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  1. Tell me about it, I was in 2 year battle with posters about Kirk Cousins. Don’t get me started.
  2. You’d think Kirk was never here by the posting going on here. This organization developed Kirk. Say it with me, this organization developed Kirk. It appears the organization has a plan for Haskins, but aren’t committed to saying when he will play is all. Allowing him time to develop organically without being pressured by the outside influences and noise. You can argue if they should play him right away or not, but it’s clear a plan is in place. I appreciate they aren’t throwing him in the middle of a coaching change and all that comes with it. Allow time for things to settle for a bit and Haskins to focus on football only.
  3. wit33

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    But not Tomlin? Just curious.
  4. wit33

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I agree. Dan most likely represents the extreme on the spectrum of all owners participating in personnel decisions.
  5. wit33

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Not just Dan, I am more curious if others feel owners engage in player personnel and have made a player decision. It’s been widely reported about Dans repeated involvement over the years, so no this report, if true, wouldn’t be the only one. For example, Robert Kraft made the call to trade Jimmy G and resign Brady.
  6. wit33

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    @Skinsinparadise Whats your best percentage guess of owners who’ve been largely responsible for at least one pick in their reign as owner?? My guess is 100%
  7. wit33

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Would be something as an owner and let’s say you trusted your scouts and GM, but really loved a Rodgers, Brees, Watson, or Wilson type to have your football people tell you no lol. I mean, owners have been talked into Christian Ponder and Brady Quinn. Fascinating, I couldn’t imagine being in that role with knowing the professionals, the good ones are going to be right less than 50% of the time. Think about having just an average GM (which does not exist, because who knows what an average GM looks like lol). Oh and... Bruce Allen will be out at the end of the year. My prediction.
  8. Now break this down, if up for it. @KDawg
  9. wit33

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Timing, timing, timing... At this current stage of the season is not appropriate to share there are issues and changes that need to be made. If nothing is said in form of accountability during off season, then 100% deserve criticism. -
  10. With trepidation, I must report feeling when watching Mahomes he’s not as comfortable looking with the ordinary/rhythm type throws and Reid does a great job of mixing in a lot LOS type throws to establish rhythm for Mahomes. For example, I wouldn’t be shocked if Mahomes struggles with timing type throws or the chronicled our route throw to davis made by Haskins. Anyone feel free to trash this, as I’m just basing this off of memory and a few games of watching Mahomes.
  11. My thing with Haskins was it appeared through reports he’s been groomed to play QB much of his life and the added benefit (maybe) of Shawn Springs (not a huge on radio Springs fan, due to his logic not adding up for me often times— I have zero authority on the subject) helping to guide his path. It seemed (I don’t know) he was in position to receive the type of coaching the “normal” high school QB doesn’t get and that you talk about. If he did receive coaching from top level coaches, can he still become great with imperfect mechanics? For example, Del Curry is considered one of the greatest shooters of all time and would qualify as having the ability to be an elite level coach (I say qualify, due teaching being an art in itself) and Curry has fundamentals in his shot that I or most coaches/trainers would never teach. So Steph Curry, the son of an all time great shooter, shoots differently than his father and brother Seth Curry and lacks by the book fundamentals in his shot. Can Haskins’ talent circumvent some of the fundamental qualifications coaches/scouts place upon QBs, like the family of great shooters and specifically Steph Curry? Another question, a popular screenshot was Haskins feet work on an out throw to Davis in the end zone of the Giants game, I’ve seen Brady miss this type of throw many times with what I’d imagine is great fundamentals. I can see stats getting to point of being able to compare various throws in relation to where the ball was snapped, what hash, length, and type of route etc.. Basketball provides clearer evidence of a good shooter at the moment... 3pt% 2pt%, paint% free throw%, off dribble, off the catch, average distance etc..
  12. I grew up playing basketball and have coached for 10 plus years, and have worked with many youth develop various fundamentals, including their shooting. Thoughts on QB feet work and throwing to the different shot forms and feet work? For example, the way Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, and Steph Curry all became the greatest shooters of all time required different fundamentals for them to achieve mastery for their respective shots. Fundamentalist would say Curry and Miller have bad fundamentals at certain stages of their shot, while Allen has almost perfect form. Are their similarities at the QB spot, in regards to a QB being able to achieve mastery without having picture perfect fundamentals?? I’ll throw this at @stevemcqueen1 @volsmet as well that appear to have a scout like understanding of the game. Missing a few others that I enjoy reading a more in-depth break down of player fundamentals.
  13. Fascinating that a prodigy from an early age has such terrible fundamentals as many of the more qualified football people on here and in the media continue to lament. How does a guy with NFL people in his life struggle so much with the fundamentals? It’s perplexing. I’m not talking game experience type stuff, just the overall feet work fundamentals. Strange. You’d think the feet work type stuff would be automatic with life long tutelage. Any answers??
  14. wit33

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Definitely makes sense to wait after Patriots game no matter the intent of the FO. Bruce looked like a dude who knows his eventual fate. Obviously, my speculation of what potentially take place months from now doesn’t have much value in the moment. I don’t disagree he’d like to see the team win more games than lose over the next 11 games.
  15. wit33

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    My guess, a Snyder appearance takes place after the season to take accountability and “jump down in hole with fans” to salvage some of the fan base and take franchise into another direction. What the media and fanatical fans want to hear isn’t appropriate at this particular time. 11 games remain and many young players need time to develop and work towards the future in the best environment possible (whether you agree with their ability to make this happen).