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Movies You DO (Or Did) Wanna See This Summer


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Saw the Nightmare on Elm Street remake. I liked it. Though I do like Robert Englund better as Freddy. This was a decent by the numbers reboot. Allegedly the franchise is signed for 3 movies. So I defenitely would like to see a sequel (it was obvious that there will be one). I'm a mark for the series so some might not enjoy it as much as I did.

Saw Iron Man 2. Awesome- nuff said.

Defenitely psyched about The Expendables. Afterwards if Stallone does Rambo 5 (as rumored) I'll want to see that.

I've been wanting to see Machete since Grindhouse. I'm equally stoked about the new fake trailer paired with the full feature film Machete: with Rose McGowan as Cherry Darling (the machene gun girl from Grindhouse's Planet Terror).

Speaking of Rose and Robert Rodriguez- if they ever finish the Barbarella remake I'll likely go see that too.

I've been reading rumors of a possible sequel for Taxi Driver :yikes:. With DeNiro and Scorcese. I'd hate to see an update ruin the original. But I'd be there if this is made. I sat through the last pile of :toilet::pooh: that was the most recent Indiana Jones. Taxi Driver is much more sacred to me than that. Don't mess this up, otherwise don't make it.

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Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time

Micmacs (Anything Jean-Pierre Jeunet does is a must see.)

Toy Story 3

Knight And Day (Cruise in manic mode could be fun)

The Last Airbender (with some trepidation considering who's directing)


Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (Just finished the graphic novels that are out there and this could be a lot of fun if they are able to pare it down to a two hour movie.)

The Expendables

What will I likely see this summer, considering that I have a 4 year old? Probably just Toy Story 3.

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Will not see: The Expendables.

When something is too good to be true, it probably is.

I hope it's good. Stallone has pretty much canned a 5th Rambo to dedicate efforts to an Expendibles sequel (assuming things go well).

If it's rated R it's got a legitamate shot of being decent. I can only pray for awesome...

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