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  1. Thomas’ big play ability has a great chance to get unleashed with seam throws by Fitzpatrick (one of his more favorite throws to make). Thomas seemed to display some good body control and go up and get it ability, but must have a QB willing to make those kind of throws. This pairing could unlock another level to Thomas, he’s not a big play waiting to happen on his own, but believe there’s a higher ceiling with him working the seams. He’s fine as is as well… making tough catches, sitting in zones, and being a red zone threat.
  2. In your time dedicated to watching Vea why do you think he’s never eclipsed 3 sacks in college or NFL? All the superlatives thrown the Bucs way will hopefully soon come to Washington if they become an elite and contending team. The player comments don’t move the needle much, just “player talk” ahead of a matchup. Had nothing to do with a banged up Gibson, no back in the NFL was going to have a good day with the scheme and line Washington had that day, IMO. Bucs were dominant at the line of scrimmage. Not sure about Payne’s pass rushing prowess, but watching him makes me bel
  3. What until an IG post comes out of him running around cones, sweating profusely, and grunting… then we can label him #1? Not all directed at you lol None of this is news to those who watch Tampa Bay closely of course, but it’s good to know others around the league are aware of it as well. From afar… He seems to meet similar criteria to why you like Allen or Payne. He’s a DT that’s never produced sacks at a high rate ever college or pro. Their run defense was just fine without him or White against Washington. Don’t watch TB consi
  4. Tackling RBs at or near the sidelines or chasing guys 10-15 yards down the field are all I need to see.
  5. Must erase his contract from our minds. There’s no getting around he does not warrant that kind of money. With that said, he’s one of the best tacklers on the team, a run blitzing beast, great in underneath coverage, leader, and has momentum shifting capabilities—want more of these kind of dudes, not less. I Expect the defense to become elite next season and the run defense MUST be dominant every game— Landons skill set should help the run defense immensely. If fully healthy he will earn a great amount of playing time.
  6. If there are multiple SB runs and/or title, all good with me. I’m open to new ways to maneuver and manage the cap while attempting to be a contender. It’s a new NFL with player movement, me first mentality of the player (totally fine), teams willing to trade, and players willing/preferring to take shorter term deals. Can’t be romantic with the past. 7 years of control is a good thing for the team! This if Jamin Davis we’re to play out his contract and be franchised twice. This would be ideal for a franchise.
  7. Doesn’t really matter, but this point is overrated. Packers will deal him to team with the best offer. Same division is a different story.
  8. Still haven’t seen another come along like him at that position. Imagine him in today’s NFL with all his position flex. Ron would lose his mind lol. I hear you though, no, he was not a perfect player. Maybe perfectly built though lol
  9. For sure, not implying he’s impervious to a bad game. Some one breaking that game down may be able to grade it as a bad game (which I believe Cooley did give him a bad grade). There are times a player(s) can get swallowed up by the opponents game plan (other factors as well)— the Bucs on offense were firing on all cylinders from a schematic and physicality standpoint all game. Will continue to lament (it’s obvious, but I’m on the extreme) in order for the defense to become elite they must be a play making run defensive team. To point teams are worried about losing yards. Only way a t
  10. Many like to point to the Bucs game as a reason to discredit him on some level. I’d then ask those to look at Aaron Donald’s numbers against the Packers in the playoffs and how the vaunted defense of the Rams performed. Donald had zero stats and they got it handed to them on defense. Just saying, it happens and will happen in the future. Let’s go Chase!
  11. In Charle’s case it would be 1/17th the cost for 2 years after this season. No doubt on there being special circumstances for certain players at various positions. Or… If Washington didn’t have Chase Young or Sweat, I might get with the idea of going all in on Scherff and building an elite O line with the young talent coming in.
  12. I believe Ron will assist in it not becoming too pass happy. Turner doesn’t have full autonomy over how the offense is going to operate from a philosophical standpoint. This is where the coach centric model can be a positive, overseeing and having the power to do what’s right for that current version of the team. No competing agendas or people fighting for “their guys” to do this or that. It appears Ron and company have chosen to pay a premium for an elite talent while hoping to develop guys behind Scherff (Schweitzer, Martin, Charles). If Charles proves to be an above averag
  13. Have to be able to scramble and extend in clutch moments. Sure, exceptions exist, but true for most part.
  14. 50% scheme 20% QB talent 30% QB approach
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