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  1. Lol... Cut him some slack, he’s still a youngster. But, yes, I see your point. Has it it been confirmed he’s going to play G?
  2. Yet both games will be decided by 7 points or less. Neither franchise has an elite QB, so no big deal.
  3. Love this outside the box type thinking. I don’t think it’s a slam dunk either way and would be open to paying him, but if the right offer were to become available there’s some logic to it financially. I’d lean towards resigning him, due to no plan or young guys of perceived value behind him. Might be the perfect time for Skins to jump in and require a position change to G. I’d imagine him and reps have wanted him to remain at T for higher pay and pride, but his time might be done as a T and be open to any opportunities to remain in the league.
  4. wit33

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I hear ya, the injury risk is increased with the mobile QB, no matter the size. No arguments from me. Its an interesting discussion though, as the bust potential seems lower with the mobile QB, due to the teams run game instantly becoming dynamic. Latest example being the Ravens and Lamar Jackson, he struggles to make 2nd and 3rd reads, but he changed their season similarly to that of an elite pocket passing QB. And he was a rookie. If Skins got Murray, my expectations would be playoffs because of the known variable of Skins being a top 5 type running team.
  5. A do it all type TE makes sense to me (the common NFL fan) next to Reed. Makes me think of Gronk and Hernandez (yuck) type pairing. Allowing Reed to be the joker in the offense, a do it all type threat and Hock to do the dirty work and be a threat as a receiving TE.
  6. wit33

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Or go with the 230 pound Blake Bortles type. New NFL will require some to become less romantic with old school methods and measurements, IMHO. Could of swore he he weighed in at 206, but I get it for your slanted argument sake
  7. Think Jason Peters if wondering about Williams playing effectively in his 30s. Hall of fame talents are a different breed, man. Sign me up for another 13 games healthy.
  8. wit33

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Go get him, Dan. Murray would complete this off season wonderfully.
  9. Or playing behind the modern day LT and all around beast of a defense to improve stock next year lol His Shtick got old with 980 as well it appeared. But I appreciate his work ethic and time spent to back his arguments layers of information.
  10. What about Collins, appears to be a genuine dude from this press conference. Going to be a fun journey with and Bama guys hopefully.
  11. AJ Green is a hall of game talent, still has some go in his game. If value was right and contract made sense, sure. With that said, hard to justify such a move with QB situation as is. With Alex, I’m all in.
  12. He will be shockingly cheap, but not a current fit with Skins. Probably get a tryout with the Pats.
  13. Love all this and believe in it 100%. I’ve spent time coaching high school basketball for years and establishing a winning culture is unbelievably valuable, especially when you think about the day in and day out process of it all. Im with you, both guys AP and Smith displayed authentic and genuine intangibles earned through hard work, ups and downs, maturity, and how each are individually wired. Unique stuff, IMHO. Yes, I liked DJ and appreciated his energy in games when rest of unit appeared to be dragging. His style of leadership seems like it wears thin with some during rough times. He’d be better served as 2nd or 3rd in command, not being the leader.
  14. Not necessarily working out, but an overall mental approach to each day— viewing each as an opportunity to be your best. An All time great wired with a mentality he’s not accomplished a thing— Sign me up for establishing a hard working culture and leading the youngsters as the uncle of the squad. Alex Smith is wired the same way Team really would be on to something if he was healthy. With QB situation it’s hard to imagine anything special yet (Kyler Murray would solve this).