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Qadafi may have fled to Venezuela (unconfirmed but credible British sources)


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7:11pm Libyan soldiers near the Tunisian border have reportedly fired heavy weapons on rebels who were attempting to flee by boat with their families, the AFP news agency reports, citing witnesses and coastguard officials.

"We heard heavy weapons fire around four or five kilometres from the border," said Rodolphe Avenel, a member of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

Avenel said the Tunisian coastguard had told him this mroning that the shooting was targetted at "one or more Libyan opposition families trying to flee by sea aboard boats".

Tunisian soldiers told AFP the gunfire off Zouara on Tuesday lasted about half an hour in the late afternoon.

I wish Tunisian troops and maybe UN people would secure the border area for anyone trying to escape.

Then again I've been wanting them to do that for weeks.

7:14pm In Ajdabiyah, fighting rages on, with a rebel commander saying that pro-Gaddafi forces were employing a "scorched earth policy".

Jamal Mansur, the rebel commander in the town, said his forces had won back control of the road north to Benghazi, still held the route east to Tobruk and the Egyptian border.

There's heavy fighting around Ajdabiya, they're carrying out a scorched earth policy ... There's heavy, sustained tank shelling and earlier there were air strikes, but now the revolutionaries managed to take seven tanks from those dogs and, God willing, we will succeed."

Khaled al-Sayeh, says the rebels still hold the town and the road to Benghazi.

Abdelkarim Mohammed, a doctor, told AFP that clashes broke out inside Ajdabiya at about 5pm local time, and that residents are now hiding in their homes.

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8:23pm More on the fighting in Ajdabiyah, where Reuters reports that "weary" government soldiers returning from the front lines told journalists that they were meeting "renewed resistance" from the rebels.

The rebels, meanwhile, appear confident of turning the tide, warning of "surprises".

"The fighting is fierce. His supply lines are stretched so he can't push on from Ajdabiyah. We've got some surprises in store. We're going to fight on and we're going to win," said Mustafa Gheiriani, a rebel spokesman in Benghazi.

Reinforcements from Benghazi are said to be heading to Ajdabiyah to help rebels there.

Witnesses describe a violent government crackdown from the city.

Idris Omar says he saw government soldiers kill his neighbour when they entered the town on Tuesday.

"They stopped his car and saw the flag sticker. They asked, 'what's this?' He replied, 'the flag of Libyan independence'. Then they shot him dead," Omar told Reuters.

A Reuters correspondent reported seeing 50 government trucks loaded with food, weapons and petrol parked along a coast road near the city, along with a number of tanks and empty tank carriers returning from the front.

Rocket launchers, armoured personnel carriers and about 20 ambulances were also seen along the highway.

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#Confirmed NO Gaddafi forces on road within 80 miles of #Benghazi, probably more, no confirmation yet #TNC have 2 tanks 1 APC on road #libya 13 minutes ago via web
The #benghazi airport was NOT bombed. 2 pilots released their ordnance before reaching airport then landed in #benina and surrendered #libya 13 minutes ago via web
#confirmed fortifications are coming up around #Benghazi according to one @alivein #libya supporter artillery, etc 8 minutes ago via web
#TNC not allowing international media access to #ajdabiya front nor #benghazi training exercises, poor access pushing media to leave #libya 7 minutes ago via web

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Al Jazeera: Sources: Libyan govt battleships nearing Misurata ready to shell the town & deploy troops. less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Retweeted by LibyaNewMedia and 3 others
10:23pm Updates from Misurata now, where pro-democracy fighters say they are holding their ground against an assault by pro-Gaddafi troops.

"The fighters have defeated Gaddafi's forces from the southern and western side (of the city)," a resident, who gave his name as Mohammed, told Reuters by telephone.

"The shelling on the city stopped and the rebels have captured some tanks. The battle is continuing on the eastern side, but it is not a heavy one."

Residents say that pro-Gaddafi forces had begun pounding the city at about 7:00am local time with tanks, artillery and rockets.

"They are trying to enter the city. I do not think they will be able to do it, at least not today," a pro-democracy fighter said.

State television meanwhile appealed to the people of Misurata to support pro-Gaddafi security forces.

The armed forces are from you and for you. Avoid strife ... This is a call for stability and security for everybody. Do not listen to provocation and avoid discord."
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6:12am Gaddafi said his forces would fight a "decisive battle" on Thursday, as diplomats backing a no-fly zone to rein him in pressed for a vote at the UN Security Council.

Gaddafi apparently told a Lebanese tv channel that he would take Misrata today.

On state tv he has said today that he has taken it already.

9:15am Medical sources in Misurata told Al Jazeera that at least 80 members of Gaddafi's forces were killed during yesterday's fighting.
12:00pm Gaddafi fighter jets have bombarded Benina airport, 10km south of Benghazi city, Al Jazeera's correspondent reports.
1:21pm At least 30 people are dead in hospital in the eastern Libyan town of Ajdabiyah, according to reports.
1:35pm Fighting between Libyan rebels and Gaddafi's troops near the eastern town of Ajdabiyah killed at least 30 women, children and elderly men, according to reports.

Libyan rebels have been trying to halt Gaddafi's troops' push towards the insurgent capital of Benghazi.

1:40pm Libyan state television said on Thursday that forces loyal to Gaddafi had recaptured the western city of Misurata, but residents and rebels in the city denied the report.

State television said the armed forces had retaken control of Misurata and it was now being "sterilised from those criminal armed gangs".

But three residents told the Reuters news agency the rebels still controlled the city.

"This [state TV] is not true. They are lying. Misurata is quiet and there is no sound of any bombing," resident Mohamed said.

2:41pm Residents of the western town of Misurata say they are preparing for a new attack by pro-Gaddafi forces.

Saadoun, a Misurata resident, told the Reuters news agency:

There were two more rounds of shelling last night. But things are quiet so far. We are hearing that tanks are moving ... We believe they will attack the city again. We are not sure if they will do it right now or if they will wait for more reinforcement from Tripoli, especially after their defeat yesterday."
3:19pm Al Jazeera's James Bays in Tobruk reports that fresh air strikes have taken place in Benghazi in the last few minutes, with the airport being targetted in one of the attacks. Al Jazeera's Tony Birtley in Benghazi says that there have been casualties, though the exact numbers are unclear at this early stage.
Asked about the situation in Tobruk, he said:

It is a long way away, but I think they are still concerned, and they're concerned because Gaddafi's forces in the last few days have been pounding Ajdabiyah. Now that is the gateway to Benghazi, but it's also the gateway to Tobruk, because there's another road that goes through the desert that goes ... to here. And there is some suggestion that possibly one of the things that Gaddafi might consider is to try and seal off the whole of this peninsula by taking that road. Not actually going into Benghazi, but sealing off Benghazi and the other cities along the coast and possibly even closing the border.

"I spoke a short time ago to a Major-General who has come back from the front line, and he says that ... they are prepared in Benghazi, but they're also prepared here, because they know that that is one possible option of Gaddafi to send forces this way and then to try and encircle all of the rebel troops.

"There's a very defiant mood here, and a lot of support for those opposed to Gaddafi. But you go out on the streets, you go to the edge of town ... and really no evidence of any defences at all that I could see, right at the edge of the town in the last few hours, we went out there to the airport, which is on the very edge of the town, that's the way Gaddafi's forces would come if they came all the way to Tobruk. And there were just a few fighters, one of them couldn't have been more than about 12 years old ... so not strong defences.

"And I can tell you that when you speak to the people here, they say they're winning, they say they're beating back Gaddafi. Then you ask them the question should the international community do more, and they say 'Yes, we're all going to die if they don't help'. So very contradictory answers to those questions.

3:33pm Al Jazeera's James Bays reports with the latest from the eastern rebel-held town of Tobruk:

There have been fresh air strikes we understand in the last few minutes in Benghazi. One of those airstrikes, another one, taking place on the main airport there. And we're hearing this time from our team that were there ... that there have been casualties this time.

"The opposition are claiming that they've made some successes as well, they're claiming that they've shot down a MiG aircraft. I have to say that our correspondent Tony Birtley has been to the scene where this MiG aircraft is supposed to have been shot down, and he can find no sign of it at all."

3:42pm Essam Gheriani, a spokesman for pro-democracy fighters in Benghazi, says Gaddafi's troops are "no where near Benghazi". He says that pro-Gaddafi troops have approached the oil town of Zueitina, but that they "have been surrounded by the revolutionary forces and are being dealt with".
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3:49pm A government spokesman says that Libyan military operations in Misurata will be completed by tomorrow.

Mussa Ibrahim, the spokesman, said:

It's almost entirely under control. This is the final stage. It should be over by tomorrow morning."

Pretty interesting when they reportedly haven't even made it inside the city this time.

Although they did get inside before days ago and were surrounded and defeated.

3:48pm Muammar Gaddafi says that his forces are set to regain control over the opposition-held towns of Misurata and Benghazi, Al Arabiya television reports.

Gaddafi said that the battle for Misurata will be decided today, while Benghazi would fall without fighting, the satellite television channel says.

I thought he already took Misrata, lol.

3:51pm More on the airstrikes in Benghazi, from an opposition spokesman.

We have no evidence that any of the strikes caused any damage. It seems to us like a warning, a challenge to the international community."

He said one of the raids struck near Benina airport, but that airport officials told him no damage had been incurred. Another strike hti Buatani, to the city's east, and a third in the northwest. The fourth target was near the town of Qaminis, about 50km south of the city.

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Am I wrong in thinking that it seems like a battle front is beginning to be drawn and they may be settling in for a more prolonged war at this point?

Possibly, but I don't know how long they can hold out in Ajdabiya and Misrata. (which I suppose isn't really a battle front, so much as a besieged city). I also don't know how capable of pushing Gaddafi's forces back into the West and retaking cities, the opposition is now if they are able to somehow defeat and crush the offensive in the East.

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BREAKING: Gaddafi jets bombarding Benina Airbase for the 3rd time today aiming to destroy its runways - #feb17 #libya - http://t.co/K1cxrtl half a minute ago via Tweet Button
BREAKING: Gaddafi jets bombarding defected 36th battalion barracks near Benghazi - #feb17 #libya - http://t.co/K1cxrtl less than 5 seconds ago via Tweet Button

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4:17pm AFP, quoting the state news agency Jana, says that the Libyan army will halt military operations from Sunday in order to give opposition fighters a chance to lay down their arms and benefit from an amnesty.

More on this report as and when it comes through.

I'm assuming Gaddafi plans to take places before Sunday anyway.

Although maybe not Benghazi.

4:22pm Al Jazeera's James Bays in Tobruk has the latest:

No-one really knows which way Gaddafi's forces will go next. Ajdabiyah still has fighting taking place around it. We know that there's fighting in terms of air strikes now on Benghazi ... that suggests that Gaddafi's forces are going to make their way along the coast. But they have another option, there is a road that goes straight from Ajdabiyah right here to Tobruk. It is, if you drive it, about 4 hours of desert road, no towns along it at all, so no really early warning for the opposition if Gaddafi's forces take that road.

"It's a road or a route ... that's certainly been used in history. In the second World War, that's where Rommel's Panzer tanks came along. So I think it is a possibility that he may try to cut off all of the rebel-held towns along the coast line. The main reason for doing that ... here in Tobruk, we're very close to the Egyptian border, and I think Gaddafi would like nothing better than to close that border, because that closes the supply line to the opposition forces.

Asked how Gaddafi has managed to make gains so far, Bays said:

Well, what's he's done with most of these towns and places that he's gone through, is that he's basically frightened the people into submission. He's gone to a place like Ajdabiyah and he's used bombardment at the edge of the town, and then frightened the people into submission in places like Brega and then moved on to the next place.

"Will he do that in Benghazi? Already the air strikes have started around Benghazi, and I can tell you that both here and in Benghazi, the opposition politicians are very upbeat, the opposition military commanders, they say that the big cities are different and they'll fight him off."

Not sure about him going for Tobruk.

Reports seem to indicate that the opposition has held that road so far.

I could see him trying it though, or a sea attack.

But I'm not sure how smart that would be.

There are other cities out there that might come to Tobruk's aid and I don't know if Egyptians would sit and watch Gaddafi's forces mass near their border.

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5:00pm Opposition fighters in the western city of Zintan (120km southwest of Tripoli) say they are bracing for an attack by forces loyal to Gaddafi.

A witness told AFP:

According to the fighters, forces loyal to Kadhafi are trying to encircle Zintan. There are troop movements around the north and southwest. They expect a big attack on the city. I heard no gunfire this morning. They say they blocked the main column [of tanks] during the night.

"Yesterday there was major fighting about 20 kilometres southwest of Zintan. It lasted a good part of the night. According to fighters, there were very heavy weapons."

5:29pm Opposition fighters in Benghazi say they have shot down two warplanes piloted by officers loyal to Gaddafi. Essam Gheirani, a spokesperson, said that one was shot down near Benina airport, and the other in the Buatani area, on the outskirts of the city.

Earlier in the day, Al Jazeera's Tony Birtley reported that he went to the area where opposition fighters said they had shot down one of the planes, and could find no trace of it.

Donatella Rovera, an Amnesty International research in Tobruk, says that is been impossible to contact residents of Ajdabiyah, the site of fierce clashes, on Thursday.

I've talked to people who have recently left Ajdabiyah and who say that the situation there is extremely tense. They are scared, there were hits around the town."


Exclusive @alivein Video - 10km from Ajdabiya Rebels Mass Armor #libya http://t.co/MdMxEiw no international press are this close #libya about 1 hour ago via Tweet Button
New video of tanks. #libya http://t.co/OVLwA8m via @alivein 20 minutes ago via Tweet Button



NEW VIDEO: One of the planes that has been downed today
#libya #feb17 13 minutes ago via web


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Fears that a massacre could've occurred at Tripoli's police academy, which mostly includes teenagers from Eastern parts of #Libya #feb17 13 minutes ago via web
Tripoli police academy: Gaddafi soldiers stormed in and screams + continuous gunfire was heard for over 2 hrs. No of recruits: 2000 #libya 11 minutes ago via web


#Malta police say #Mubariz_Ibrahimov can leave #Malta only if fuel cargo is emptied 2 minutes ago via TweetDeck
#Libya dissidents in #Malta claim #Mubariz_Ibrahimov must not leave as it is not to be trusted and will still go to #Libya less than a minute ago via TweetDeck
#Malta government told that #Mubariz_Ibrahimov will sail to Black Sea but #Libya dissidents insist it is hired by #Gaddafi 18 minutes ago via TweetDeck
#Libya dissidents in #Malta say that if #Mubariz_Ibrahimov sails to #Libya it will be shot at by #Benghazi rebels 17 minutes ago via TweetDeck
#Malta police #Maritime Authority investigating #Mubariz_Ibrahimov cargo, route 15 minutes ago via TweetDeck
8:03pm AFP reports that Muammar Gaddafi is to address the people of Benghazi, according to state television.
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9:07pm Quite clear from that speech that Gaddafi says he intends to launch an operation on Benghazi tonight, and he would like the city taken by tomorrow. It is not immediately clear if this rhetoric, or if residents of the city are preparing for a possible assault.

9:10pm Al Jazeera's Tony Birtley in Benghazi says that he travelled as far as 50km outside of Benghazi a few hours ago, and saw no evidence of any pro-Gaddafi forces approaching the city.

Al Jazeera's Anita McNaught in Tripoli reports that just a little while before his radio address to Benghazi, Gaddafi had spoken to Lebanese television saying that he would not be launching any military operation on Benghazi in the immediate term.

She also reports that "it's impossible to know how many people really love him ... and how many people don't want him at all" because security forces control the capital.

9:26pm Here's a screen grab from our live feed from Benghazi, where residents were both angry, but also in a celebratory mood, during and after Gaddafi's speech.


9:35pm The Associated Press reports that the closest known position of pro-Gaddafi ground forces to Benghazi is about 130km to the south.

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Muammar Gaddafi told Libyan rebels on Thursday his armed forces were coming to their capital Benghazi tonight and would not show any mercy to fighters who resisted them.

In a radio address, he told Benghazi residents that soldiers would search every house in the city and people who had no arms had no reason to fear.

"It's over ... We are coming tonight," he said. "You will come out from inside. Prepare yourselves from tonight. We will find you in your closets."


CONFIRMED: Aljazeera-Fierce attacks on Zintan right now #libya #feb17 7 minutes ago via web


Heavy bombardment of Zintan now. It's a western city btw. #Libya 4 minutes ago via TweetDeck
Zintan civilian areas are being bombed by grads now. #Libya 4 minutes ago via TweetDeck
Free men of Zintan have been attacking Gaddafi's troops for days now. #Libya 4 minutes ago via TweetDeck
Zintan is a mountain city in the Nafusa (Western) mountains. #Libya 3 minutes ago via TweetDeck
There is a large ammo depot to the south of Zintan, don't know who controls it though. #Libya 3 minutes ago via TweetDeck
Eyewitness from Zintan says grad missiles have widely missed armed revolutionaries. Maybe delibrate? #Libya 2 minutes ago via TweetDeck

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Gaddafi troops will try to reach Benghazi in any way possible after this. Let's see what happens once they get there. #Libya 3 minutes ago via TweetDeck
Attacks on Misurata are intensifying right now, he's using civilians as human shield to allow his tanks to proceed... #Libya 2 minutes ago via TweetDeck

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http://on.fb.me/flOIrD Warfala and tarhuna tribes protesting in Benghazi earlier today against Gaddafi #Libya #Feb17 #gaddaficrimes half a minute ago via web

These are the tribes he said yesterday had sided with him in Benghazi.

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Celebrations in streets of #Misurata after UNs Vote http://t.co/HtBhPee via @youtube #Libya less than a minute ago via Tweet Button


Gaddafi soldiers were shooting at people in one location but the checkpoint between me and central Tripoli is completely deserted #libya 2 minutes ago via web


TRIPOLI ON FIRE!!!! Protests EVERYWHERE..Let's all pray for them. Go Tripoli GO! #feb17 #libya 9 minutes ago via web


B.R.Q News: Big Protests take out in streets of Souwq Eljimaa in #Tripoli and Live shooting at the protesters 5 minutes ago via web

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Protests are taking place right now in Tripoli -The areas of: Fashloom, Sowq AlJumaa and Thahra - live shooting from #Gaddafi forces 4 minutes ago via web
5 Security forces cars now burning in the Tajoora district of Tripoli #Libya #Feb17 #gaddaficrimes 2 minutes ago via web

Wow! It sounds like Tripoli is going wild against Gaddafi right now.

---------- Post added March-17th-2011 at 09:23 PM ----------

Reports are coming out now that the Zawiya has risen again.


BREAKING: Az Zawiya breaks out once more with demonstrations. Such resilience!- #feb17 #libya - http://t.co/0mY73h5 2 minutes ago via Tweet Button


Zawia, full scale demonstrations as the independence flag is raised once more #Libya #Feb17 #gaddaficrimes, 3:30AM in Libya... 2 minutes ago via web
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My cousin is actually driving around a certain part of Tripoli with the revolution flag on his car, pray for him guys #libya #feb17 17 minutes ago via web

Not sure about Sirt news, I've heard stuff before about it that didn't bear much fruit.

Here is some more reports though.

I can't possibly sleep now so I might as well give you some more news on the Sirte situation... & Tripoli reports as I get em #libya #feb17 29 minutes ago via web
So apparently the clashes that were taking place in Sirte, started 2 days ago mainly near Gardabiya airbase which we bombed #libya #feb17 28 minutes ago via web
The tribes around Sirte had enough of Gaddafi and wanted to liberate the city, so they took as many arms as they could and attacked #libya 28 minutes ago via web
We couldn't get many news from Sirte thanks to the extreme lack of coverage in Gaddafi controlled areas, but we still got some #libya #feb17 27 minutes ago via web
This liberation movement started to quiet down a little but today's NFZ ruling led to more tribes joining in to liberate Sirte #libya #feb17 26 minutes ago via web
So currently Sirte, according to my source, is upside down with sporadic gunfire and explosions every few minutes #libya #feb17 26 minutes ago via web

---------- Post added March-17th-2011 at 10:56 PM ----------


In Benashour people are distributing sweets all over and closing streets with tires lit on fire. #tripoli #libya 15 minutes ago via web
Ppl slaughtering camels in mizran like they do at weddings to celebrate the no fly zone. #tripoli #Libya 8 minutes ago via web
#Feb17 fb: protesters in fashloom, dahra, hadba, and soug el jouma are met with live ammunition by #gaddafi forces #Libya 9 minutes ago via web

all three of these tweets refer to parts of Tripoli, in case people are wondering.

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Things are getting really bad in western Libya right now.

Gaddafi is trying to crush Misrata and Zintan before any action is done against him.


12:25am Reports of four people dead and some 70 injured in Friday mornings attacks on Libyan city of Misurata. (Al-Arabiya)


BREAKING! Water shortage in Misrata as Gaddafi cut off d water for 7days now. Electricity, phonelines & internet had been cut off for 30days 24 minutes ago via web
BREAKING!!! Gaddafi's forces are attacking everything in Misrata. Random killing and heavy bombarding using tanks & artillery. #savelibya 35 minutes ago via web
@amtfoto @AJArabic Alarabyia had more news specially about Misrata, Zintan & Nalut, sound really bad, he is started his ethnic cleansing 21 minutes ago via web
BREAKING Misrata! Gaddafi forces r attackin everything, children, women & old ppl are terrified. Dead bodies on d street we cant collect thm 17 minutes ago via web
BREAKING!!! Misrata is experiencing a massacres targeting anyone kids, women & old ppl. Attacking ppl in their homes. #savemisrata 12 minutes ago via web

---------- Post added March-18th-2011 at 07:04 AM ----------


12:53pm Resident of Misurata tells us that the city is still under heavy attacks from Gaddafi brigades, attacking from both the east and the west of the city. The forces have made some success advancing from the eastern side of the city, and the fire is indiscriminate ... hitting homes, mosques, and medical centres. Medical teams are unable to reach fighting areas and rescue those in need of medical help.

---------- Post added March-18th-2011 at 07:32 AM ----------



1:29pm Pro-democracy fighters have attacked government positions near the western town of Nalut and the border with Tunisia on Friday morning, a fighter said.

"From four in the morning (0200 GMT) we attacked two centres where Gaddafi's forces are positioned near the town of Nalut and close to the Tunisian border," a pro-democracy fighter in Nalut told Reuters by phone.

Four government soldiers and one rebel figher were killed in the fighting, he said, adding the rebels had captured 18 soldiers.

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3:06pm Reuters reports that an opposition fighter in Misurata claims that forces there have repelled an attack by government forces.

I wonder if this is partially due to the ceasefire, or if the ceasefire is partially due to this.

Of course they might not be related at all...and the ceasefire might not be more than words.

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Well...there went that idea....


Shelling of Misurata by Libyan government forces continues, despite ceasefire, reports Reuters. http://aje.me/gEqoII 3 minutes ago via web

---------- Post added March-18th-2011 at 10:30 AM ----------



Al Jazeera: Sources: Gaddafi Battalions shell the Zintan & Rajban tribes in the Green Mountain. 22 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone
@acarvin @ceoDanya AJE is reporting that immediately after FM Mousa's speach, new sniping and shelling started in Miserata 13 minutes ago via web in reply to acarvin


BREAKING: Clashes at Southern entrance of Ajdabiya - #feb17 #libya - http://t.co/0mY73h5 11 minutes ago via Tweet Button
No cease fire in Misrata, Reuters report 25 killed - #feb17 #libya - http://t.co/0mY73h5 44 minutes ago via Tweet Button
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4:50pm Abdul Basit Abu Muzairik, a resident of Misurata, tells Al Jazeera that government forces continue to shell the city, despite the announcement of the ceasefire.

Yes, there is shelling by the artillery and the tanks. Although they have been chased to the outskirts of the city, they continue to shell towards the centre of the city. It is still under the control of the revolutionaries and the whole city more or less is under their control."

Responding to a question about the ceasefire, he said:

What sort of ceasefire is he talking about? The ceasefire has not taken place. He is still continuing up till now to shell and kill the people in the city. He is trying to show the world that there are two equal forces fighting each other, while in fact he is shelling unarmed civilians, people living in the city without any protection are being severely harmed. And their homes, streets and commercial places as well as the hospitals have been severely damaged. A large number of people have been killed."

Regarding the no-fly zone imposed by a UN Security Council resolution:

It is very important for us, and I think what's more improtant for us now is to select targets of Gaddafi forces outside other cites and misurata as well ... and these forces are attacking civilian people committing aggression against civilians and they need to be stopped."

And finally, responding to a question about whether or not he believes that pro-democracy fighters can hold on to Misurata:

Yes, I do believe that we can hold on, because the people of the city are persistent and they are resiting the aggression with all their forces ... but he may kill more people ... but he will never break the will of the people in Misurata. There are 600,000 people in this city, and they are very determined, because they have strong faith in their cause beacuse they will not give up and they will not surrender."

---------- Post added March-18th-2011 at 12:11 PM ----------

Caller from Misrata on Al Jazeera English television says that the hotel across from the medical center there was shelled and very largely damaged. Also that there are 18 casualties with one girl 2 and a half years old with her head cut in half. He is next to a doctor in the medical facility.

The doctor says there are more than 80 injured patients, but some people have been sent home because there was no room and their injuries were less serious.

---------- Post added March-18th-2011 at 12:55 PM ----------



Reliable source from Benghazi: Opposition fighters have withdrawn to less than 1 hour distance from Benghazi. Situation very critical! 10 minutes ago via web


CONFIRMED: Aljazeera- Fighting between revolutionaries and Gaddafi's brigdage in the south entrance of Ijdabiya #libya #feb17 less than 20 seconds ago via web

This last tweet is probably a confirmation of something that happened earlier, as there were multiple reports of this earlier but it was not yet confirmed.

Newer reports seem to indicate that the opposition forces may have pulled away from the city towards Benghazi.


Misratah eyewitness: Snipers are using silencers to kill civilians. We can't tell where they are - #feb17 #libya - http://t.co/0mY73h5 2 minutes ago via Tweet Button
Misratah eyewitness: A residential block was bombarded completely destroying the 5th and 6th floors - #feb17 #libya - http://t.co/0mY73h5 less than a minute ago via Tweet Button


#Zintan and #Ajdabiya are still under heavy bombardment 1 minute ago via Twitter for iPad
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#KhaledSanem concerning the continuing attacks on ajdabiya, bombardment from sea and land I continuing there are arrest and kidnapping 5 minutes ago via Twitter for iPad
#gaddafi forces are moving in, attacking people inn some areas, then move out of the city to take another place 4 minutes ago via Twitter for iPad
Gaddafi has not taken ajdabiya in entirety they are moving in and out making arrests and targeted operations #KhaledSanem #libya less than 20 seconds ago via Twitter for iPad


Source saying; "Town of Rojban (next to Zintan) under heavy shelling contact in Tripoli saying he's scared.. Massive arrests for intl calls" 21 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®
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Britan sucks: They swear there are WMD even now.

And the they say he fled. FLED? He has done the opposite of Flee.

Um...that fleeing thing was just one statement that was made weeks ago.

Gaddafi does have WMDs (mustard gas), but it is questionable as to if he can use them.

---------- Post added March-18th-2011 at 02:22 PM ----------


However, despite the deaths in Misurata/Ajdabiya, I have news that Gaddafi lost over 200-250 mercenaries today #libya #feb17 11 minutes ago via web


My uncle in Nalut, #Libya: They have taken control of southern border entry near Wazin. Killed 3 Gaddafi soldiers, rest surrendered #Feb17 9 minutes ago via web


Eye witness accounts from Zwara: #gaddafi forces shut all mosques except one and when people finished they tried to force them (cont)#libya 22 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone
Into buses,many managed to run away. #Gaddafi forces barged into homes with guns and dragged the men out and loaded them onto buses #libya 19 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone
Where did #Gaddafi mercenaries take bus loads of men from #Zwara ? Is he taking human shields ? #Libya 17 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone
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Oh Crap.


BREAKING: AJ reports Gaddafi forces said to have bypassed Ajdabiya and are now 50km from Benghazi #Libya #Feb17 #gaddaficrimes 11 minutes ago via web


#Gaddafi forces have bypassed #Ajdabiya after heavy shelling - approaching #Benghazi as we speak 11 minutes ago via web
#Gaddafi forces expected to reach #Benghazi in 1 hour 7 minutes ago via web
Military spokesman says rebels are amassing to stop the attack | #Benghazi #Libya #Feb17 5 minutes ago via web
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Word on the street Gaddafi forces in the Al Magrun or Geminis Area south of Benghazi #Libya #Feb17 #gaddaficrimes 3 minutes ago via web

There's reports that they are firing grad rockets from there.

Al Magrun is a very small village 50 KM south of Benghazi close to Geminis, AJA reports clashes now #Libya #Feb17 #gaddaficrimes 5 minutes ago via web
Communications in the city of Benghazi are all down once again #Libya #Feb17 #gaddaficrimes half a minute ago via web


#Gaddafi forces approaching #Benghazi from the West and South 4 minutes ago via web
Small towns of Magroun & Saloug (50km from #Benghazi) now under heavy bombardment | #Libya #Fe1b7 less than a minute ago via web


Aljazeera- Youth and men of Benghazi are all preparing to fight as the military closely approaches from 2 directions #libya #feb17 4 minutes ago via TweetDeck
Small towns of Magroun & Saloug (50km from #Benghazi) now under heavy bombardment | #Libya #Fe1b7 less than a minute ago via web


Via source in #Zintan: #Gaddafi troops building up near the city. Source says they haven't scene this many troops here before. #Libya #Feb17 11 minutes ago via web
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So far the international community is just threatening Gaddafi and telling him to withdraw his troops.


#Gaddafi now has a clear path to both #Benghazi and #Tobruk 17 minutes ago via web
#Gaddafi elite troops now entering #Misrata with tanks and armored vehicles | #Libya #Feb17 (waiting for more confirmation) 1 minute ago via web


FLASH: Pro-Gaddafi forces advancing quickly toward Benghazi, fighting rebels about 50 km away: Al Jazeera 8 minutes ago via web

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#Misrata: Mercenary captured aged 16 years old from Nigeria, says he was promised 300000 LYD when country is "liberated". #Libya #Feb17 6 minutes ago via web


Thousands have left #Ajdabiya after fierce fighting - fearing #Gaddafi will take revenge on them (as he did to #Zawya) 6 minutes ago via web

---------- Post added March-18th-2011 at 04:33 PM ----------


10:07pm An AFP correspondent in Benghazi reports hearing a loud blast, followed by anti-aircraft fire.

---------- Post added March-18th-2011 at 04:38 PM ----------


BREAKING: Ajdabiya residents who fled speak of horrors and massacres over the past 24 hours - #feb17 #libya - http://t.co/0mY73h5 8 minutes ago via Tweet Button


AJA report on Ajdabiya, Mercenaries were killing anyone and everyone women children and elders, tanks on residential areas #Libya #Feb17 7 minutes ago via web
Man from Ajdabiya vows get his revenge on G, even if dead will dig him up and burn him, as men women children and elders killed #Libya 5 minutes ago via web
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#2157: Reuters quotes an unnamed US national security official who says Gaddafi's forces are continuing to make "purposeful" movements toward Benghazi.
#2206: Reuters also says doctors in the city of Misrata are reporting that at least 38 people have been killed today in attacks by Gaddafi forces.
#2218: A spokesman for the opposition in Misrata tells BBC's Radio 4's The World Tonight that government troops with heavy artillery "shot their way into the city" this morning, shelling indisciminantly and causing widespread damage. This continued until several hours after the ceasefire was declared, he says. The troops have since been driven back to the outskirts, but are still firing there now, the spokesman adds.
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