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comcast.net news: Palin trademark application refused - for now


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I was bored and tired of reading Snyder threads in the other zoo so what the heck :pfft:. Though I feel slightly uncomfortable potentially aiding mi grande amigo twa's continuing deterioration in the forum, a sad happenstance I blame entirely on Palin for being the source of his ongoing allergic reactions to having so firmly inserted his primary sensory cluster in her rectal research facility long ago. :pfft:


WASHINGTON — Sarah Palin's bid to trademark her name and that of her daughter, Bristol, ran into trouble at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office because the application forms were unsigned, government records show.

Nothing really to see here, but see what you guys can do with it. :ols:

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Only Harvard elitists think it's important to sign their names, but we all know it's really just so they can see their name in print.

What we need are more good ol' down home Americans who think if an X was good enough for our great-grandparents, well, heck, it's good enough for us, too.


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She really does have a messiah complex... :doh:

Boy what's with all the politicians and this terrible complex disorder??

From the article-

Applications to trademark the names Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin, both for "motivational speaking services," were filed on November 5 by the Palins' longtime family attorney, Thomas Van Flein, but were quickly slapped down by a trademark examiner.

Seems like the "attorney" needs some remedial classes in trademark law.

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In 2005, actor Morgan Freeman won the rights to use the domain name www.morganfreeman.com, which was being illegally used by the company Mighty LLC. Freeman applied for a trademark from the US Patent and Trademark Office when he found out that Mighty LLC was using his domain name "in bad faith to divert Internet traffic to a commercial search engine." Ultimately, the arbitrators for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the intellectual property arm of the United Nations, agreed with Freeman and determined that Freeman's illustrious career made his name sufficiently recognizable in the entertainment and movie spheres.

In the always-evolving electronic age, many famous personalities use trademark law to protect the use of their names over the Internet. Trademark law, which prevents confusion between certain goods or services by indicating the source of the trademark, also allows someone to recover a domain name containing their trademark.

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Agree with the complex. But really, has no one here ever forgot or missed signing a form, check, tax form ????

Only when i didn't really want to pay whatever it was or needed a couple of days for money to hit the bank..

I forgot to sign the check? Oh, silly me,... let me send you another one right away..


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