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Battle of the Jumpsuit - Coco vs Kardashian


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wholetime though, after seeing the video, Kim looks like a boring lay.

supposedly, coco is a SUPERFREAK.

Why do you keep saying "wholetime" before your sentences? What is that supposed to mean?

Whatever you're saying, I think I agree with you. I've seen the Kardashian video as well. I wouldn't say she looks a boring lay so much as she sounds like an annoying lay. She wouldn't shut the hell up, and just kept saying either "baby" or "Oh ****" the entire time. I watched most of it on mute when I realized she wasn't going to stop.

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I can see that there are few a** conisuers on this site. Coco booty is absolutely unbelievable. Kim looks good, and she in in the spot light, but do you see that a** coc got. Oh my god! My mouth is watering.

I agree. Kim K has the better overall package and is waaaay better looking. But looking solely at the booty, I gotta go with Coco

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100% with Boobie and a couple others above me. Based on the pics posted, I don't see how you could not go with Co Co. Hot dam!

Because there's real backyard that will look good naked and then there's fake backyard that will be all pock-marked and cottage cheesy when naked.

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