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  1. And dont forget that we are working with about ten percent less supply with the construction upstairs.
  2. From 130 to 129. Not the best upgrade, but better seats than last year. I'm slowly making my way around the corner. When I came to the lowers, I was in 132 (dead center endzone), and I was not a big fan because the goalposts obstruct. 130 was alright, but I'm glad to be on the corner now.
  3. I decided to renew today. Called the TO, and my seats in 130 were gone. I suppose that the upgrade process is ongoing. I was able to get a section over and a few rows better. I also got my green parking back. They are still doing the 10 percent down, balance at end of lockout special, so I took advantage of it. I tried to get over to 240 or so, and they were having no part of it! Even if I offered to buy more tickets!
  4. I'm not renewing my 3 until I know there will be football. I'm in no rush.
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