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  1. wit33

    Case Keenum Named Week ! Starter

    If Haskins was given the starting job, it was the FO forcing it. Keenum is given the starting job, it was the FO going with plan of being patient. Sucks to be Jay lol **My feeling, Jay chose the QB he wanted.
  2. No doubt, it’s been clear in my view Haskins wasn’t starting. I was moreso referencing the larger debate whether to start a rookie right away or not or after a few games ... etc.. Go Keenum!
  3. These discussions make for great debate, but it’s tough to say what’s right or wrong without knowing what the long term plan is for coaches, the player, and FO. If they laid out the plan and supported idea of going down path of a longer learning curve, with goal for him to achieve mastery/elite status, then great. Meaning, we’ve established and communicated with Haskins a baseline of understanding and comfort before engaging in process to start, due to wanting to start a path that leads to greatness. In too many words, Im trying to say, if there’s a long term view with micro goals to achieve before starting process of being “the guy”, I’m okay with being patient. This represents the view of remaining patient, not a right or wrong, as there are many examples of guys reaching mastery and starting there rookie years. With that said, Itd be interesting to break down when a pool of considered to be elite or past hall of famers who achieved mastery and what there path was. Meaning, was it year 3,5, or 7 when elite status was achieved and which guys sat and which ones started right away.
  4. Gets tough, I imagine, ranking units after the elite to good as it requires a great deal of projecting to take place, opening wide gaps of subjectivity. My guess teams 10 through 25 are pretty comparable and a particular years success will depend largely on parts around them and team success overall.
  5. Sounds like a solidly ran organization. I support their plan.
  6. How many wins with a healthy Alex Smith? Okay, and Trent... for topic purposes
  7. wit33

    Jordan Reed Might Have Another Concussion

    So unfortunate for him. That type of hit has nothing to do with his history or prone to injury, just a dirty hit that would take many out. Wow.
  8. Special stuff on display once again. Never seen talent like this in my 25 years of watching the Skins. Okay, maybe Jeff George Monday night against the Rams Exciting stuff!
  9. The Pats being interested to level of a first round pick must throw some Williams pundits off a bit lol. 1st round plus compensation is pretty legit, but if any way to salvage situation, then that’s the route I’d go— the trend doesn’t support him staying, obviously.
  10. As you sit here today, I’m 99% sure the organization would be no better with you in charge and Dan is more equipped to do so. I really don’t have any motivation to defend Dan, but was more saying from a player development, X’s and O’s, and over FO duties standpoint, he’s been exposed to 20 years of football from football people. Just funny when you think about it and all the criticism from fans. Totally within the right of the fan and should take place. Lol... I’m being half serious, let’s not get too serious about this. I very much dislike the overall Redskin culture under his tenure. Okay, for some fun, I’ll take a stab at defending moves you mentioned: —Spurrier was a great hire, if looking at objectively and not in hindsight. He literally was considered one of the best coaches college or NFL for years previous to being hired. —Uhh... Has Greg been a head coach since? Somethings up with dude. Who doesn’t like Greg, but there’s a reason he’s not been given a shot, IMP. —Hip Hip Hooray. *Dropping of the mike*
  11. The crazy part, if looking at it objectively, it’s almost certain Dan knows more about the NFL and football than 99% of fans.
  12. Ya man, nowhere will it say Jay didn’t like Kirk or sour on him, but it was just the overall energy and vibe I gathered during Kirk’s tenure. Sure, some of it was related to the drag out process of Kirk’s contract situation, but it seemed there was philosophical differences of how to approach the QB position. Jay made it public wanting Kirk to be more aggressive overall. Jay doesn’t appear has process oriented as Kirk. I believe much of this comes down to how you roll in everyday life and Jay/Kirk are two totally different people. Now, I totally understand coaches and players don’t have to be wired the same, but Jay being a former QB and an offensive coach it certainly would help. It wasn’t terrible, they enjoyed some success, especially when Mccvay was with Kirk. What are your thoughts on how each approach the game? Go Haskins!
  13. A speculative post- I think Jay is a dude full of self awareness, living his truth, and knows he and family are set for life, no matter what. He doesn’t care about the politics of it all, and has ability to adapt and make the best of an environment. I lean towards Jay having ultimate authority over the choice of QB. Organizations that have a QB in range 11-25 are faced with more difficult decisions and when saddled with forecasting the position, most head coaches value decreases, due to human nature of wanting to win now and emotional attachment to certain players. This is when I’m okay with a group decision (yes, this includes the owner) being made about the QB for now and the future and how to find a happy medium.
  14. What in Jays tenure supports Dan chooses the starter? History tells the direct opposite. I mean, Colt has had how many chances to take over this team 3 or 4 times lol. He’s a JAY GUY! Jay liked Kirk, Kirk started. Jay didn’t like Kirk, Kirk left via free agency. Jay has more clout than some give him credit for and pure speculation on my part, he must have a solid relationship with Dan.
  15. No doubt, if Alex Smith was fresh off a playoff season last year and headed to this year, the prospects of the team and its overall roster would be legit. The expectations would be to challenge for a division title, but with Keenum, it’s more wishful thinking— I’ll be wishing and hoping until eliminated from playoffs. I much preferred McCoy, but doesn’t seem likely with his injury, so Keenum will have to do.