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  1. Redskinzfan30

    Game Day Thread - Cow****es at Redskins

    He’s on IR so probably at home
  2. Redskinzfan30

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread Did anyone else see this story about Haskins father attempting to control the media story?
  3. No comp picks if they’re cut. Same as if we sign a player that was cut it doesn’t factor into the comp pick formula
  4. I’m not sure I’d agree with that necessarily. AB brings a media circus and could be a locker room cancer if things go south. Green, at least from what I know, is a non diva and just goes to work. Unless I missed something that is. But I’d love to have him here for that price!
  5. Redskinzfan30

    Starting QB 2019??? RGIII is trolling us now
  6. Redskinzfan30

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Didn’t it come out at some point that Swearinger and Norman were at each other’s throats and causing a bit of a divide in the secondary? Pretty sure I read that from one of the inside guys at one point. So I couldn’t see Norman being packaged in a deal for Rosen. Maybe for AB but not for Rosen
  7. If Rosen is seriously available I’d absolutely be all over that and that would excite me. Some may not like him but I like the chip on his shoulder and I think he can play. Horrible situation with McCoy as his OC in Arizona for his rookie year. I really hope we’re all over this
  8. And if we brought back Ha-Ha which I don’t foresee happening but if we did man that’s an insane amount of Bama players
  9. Best part is how he believes he should be the exception. Everyone else is making 75k but he wants 20 mil. He had a couple nfl teams inquire over the past couple years but he wanted too much money. He’s not worth that kind of money to any team much less us where we’re cap strapped
  10. Redskinzfan30

    ESPN: Jason Witten pondering retirement to join MNF

    Personally I like Tessitore, and think he could do a good job. I’ve heard him sit Witten up for segways to talk about his experience and Witten just stumbles over his words. I hope they can booger and Witten and keep Tessitore on
  11. Redskinzfan30

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    That’s fair. I was hoping more of a Gibbs taking Allen’s place type of scenario. I’m hoping against hope that Allen is gone and right now I’d take anything. Is it bad if given the choice between Allen and Vinny I’d have to hesitate on either one for different reasons obviously. But I’m not sure which is the lesser of two evils
  12. Redskinzfan30

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Do you know if Gibbs name has been thrown around at all? Not for coaching obviously but in an executive role? That seems like a big splash that would draw some positive attention but I wonder if Gibbs would even have any interest
  13. Redskinzfan30

    Game Day Thread- Eli’s Stoopid Face at Redskins

    I still think Baker was the right choice. Baker has shown a ton of potential
  14. Redskinzfan30

    Game Day Thread- Eli’s Stoopid Face at Redskins

    At this point bench Crowder