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  1. Curious what some of you think: Fuller or Darby on who had the better year? Darby easily for me. Easily may be a bit strong, but a step above.
  2. It was widely reported he had the support of the team. No doubt Fitzpatrick would quickly turn into a fan and team favorite here. How can you not pull for a guy like that. Reportedly has all the intangibles of an Alex Smith, but also funny with some charisma. Just don’t care to have him as a year 2 or 3 QB for an ascending team, due to his proclivity to mismanage games with TOs. Not saying it’s right or wrong, but I’d rather have a conservative QB if it’s going to be average overall play.
  3. None of this has been true in his entire career outside of a Buffalo season. He’s better for a team in rebuild year 1 not 2 or 3. Washington is on year 2. Pass for me.
  4. He just doesn’t make sense for this roster, IMO. Hes become folklore, but he’s an up and down QB with high propensity to turn the ball over. Would be shocked if Ron went his direction, just doesn’t seem like a fit.
  5. I can get behind Matt Ryan, but it would have to be a similar situation to that of Peyton Manning leaving the Colts, no compensation the Falcons being classy and letting him choose his new home.
  6. I have zero knowledge on a guy like Trey Lance outside of 15min video of his highlights, but wouldn’t mind at all to take a flier on a dual threat guy. I do believe the dual threat QBs value has depreciated over the last 10 years, due to cost, most of the league having guys that can create in and out of the pocket (less of an advantage now than say 5-7 years ago), and overall familiarity with what they do well. It’s interesting though, as these guys now have the advantage of open minded coaches that are willing to go through the growing pains of them becoming more efficient in the pass game. L
  7. No way a new coach is going to want to get rid of Stafford, he gives your livelihood a chance right off the bat. If Stafford gets moved it’s an owner and player coming to the decision. Campbell has about as much pull with that decision as I do. Yes, all other owners have a heavy hand in who the QB is.
  8. Always fascinating the points of view we all have when looking at a situation: I actually view the Alex Smith deal as a feather in the cap of why it’s okay to sign “older” (whatever that is these days) QBs in today’s NFL. Smith in his mid 30s managed to come back from an injury that would be difficult for a college kid to comeback from and he managed to provide value post injury. All about signing the “old dudes”, if the fit and value is present for that current organization.
  9. Back and forth with wanting the team to go all in on Stafford. From afar he seems to be a bit of an enigma. He’s never consistently led his team to being an above average scoring offense. Outside of 2011 (#4) and 2017 #8 his teams offense from a points per game standpoint were bottom 15 and often in the 20s. I probably give the points per game stat more value than most, especially over a career, because I place a great deal of responsibility on the shoulders of a highly paid QB to produce points or some other variables that contribute to winning. Most agree Stafford has played on poor teams fo
  10. Sometimes guys flash because of the talent around them and/or the coaches putting together consecutive advantageous game plans for guys. The big factor for Taylor H was him making throws down the field, creating extra time in and out of the pocket, using legs to run... big time skills. I’m not all in like some, but fall where most do in that I hope he’s given a legit shot to compete next season. One concern, and this is me totally leaning on Cooleys film breakdown in regards to them running the same concept for a large part of the game. The way he made it sound it wasn’t as if they w
  11. Stafford isn’t agreeing to go anywhere without being locked into a new deal that provides him large guarantees for most likely 4 seasons. Will want security financially, for family, and status as the franchise QB for seasons to come.
  12. He may be trending towards a Ryan Fitzpatrick type role with an organization. A guy with great intangibles that can provide immense value to a year 1 rebuild type situation. Jags make a lot of sense. If the wheels were still present I’d still be all in. Id be willing to trade all 53 or top 20 players on the roster and 5 1st round picks for Mahomes and just start over. Just felt like it had to be said.
  13. The floor of each player is a huge factor in the decision at the QB spot of an FO and coach that fans for most part don’t give a damn about lol. It’s all ceiling for us. The expected floor for Stafford is waaaay above those other two, not to mention the expected ceiling .
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