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Expect Antwaan Randle El to be cut due to his salary


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Good lockerroom influence and a dude I'll always respect but yeah - this was coming for a while.

Hopefully he catches on somewhere for a lesser salary and does well, he is talented as a slot receiver (no comment on PR) but he has to be in the slot, not the #2 spot.

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He has been misused for years.

He is a good slot receiver and has no business returning punts. Period. Not a flanker, not any kind of decoy, and should never run a pattern over 20yds. Yet our idiot coaches have been playing him as per his contract vs his talents.

If hes not willing to take a massive paycut and PROMISE to never return punts again....good riddance.

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Per Rotoworld:

Antwaan Randle El-WR-Redskins Jan. 5 - 5:46 pm et

Redskins WR/PR Antwaan Randle El is due a $4.25 million salary in 2010, plus a $6.25 million offseason roster bonus.

Randle El's salary drops to $1.95M if the bonus is paid before August 31, but he's likely played his last down in burgundy and gold, no matter who coaches the team. The 30-year-old is still a decent slot receiver, finishing 2009 with 50 grabs for 530 yards, but offers no vertical ability and is totally ineffective on punt returns. He's not worth close to $8.2 million.

Or... Cut due to ****ty performance? Ya think! Hopefully the first of many cuts!

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