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  1. 86% first thought after watching was taking a flier on AB lol In Ron I trust. Work that EQ Ron!
  2. Ron will not scheme his way to any victories. He will need a great talent at QB and overall to get to the promise land, most likely. Obviously, a great formula for most lol. He has shared the QB must win you games. My hope is Ron proves to be a great talent evaluator of coaches (especially offensively) providing an offense that’s operating ahead or at the curve. Ron’s lack of ego would seem to mesh will with this idea, allowing coordinators to flourish and be innovative (Come on Turner!!).
  3. Ron’s not a new head coach read up a bit on how players respond to his coaching style. Ron’s elite coaching trait is establishing culture and leading men. Should be the least of our concerns.
  4. wit33

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    Have to believe money was a primary factor in many of the coaches and front office executives keeping their jobs after the 2018 season. Absolutely no reason to keep it all together after that season other than money/contracts, IMO.
  5. wit33

    2020 Schedule Leaks/Prediction Thread

    The transition the NFL has made to scheduling allows a perceived low interest/bad team to earn prime time spots during the year. Go earn some prime time games, Skins!
  6. @volsmet Were you a lock guy before he was drafted? Or his play last year lead you to this ranking?
  7. wit33

    "Project 11" Alex Smith's ESPN 30-for-30

    Who needs intangibles What wild ride for him and supports.
  8. wit33

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per NFL.com

    The dudes in that RB group that expect or feel they deserve something will lose. As Skins fan we’ve learned AP is in no way wired this way. Would surprise me if AP were to lose, but it will happen someday to him. It does seem like a good fit for him with Rivera on many levels.
  9. Supreme value. A team like the Titans should’ve signed him at that rate and let Tannenhill go. Now they’re just like every other middling team with a middling over paid QB. The 3 ways I’d go about paying a QB: Pay the elite Pay on the cheap for a Winston type Pay the rookie Just say no to devoting 10-15% of cap to middling guys.
  10. wit33

    Alex Smith's future with the team....

    Some dudes inner engineering is different. Hope he makes it back out there!
  11. Any draft guys short area quickness? From highlights it seems like he has great feet with some potential to be an effective route runner. Obviously, his hands and ball skills appear elite. Without looking, I’d be shocked if he wasn’t a great high school basketball player.
  12. Speeeeed. Finally, a coaching staff that values....... Speeeeeeed. Not that all guys must be freaks, but they sure are welcome and should be on both sides of the ball.
  13. wit33

    Dallas O vs Our D?

    Quick, name one Giants defender on the second or 3rd level of there defense during their two Super Bowls? Come on Dline, be legendary!!
  14. Prediction challenge: —Skins get a 2nd and a 5th (or a swap of some sort). Teams will bite at a chance to get a player they want in the first round and lock in a pro bowler with the second round pick.
  15. wit33

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Love jumping on this point when made, his strip sack ability seems to be legit. It doesn’t get mentioned at all when listening to guys on the radio or other mediums, maybe some deem it to be a frivolous or luck type stat, but there seems to be a huge skill component to it. The strip sack and recovery is when the pass rusher comes damn close to impacting a game like an elite QB.