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  1. MLB at times is like the RB position, where rookies can make an impact early. We’ll see.
  2. Curious to why the boom/bust is attached to Haskins in your view? It seems his floor would be that of a middling QB— His football IQ and ability pre snap eliminates bust. QBs 10-25, IMO never reach higher levels due to an inability to manage chaos consistently or enough (whatever that means), especially against better teams or when game plan isn’t solid that day. Not an argument I’m sold on, just my impressions early in the process. Still open minded lol
  3. wit33

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    I hear you, but I was okay with 12-14 games of potential pro bowl level versus 16 games of Will Compton or Mason Foster. Not saying it’s right or wrong, just where I’m at these days in building a roster. Requires pealing back layers to acquisitions made by Skins. I could see the argument if the Skins were locked in financially for 2-3 years given his injury and off field problems, but it was high reward low risk type move that didn’t work out. With that said, I was all for keeping Brown, but it appears more than on field play was involved with why he was released.
  4. wit33

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    Reuben Foster would’ve been expected to start with 25 other teams as well going into camp. It’d be a tough loss for any team.
  5. wit33

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    Wow... disheartening to say the least.
  6. FO and coaches feel defense is ready to lead and dominate in games this year, so younger players have less leverage this upcoming year at some spots.
  7. Que the Bentley “tracker” around the city. Players will refuse riding with him out of fear of being spotted not where said to be. Reuben Foster stay away.
  8. Very slim chance a first round pick is ever going broke. The “older” fan base (I qualify as older) would’ve loved the kid if an Altima was purchased with him stating not wanting to waste money on cars. Haskins appears to roles to his own beat, be prepared to have “your” norms challenged, IMO. I can see the Cam Newton comparison made by a coach, as far as how he carries himself.
  9. Skins will have a chance to dominate the trenches more games than not on both sides of the ball. If Smith were healthy, they’d have a chance to be in the thick of it, but we’ll have to see what Case and company will provide. Not sure Case has the patience and overall game management to win grind it out games that’ll be required next year.
  10. Or any coaching staff, right? If that’s the argument, then I’m with ya or anyone else. QB spot is a crapshoot. I choose to give Gruden and FO credit for playing a significant role in Kirk’s ascension. If Haskins has a chance to succeed history tells us Gruden (played a key role with Dalton as well) and company will pull it out of him.
  11. wit33

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The 2018 season ended with Smith fighting to keep his leg, Josh Johnson replacing Sanchez as the starter, all because Colt McCoy was lost to a fracture. The QB room now has Keenum, McCoy and Haskins entering the 2019 season. This is how a good FO operates. Enjoy it!
  12. This staff & FO contributed to Kirk Cousins’ development and enabled him to receive the largest contract in NFL history at the time, but somehow the narrative by many is they’ll screw it up. Huh? Yes, the QB position as a whole is a crapshoot, so there’s a chance Haskins won’t pan out, but the Skins have it together in regards to developing a young QB.
  13. Haskins feet work, hips, and overall balance in the pocket appear to be problem areas for him. His natural instinct is to abandon needed skills above resulting in being in poor position to make throws at times. In my opinion, these are things most average to above guys struggle with, so its not a terrible baseline and him being 20 years old provides some hope these skills can be improved on as a pro (not a guarantee, most don’t). I can see the above things being reason why some say to sit him for a year.
  14. How a scheme can’t be developed to put Reed in advantageous blocking situations is mind boggling. We seem to be a team still stuck in assigning players positions and not wavering from it. Not unlike how the NBA was 10 years ago with positions. NFL is getting there, some teams ahead of others.
  15. Admittedly, I’ve only watched cut ups provided here and also his full game versus WU. I readily admit I don’t have the full spectrum knowledge on the aggregate level to compare all games and situations. What QB operates well consistently in chaos? Sure, the supremely athletic ones can take off, but it’s still not ideal. His ability to diagnose pre snap, read levels of the field or get through 3 to 4 reads, step up in pocket right or left, and throw from various arm angles all assist in staying away from chaos. Is he a finished product and comparable to all time great QBs coming out? No. But... there’s a lot there to work with and some innate traits that I’m seeing.