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  1. Looking like Josh Harvey Clemons has opted out for this year. https://mobile.twitter.com/MySportsUpdate/status/1290359672373940224
  2. Agreed. And I can’t imagine that if Snyder does fight it we win anymore popularity points. It’ll only result in more negative PR for the team
  3. Huge about Nike. I don’t see it being a situation where there’s any point in Snyder trying to fight Nike’s decision in a legal battle. We only come out of it further losers https://mobile.twitter.com/darrenrovell/status/1278827865858023425?s=20 I mean maybe we lose the name but we also lose Snyder?
  4. I’m calling it now with how he’s handled it. He’s president the first time an opportunity arises for him
  5. Interesting video if you’ve got the time. If you wanna speed watch it go to the 7:15 mark and watch onward:
  6. Got an email that all Bath & Body works stores have closed in the US & Canada temporarily. First major retailer to shutter operations. Whose the next?
  7. Really hoping we don’t make the switch. I feel like after a decade we’ve finally got good 3-4 personnel. I’d imagine both Allen and Payne shift inside. Sweat will play with his hand in the dirt. That leaves Kerrigan Young and Anderson as question marks. I feel like Young would be the other DE so maybe Kerrigan converts to OLB this late in his career?
  8. Haskins is honestly hated more than any QB I can recall recently. I wasn’t a fan of his initially but he’s making a ton of progress and I feel he’s a big piece next year
  9. Yeah I kept getting that message and was like it’s happened!
  10. In Roanoke too. Got switched to Ravens Steelers
  11. Assuming Brady gets to second today, both of the top 2 leading passers in NFL history will have gotten that feat against us. Brees last year broke the record and possibly Brady today
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