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  1. Ultimately it tells me the Russians knew more about where to target voters than the Clinton campaign did.
  2. Words cannot even describe how much hate I have for this jackass. He and Snyder have further destroyed my beloved team. 25 yrs this fan base has wanted a franchise QB and even after drafting the biggest flop in nfl history in terms of cost and production - they somehow still had a franchise qb on the team, AND F’d it up!!!!!!!!! I’m a fan of 43 years and I may have to walk away for a while. I’ll never root for another team but it’s getting impossible to see any positivity... just cant stand to watch what they have become... it’s just too hard seeing my team be run like
  3. Sorry, obviously you follow the perv scene more closely than I. Have at it and enjoy. I just thought they were just 2 a-holes... you obviously know allot about that too.
  4. Damn Lauer is a total creep... he came down hard in O’Reilly, rightfully so, but he did worse stuff! He must have known this was coming, unless he is a delusional prick. i love these smug a-holes who do this crap and think they can do anything they want to anyone. So glad to see them take a crap on their careers. Can’t wait to see who is next. So many jerkoffs who deserve it!
  5. Can’t imagine missing Vinny but I don’t think even he would have screwed up the KC situation this badly.
  6. Fair enough... and as I am a Howard Stern fan, I love George Takei. Every time he sits in studio it is incredibly entertaining. I should have written, if The allegations are true, that sucks.
  7. I’m not a Louis C.K. fan at all... and that “apology” pretty much showed he is one of the premiere **** heads of all time. What an a$$ hole. Now George Takei is a predator too! That sucks!
  8. 14 years old. That’s so messed up. My daughter is 13. He not only should be arrested, he should have his ass kicked on a regular basis from here on out... of course due process and all... but with all that’s going on now, I really think ass kicking is the way to go. i mean Weinstein, spacey, all the political pervs in DC, the senate and congress... its a big list.
  9. Excellent... thanks dude! its 3lbs, so thanks for advice! I def. don’t have patience for 14 hrs.
  10. I finally had time to get to the smoke I got for Christmas... a charbroil electric. Never smoked before but have done baby back ribs twice now and both times worked very well. Love the Smokey flavor... was pretty easy to do just time consuming. Any suggestions? i want to try several things... including seafood. i have a big pork shoulder in the fridge for the weekend... hard or easy or..?
  11. I am not that smart... some would say not smart at all. It would be nice if everyone just respected and treated one another like human beings but thats way too much to expect. money talks, though... sue the pants off them,... sounds like Weinstein had a head start in that anyway. As for politics, I would say be very careful who you take millions in political donations from.. and be prepared to own up to the mistakes.
  12. So you know me so well... I have two daughters and if some creep did his to them, he would be missing teeth. NO one should have to endure this in any form. Not from a boss, coworker or a politician... anyone, even the current pres. its political because he gave millions to POLITICIANS who kept their mouths shut and their wallets open. And hollywood people who scream about creeps like, O’Reilly, trump ( if he did this too) etc.. but kept quiet while this dude grabbed every woman in sight. THe only people is see in this debacle that don’t care about sexism i
  13. Just goes to show money talks... dude gave millions and raised millions for pres O.... and he says what? Big nothing. not surprising the silence from Hill- she’s been ignoring the allegations and payouts, harrasements for decades. I guess I get it with her, it’s either brave to stand by a serial harraser or brave to fall them out... she gets a pass either way.
  14. I always wondered how Dave letterman survived... he had a secret room set up to just bang interns and if reports were true the female staff pretty much just ushered them to him on a daily basis. Allot of dudes with power or fame just go crazy... it always puzzled me how he got away with it and so many others did not. i assume allot of cash exchanged hands.
  15. I have a bump stock for my Bushmaster 223.. and it’s freaking amazing. I got it 2 years ago and loved it. Only problem is that its freaking expensive to shoot... I would usually try to get a big lot of ammo to keep costs low but even so it runs about $6-10 per mag. And with the bumpstock.. well, it goes quick. Takes a few minutes to get the hang of it but once you are able to adjust... it works well. Fun as hell to shoot. Don’t get to use it much anymore, I have allot of nerve damage from an auto immune thing so I can’t hold anything over 1lb for very long... but I tell ya, it’s addictin
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