say that Gaddafi forces have launched heavy bombardment on the city.
11:32am The Associated Press is reporting that the government forces have been hammering Ajdabiya with nonstop shelling in a bid to rout rebels holding out in the strategic eastern city.

The city's fall would open the way for Gaddafi's forces to advance farther into the long stretch of eastern Libya that has been in the control of the opposition throughout the month long uprising.

Residents say pro-Gaddafi troops also cut off communications on Wednesday and began shelling Misurata, the last rebel-held city in the western half of the country.

Saadoun al-Misrati, a rebel spokesman from Misurata says shelling started at 7:00am.

12:39pm Al Jazeera's Tony Birtley reports from Benghazi, "There is concern about stronghold in Benghazi, but there is strong resolve to resist Gaddafi forces.

"There is hope for the rebels as territory alone is not the most important thing, it is they position they hold.

"Gaddafi is stretching his forces as he goes further, so there will be problems with supplies.

"Everyone knows that this was not going to be a walk - at the moment we do not know exactly what is going on - we are prisoners to rumour and conjecture."

1:22pm The Reuters news agency is reporting that at least five people have been killed in Misurata following the bombardment of the city by Gaddafi forces.

3:47pm Al Jazeera's Tony Birtley reports from Benghazi:

I think [Gaddafi's statements about marching on Benghazi shortly are] probably talk, we don't get a feeling here that there is any looming threat to Benghazi. We're not hearing the sound of his aircraft in action, we're not hearing any artillery, we're not hearing any defences going up. So we've heard a lot of bravado and a lot of talk about 'liberation', but that's probably for public consumption and depending on which side of the fence you're on ... people here are still concerned about a fight that's going about 160km down the road in Ajdabiyah. It's not always clear exactly what's going on but we do understand that the rebels ... are still in control, but there's still heavy fighting going on around it

"Benghazi poses a completely different kind of target for Gaddafi and his forces and some are questioning whether or not he has the reinforcements and he has the supply chain necessary at this stage to make any kind of credible threat against the city.

"This is a city of 800,000 people. A lot of them are armed now, unlike February the 17th when the rebellion began, most of these people have looted weapons from army barracks and depots, and they are well-armed. And they know there's not many places left for them to go anymore. So unless they run to Egypt, this is going to be their last stand."

Asked what the mood is like in Benghazi, Birtley said:

I think there is ... underneath the surface ... a slight note of apprehension, there's a kind of fear because a couple of weeks ago the rebellion seemed to be in full flow, and now its lost its momentum and they're coming backwards rather than going forwards. And people are mindful of what this man Gaddafi can do, they've lived 42 years and they've suffered at his hands. Especially in Benghazi.

"But also, there's a steely determination here that this is their home, this is their life, this is their future. So these people will not be easy to shift. We have seen scenes of if you like the 'cowboy fighters', these are the basic fighters who have been streaming away from the front lines at the first sign of bombardment and heavy fighting, but there's still a steely core of people who are prepared to fight and are still in those front lines."

People keep depicting Benghazi as the last stop, but past Benghazi are Tobruk and Al Bayida and other cities, and they are also strongly anti-Gaddafi. If he crushes Benghazi though it would admittedly be a serious if not fatal blow to the revolution and would devastate their moral and their political ability.

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4:42pm A witness has told AFP that pro-Gaddafi forces have attacked the rebel-held town of Zintan, 120km southwest of Tripoli.

Things are starting at Zintan. There iss some tank fire a few kilometres south of the town and the sound of Grad-type rockets being launched in salvos, as well as an exchange of small-arms fire. Local people say some 40 army vehicles are on the south side of town with tanks and rocket-launchers, while in the north a column of some 15 tanks approached during the night."

The witness added that the rebels were "badly organised and badly armed, just villagers on guard". Trucks equipped with anti-aircraft guns and other weapons have been dispatched towards the sound of the artillery.


Spokesman of Council of #Misurata: the attack was from three directions: Zliten, Temina, and Airport Road. 11 ppl. killed+20 wounded #libya 3 minutes ago via web
CONFIRMED:Alarabiya-Gaddafi's forces incurred significant losses in Misurata. 16 tanks destroyed+25 men detained.http://bit.ly/fHx3Jc #libya 4 minutes ago via web


5:27pm Rebels in Ajdabiyah continue to fight pro-Gaddafi forces, a doctor there has told AFP, with at least 26 people dead since Tuesday.

"We received four bodies today, all rebel fighters," Abdelkarim Mohammed told AFP by telephone from the town's hospital, adding that 22 people had been brought in a day earlier.

---------- Post added March-16th-2011 at 12:23 PM ----------


On outskirts pf Ajdabiya, massive Army presence: 1000's soldiers, dozns trucks w/all kinds ammo, tanks, heavy armour -- waiting to roll in 20 minutes ago via web
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5:55pm More on that Libyan state television claim that the Warfalla and Tarhuna tribes now back Gaddafi. Abdul Basit, a rebel spokesman in Misurata, has denied the report.

This is false news. They are lying. They want to create divisions among tribes. Gaddafi lies about everything."

I don't think it's true either.

Tarhuna people have been slaughtered for siding with the opposition in recent weeks and there is much bitterness against him and his soldiers over it. Also the government has singled out Warfalla and attacked them multiple times even before they rose up to join the revolution. Warfalla also has a huge enmity with him from years past. They were part of an assassination plot against him and he cracked down very hard on everyone even slightly involved and their family members for years afterward.

---------- Post added March-16th-2011 at 12:51 PM ----------


CONFIRMED: military reinforcements by revolutionaries arrived from Benghazi, in Eastern #Libya Ajdabiya. http://bit.ly/h05ZfF #feb17 14 minutes ago via web
CONFIRMED: Misurata- Rebels succeeded in repelling the attack of battalions which used tanks and guns. http://bit.ly/h05ZfF #libya #feb17 12 minutes ago via web
A source told Aljazeera earlier that hospitals in areas around Misrata are full of pro-Gaddafi soldiers. Many dead. #libya #feb17 3 minutes ago via web Retweeted by LibyaInMe and 3 others
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