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  1. Who knows, but the basketball player to TE transformation does have some obvious historical positive data. Year 1, run the seam route. With that said, from my 3 minutes of watching him looks like a lumbering type athlete that lacks the fast twitch movement you’d like to see on the basketball court transition to route running.
  2. Creating competition for the slot role at that price is legit. Absolutely love following an organization desperate to create as much competition as possible at all positions. Beginning to understand the football side of the value Ron provides outside of being a great leader and that being to create meaningful/real competition at every turn.
  3. Every tag isn’t the same, the variables of each should be looked at. The team isn’t pressed for cash this or last year, but we can speculate that they will be in the coming years (young studs coming due for their second contracts). There’s also no clear replacement for him and question marks on the left side, enhancing his value to the team this year. One can argue the team doesn’t reach the playoffs without Scherff’s all pro level of play on the right side last year (I’d argue Moses was just as good/important). So how does one choose to value Scherffs franchise tag year in terms of
  4. The tag requires the fan to place value on a season of play. Most don’t. For example, what was the value of Scherff being an elite guard last year (All pro)? Was his level of play last season worth a 3rd round pick? 2nd?
  5. There was mention that Rivera and staff felt improvements were made on Bostics part. Maybe they feel average to above level of play was reached by Bostic to close the year. I have absolutely zero idea or concept of how to properly rate a MLB play, due to the inordinate amount of variables involved with that position, but love the fact he’s at least fast lol. Hate the idea of getting guys a staff may like for 4-6 million more and the needle barley moves up versus cost of keeping a known commodity in house that has experience in the system. I’ll take a below average to average
  6. It’s no fiddle playing, it’s today’s landscape. Players and teams are more willing to anoint/take tags. It’s less personal in many more cases these days, but we fans are suffering from trauma in relation to the tag equaling a bad relationship. If Scherff leaves next year the team didn’t get played like a fiddle, they got an all pro guard for two additional seasons and extra time to develop replacements. Just treat it as the team signing Scherff to an extension 2 off seasons ago and after this season the guarantees take a swift decline or in this case he’s completely off the books.
  7. I think it’s all playing time related. My guess her accept a very low deal. Who cares, but just my thought. Made his money and want to play. If that wasn’t the case he’d be taking offers for part time roles from contenders.
  8. Who knew, you can find guys with good intangibles and speed at a good price. I thought all the good cheap locker room guys had to slow and smart.
  9. So true. No longer can a defense just show up and dominate or the popular saying, “defense travels”. Not anymore, more responsibility is on the coordinators to add wrinkles, adjust, and adapt during and game to game. The same level of scrutiny an offensive coordinator gets for play calling the defensive coordinator should get. The one huge variable that still does “travel” and have a major predictable impact is stopping the run. If you can at least dominate the opposing offense in the run game it provides a much better chance against the pass game with today’s rules. Even wi
  10. I get the feeling they aren’t going to spend good money on guys they may like and rather find professionals at a fair cost to fill a need while continuing the hunt to improve the position. My guess a guy like Lavonte David would’ve checked all the boxes and they would’ve went all in.
  11. This right here, the cost is a home run for the team. Something I’ve been pounding home for years, so it’s nice to see it play out with the team I follow. Patriots are employing the same strategy, we’ll see how it goes in year 2 for them. The idea being to get average to above play at a fair or great rate in comparison to other teams QBs while providing flexibility to look for your next young guy you hope becomes elite. Though, Fitz can provide elite games and be the reason a team wins games. I declare the Super Bowl window now cracked open. Hopefully they can improve and keep it ope
  12. No idea what Jeffrey has left, but this is the type of WR the offense is missing and type that meshes well with Fitzpatrick. Doesn’t necessarily have to be Jeffrey, but would be nice to get a big physical guy.
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