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  1. Would not be at all surprised to see the Skins win with Allen at QB. It does help if the team with the average QB doesn’t have 20 plus million dedicated to the third string QB. s I’ve said to you a few times, I’ve been pounding this point home for 5 years. My belief is the Patriots will trail-blaze this path over the next few years while drafting young guys until one hits on a rookie deal. They struck gold in year 1 of this experiment it appears. League minimum for a top 10-15 guy who can win games for you as well. Imagine a Sam Darnold falling into their laps next year on
  2. I mean, a good amount of what the NFL is running today is from the high school ranks from 10-15 years ago.
  3. Guys are capable of figuring it out. Lamar appears to still have a ways to go in obvious passing situations. Russel it took 5 years give or take a year or two. Dak is on the cusp of breaking through or maybe not (maybe why he wasn’t given a blank check deal yet??). Mahomes is the future GOAT. I prefer the mobile QB to develop due to their floor being much higher, due to the impact on their teams run game and ability to make plays when unable to read the field. It’s the same idea for Haskins. If Haskins continues his current trend those clamori
  4. Most definitely, he was a great dual threat QB during a period of time when there wasn’t many. His value to the run game during those years and his overall playmaking was immense.
  5. Took Wilson many years to get where he is now, him being able to hurt you with his arm the was he is now. He was unable to see coverages and dissect teams as he has the last two to three seasons. Hes an example of the elite/hall of fame and it still took 5 seasons or so to be an elite dual threat. Soon the term for the elite will be the triple threat QB: Running ability, arm talent, and ability to read coverages pre and post snap. Side note: I still think there’s value for the dual threat QB, but it’s decreasing more and more each year, due t
  6. The pocket QB in today’s game is growing more and more difficult to nurture and let grow due to impact from young guys with mobility. Though,The mobile guys seem to hit a ceiling pretty quick and are left perplexed on how to beat a defense on 3rd and 7 consistently. Will be interesting to see how the good pocket QB measures up against the good mobile QB 10 years from now. Eliminating the elite on both sides from the discussion. Is the timeline and ceiling to develop the pocket versus the mobile QB different? Should there be different expectations?
  7. I mean, I could understand where you’re going with it from a mental standpoint, but Kyle Allen threw 16 interceptions in 12 games last year with a solid supporting cast. Many of those came in what looked like a breakdown mentally over the course of a few games. Maybe he’s the rare exception. I do think he could provide a spark, he’s definitely a much more skilled runner and playmaker.
  8. His play hasn’t been good all year, but this game provided opportunities for him to make mistakes and that he did, but ones he can learn from. Pushing the ball down the field, reading coverages beyond 3-5 yards, finding and exploiting matchups, operating in an empty backfield. I’m on extreme end of how to develop a game changer at the QB spot and him taking/making nothing but underneath scripted throws is lowering his ceiling potential considerably. The pocket QBs have to go through this learning curve to reach game changer status, in my opinion. The mistakes suck, but if in the lon
  9. @stevemcqueen1 Help me out with the Thomas throw if you don’t mind, it appeared to me it was a throw he floated, but you’re saying there was miscommunication. I thought it was a seam throw providing Thomas the opportunity to jump up and get it.
  10. By far my favorite game of his and love that he will have this game to reflect and work to improve. Im dying for the organization to let him reach his ceiling or flounder this season and today the staff put a good amount responsibility in his hands to decide the outcome. He needs these kind of micro losses to reach macro long term ceiling potential. Hoping the trend of giving him more on his plate continues. The game plan from Turner was good with a mix of aggressiveness, seeking favorable matchups, stretching the field horizontally and vertically, consistent pace changes,
  11. It’s more about ceiling potential when comparing Allen and Haskins. Theoretically guys with less talent have lower ceilings and are easier to scheme against defensively. Many exceptions to this rule, but still worth mention in this case. My hypothesis and backed some by what Rivera has said is that Rivera doesn’t just want a “guy” at the position or one that can run a system, he wants a game changer at the QB spot and feels that’s the main ingredient to being championship caliber. Wants to see if Haskins can break through to be a QB that “you can win with and because of“ (I believe t
  12. Are there other QBs that played tennis at a young age? I can see that being comparable to the value of soccer when younger. Just curious.
  13. Josh Rosen is super mechanically sound. Waaay more than Haskins and Mahomes.
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