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  1. Honestly extremely tired of hearing about Robert Griffin. Not really his fault but damn is his name annoying now.

  2. When the Redskins have a legitimate passing offense only then will they be contenders year in and year out.

    1. BleedBNG


      and there you have it... in a nutshell

    2. rabidskin


      The Skins will never see a SB with Shanahan. The only coach worse than him is Haslett. Our stats for his 4 years is the worst in our history and I have been going to games since 1961. I thought Zorn was a joke but this jerk takes the cake. Before anyone argues this point, view the stats. Both Harbaughs, Carroll, and Reid know how to come in and take a loser to the playoffs in 1 year...Even Indy coach did it. Shanahan says it will take years....what a loser mentality and you get the loser...

  3. Watching the Detroit game right now... Some mysterious coaching on the defense...

    1. redskins1114


      Mysterious or Non-Existent

    2. Isaac24


      Redskins can win this!

  4. Lose against Oakland and there might be some rioting lol

    1. Glenn X

      Glenn X

      In D.C. or Oakland? Rioting in Oakland? That's just another way of getting thru Tuesday.

  5. Wall has got to improve his jumper. He's getting good looks and missing em. Edit: Much better though attack the hole!
  6. Wanted the Wiz to win that game, Andray really did some questionable things down the stretch. Nick Young has been playing out his mind keep it up! (Fantasy!) lol...
  7. Hopkins whooped his ass, can't believe this...
  8. 68CuGZHxyY8&feature=related This song is stuck in my head! ahhhhhh
  9. He said it himself. "I have LITERALLY stolen moves from everyone" No move is unseen. The talking I have never noticed. The 5 finger yes, the clothes? I doubt it. He does imitate Jordan. Who wouldn't? So does every other superstar.
  10. Can someone remove the watermark for me. I would gladly appreciate it.
  11. thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Anybody have the Mayweather knock down gif on JMM??? I want to use it as a sig...
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