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Serious Question: Is baby powder safe to ingest?


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The reason I ask is that due to constant indoor heating or for whatever reason, I'm sweating more in the winter than I am in the summer, and sometimes this causes odors.

I plan on powdering my feet, pits, and... My manhood.

My girl and I are very... active... and I was wondering if this would be safe for her.

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Sure is a lot quicker to just go to the J&J website for product safety info than ask ES :P


What fun would that be??

When i was in the USMC and worked on the rifle ranges i used Goldbond not baby powder, it gives a cooling feeling. Sorry cant help with your ingestion issues though :ols:

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first off to answer one guys question about drinking piss.... no it isnt dangerous so long as it is from the source or kept sterile. urine is sterile when leaving the body. in fact i saw survivor man save his own urin in a snake skin while he was in the desert and he drank it later. sure he gagged because of what it was but it sure beat the hell out of dying of thirst.

and no i dont believe that talc... which is what baby powder is... is dangerous or we wouldnt put it on our babies. baby powder does have a fragrance added to it though.

as to your sweating. i would guess that you sweat more in your heated house because of 2 things... 1> you heat is too high....2> heated air from your furnace is dryer than your summer air. summer air has natural humidity in it which inhibits the bodies ability to sweat.... when you take low temp air which is naturally lower in humidity and heat it up it becomes very dry which allows you body to sweat more easily. a person doesnt sweat as much in high humidity due to the extra moisture in the air and the fact that your sweat cannot evaporate in those conditions.

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PS... if i may make a few suggestions here.

1> if your junk stinks you should try DIAL brand antibacterial bar soap. the funk is from bacteria... use the YELLOW bar of DIAL ANTIBACTERIAL soap to reduce bacteria.

2> if you are so concerned about her ingesting talc... i suggest using cornstarch. it is an effective anti perspirant <SP>. it is NOT a deodorant ... that is why you need an antibacterial soap.

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