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  1. you are welcome my brethren....HTTR! *Sorry no links to illegal streaming sites* Edited: Destino
  2. Riggo. ... I have to say that sig made me laugh harder than I have in a while.....
  3. Breaking bad is great and my girlfriend got me hooked on the walking dead
  4. lol serves the rc car dude right lol
  5. kid in the white hat handling the snake is my cousin
  6. absolutely NSFW.... severe language but absolutely poignant ... everyone on this board should watch this. language is bad but it is worth the watch
  7. man oh man tell me about it i thought that was the point of the gif at first. watched it thru like ten times before i noticed dude with the blank stare lol. she is gorgeous! and oh yeah gooooooo Tigers!!!
  8. you know after watching that gif i was thinking the same thing.... "damn! can this dude play safety"
  9. how yall feelin about "trickle down economics" now? lol
  10. memphis-police-car-drives-off-loading-dock
  11. sorry to quote the pic but i have to ask ... is it just me or does eddie van halen look a lot like charlie sheen but with long hair??
  12. yeah i think they are a distant cousin to the Grotopotomous from Groton, CT where i was stationed at the submarine base.
  13. yeah the kid at the airport is definitely a lil smart ass. maybe someone should inform him that there isnt much tanning going on in florida at the moment. that was exactly my point.... thank you.
  14. lmao snow driving.... thats some seriously bad driving lol.. i realize they were on a hill but that first guy you could hear him revving the engine.... how dumb do you have to be? im so glad i live down south now and dont have to worry about that anymore. i was still learning to drive when i lived in CT and i never had too many issues with the snow and ice. ---------- Post added December-29th-2010 at 04:25 PM ---------- my bad.... i fixed it
  15. yes they are real and i have already worn one out. they are awesome!!! i didnt own that brand but yes E-cigs are the schizzle! i cant wait to get another one. my lungs felt soooo much better once i was off of REAL cigs and was using the E-cig. every smoker should tryone they are great and clean!
  16. you didnt find humor in the Yogi bear rug?? Right around the1:37 mark we see the story in Yogi's eyes, he was ready for death, grown tired of a life of crime and on the run. The only thing keeping him going was his love for his midget gay partner "Booboo" who had grown to resent him ...after years of living in caves in the woods to hide from law enforcement. It was finally clear this is the only life Yogi could provide Booboo. Yogi (being smarter than the average bear) knew this, and even though it wouldnt make up for everything he finds peace in knowing his death will bring his beloved Booboo some good fortune.
  17. m6w0r-ScEG4&feature=player_embedded#!
  19. this one takes a bit before it comes on but it has great picture
  20. now that is one dumb chik. NEVER talk **** to the people cooking your food BEFORE you get it.