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  1. I've been having a hard time finding new Wizards gear I figured it was because of the lock-out and am hoping that new gear should be popping up now. Anyone know of a site online that has some of the new gear? Spefically hats and shirts, I don't like any of the new hats on the Wizards site.
  2. not working for me,is it working for you guys? ---------- Post added November-20th-2011 at 10:08 AM ---------- never mind, got it now
  3. Ffffuuuuckkkk dallas **** em hard!!!
  4. Anyone know of any sites to watch tonight's fights?
  5. Great draft, filled needs with solid players. Gotta give the WIz an A for this one. Very young team, hopefully these guys can build good chemistry and come up like OKC in the next few years.
  6. **** the Cowgirls! **** Dallas as a city and team and everything they stand for! **** the Star, may you implode! I smack Cowgirl fans for fun, may you all have accidents in your pants tonight!! HAIL!
  7. I think it will, I hope it will. Unlike others on this thread, I think Manny is the one who's scared.
  8. Why wouldn't Manny agree to it if he has nothing to hide? What's the big deal, Mayweather would be taking the exact same tests, and he's willing to. If Mayweather has questions or conerns and feels he wants the tests to be sure they're on an even playing field, then I don't blame him at all. By Manny not taking the tests, that says something in itself, on a few levels.
  9. I could not survive without cable. I know, lame.
  10. Without the cheese and bacon??? No, no, no, that's all wrong
  11. Excuse my ignorance, but the fight is tonight right? What time?
  12. Sure looks like a Cowboys fan to me! :insane: LOL. **** Dallas!
  13. I would highly recommend NFL Red Zone if you don't have it, they've been on the Skins game ever since we got just outside the 20
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