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  1. Goddammit I'm stoned. Why this isn't legal everywhere yet i'll never understand.
  2. Most definitely. It's frustrating. The worst part is getting the exact same grade as everyone else, even though others slacked and didn't do anything to help. Infuriating. Hate it.
  3. I ****ing hate group work with a passion.
  4. Adrian Peterson tweeted this pic a bit ago. Check out who he's working out with.
  5. I'm going to apply to be a coroner and put that I'm a philanthropist on my resume.
  6. "The first thing I look for in a girl is intelligence. ..because if she doesn't have that, she's mine."
  7. I don't get the hype of Mila Kunis. Nothing special in my eyes.
  8. Listened to Lecrae for the first time tonight. Whole album "Gravity." It's excellent.
  9. Some people make me want to punt babies.
  10. From this thread. It stuck out to me the moment you posted it, and I didn't forget it. I'm sure you're glad you were owned, though. :silly:
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