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  1. wit33

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    It wasn’t so much an indictment on the trade for Haha, as I don’t have any feelings on him either way, just loved me some Nicholson lol. Defense for years has lacked speed and he has it, but also showed he can play.
  2. wit33

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    Is it time for Nicholson to replace this blunder? 3 games remaining for a young developing player, it’s time.
  3. wit33

    Starting QB 2019???

    @RandyHolt Im with you. I’m not into bashing Jay either, especially with the roster depleted and the odds to compete in this game were not high. Jays operating as most coaches would by going with a guy he was most comfortable with. Also, who am I to say which QBs would be best, but just get frustrated with vanilla approaches that aren’t likely to work. Shake it up.
  4. wit33

    Starting QB 2019???

    Why this wasn’t a thought before committing and signing Sanchez is nonsense. Frustrating to see “old heads” with “old school” ways of doing things— Meaning, QB “A” played in the system/with the coach 5 years ago (not well, but whatever) so let’s go with him. It’s so tired. The league is passing these guys by, but FOs will continue hiring these guys for a little while longer out of fear of operating outside the box. Josh Johnson or Kaepernick should’ve been starting to give the team a running game. Dying for a coach with some intuitiveness, ingenuity, adaptatnive, and selflessness. Sucks Snyder got hit with lazy college coach, as it may impact future hires. The college coach has more value in today’s game than in years past.
  5. wit33

    Starting QB 2019???

    You’d think there’s been massive turnover or examples of impatience with the FO. Give any coach or GM: money, years on contract, and control and anyone will come. Won’t be an issue. Now, setting them up for success and meshing is different. Mike Lombardi would come to organization under Bruce if 2 out of the 3 were met lol
  6. wit33

    2018 Embrace [Insert QB name here] Thread

    Turn it over to Josh Johnson and let the potential of some razzle dazzle happen.
  7. wit33

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    No scenario created would lead us to believe playoffs are in the mix. Just spitballing the idea of going with an athletic QB and how that translates to having a run game. There were layers to the discussion, but my consistent point was that much of Alex’s rushing yards were from broken plays/scrambles in the passing game. My guess is somewhere around 75-25. Who knows though, as it would require an avid Chief fan or statistics separating the two types of rushing yards. Point being, Alex’s success running the ball were more of a result of improv, not designed runs. Newton no doubt. Dak is debatable, but Alex has done it longer. I personally would prefer Alex though. Plodding the ball control was what was best for the team this year. I can careless for the brand of football. Just wanted to win in 2018. It became clear with the injuries to Crowder and Thompson (even with them) the team needed to play complimentary football on offense. Not screw it up on offense and let other average teams with identity questions make mistakes. The ceiling for season wasn’t high on offense, but it wasn’t just because of Alex. That was an underlying issue not discussed enough, as some were measuring the Skins to potential Super Bowl teams, I just wanted Skins for the 2018 season to be better than the average teams and build on it this off-season. Maybe even establish an identity moving forward. I’m open to idea of building around a dynamic athlete at the QB position with two backups with similar skills behind the guy. I see advantages to building around this style as the QB provides a higher success rate as a known commodity (A dynamic run game, dominate time of possession, and low TO rate) versus the next Sanchez (an extreme, but you get the idea). Not saying its the only way, just another path.
  8. wit33

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    I think there’s some value in scrapping the playbook and going with a speed QB to end year and maybe squeeze into the playoffs. I don’t think Sanchez has any chance to learn Jays playbook and be successful. Especially when factoring the supporting cast. A Josh Johnson type QB gives the Skins the best chance to run the football consistently, win the time of possession, and help protect the football. Just a thought. Won’t happen, as this goes against value system Jay has for the QB. We have completely different opinions on Alex and his running abilities. Alex was a 4.6-4.7 speed guy at 20 years old, still not fast enough to capture the edge consistently on RPOs. We differ on how Alex gained a majority of his rush yards in years past, as I feel large percentage were scramble/broken/improv plays and less from RPO style runs. Have never been able to find stats to prove this though. Alex’s legs being a difference maker in the run game, as it relates to the RPO action is similar to that of a Wentz or lesser degree Foles. Ya, it’s a threat, but it’s not a game breaker type issue if the edge is given up. Alex isn’t the same QB as those guys, closer to Dak in some ways though. And his intangibles are muuuuvh better than those two lol The speedier QBs I’m talking about I feel are ball control offenses we see today on steroids. For example, I much rather have a Jackson type QB than Smith running a ball controlled offense. Higher ceiling. But I’d need two dudes with similar ability backing Jackson up.
  9. wit33

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    Those guys aren’t a threat at all on the edge. Opens soooo much more when the QB can consistently beat the backers around the edge and potentially break big runs. This creates huge lanes up the middle for RBs as well. With that said, Newton definitely Qualifies and is special in his own right. Was the MVP and made Super Bowl and consistently in the playoffs. Comparison would be a defense not having to worry about a QB consistently making sideline throws.
  10. wit33

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    His frame is certainly frail. Much more of a natural runner than RG3, but wouldn’t be surprised if he struggles with injuries, especially on 3rd downs, critical moments or red zone. Tough for a guy to give up an Oppo to convert a 3rd conversion by avoiding a potential hit. Just would love to see a team employ 3 guys like Jackson to keep it rolling no matter what. Like it’s done in the college ranks. Agree on the spread elements and that being a direction of NFL. Naturally I like to go against the Heard and think the new ground and pound must be with an electric QB. For example, the Ravens were dead in the water with a bad run game. Last two games they’ve dominated with the run game, time of possession, and dominate defense. His impact in two games is on level of top tier QB. Not saying it’s the right way, but it’ll be interesting to watch from afar. Also, in today’s nfl climate, electric QBs can be had in the 4th round and beyond. Risk/reward is great. Just spit balling though. Not likely to happen or anything.
  11. Admittedly I dont isolate and watch him much or watch video. I guess it’s been beaten into my head by various media, players, and coaches.. certainly could be wrong. What have you seen this year that puts him outside the top 10?
  12. Why though? He’s the best LT in the game now.
  13. wit33

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    @BatteredFanSyndrome Little of leg topic... No way Mccvay gives a QB 15% of the cap. This isn’t an attempt to slight Kirk, just wonder if Mccvay will pay a QB a large sum of money, especially after the transformation of Goff. The current Rams team is built off the sum of its parts around a cheap QB. Why change the model.
  14. Williams is a freak and will play great football into his mid 30s, but can’t argue his injury issue.
  15. Dont disagree, how can you not lol Just saying it’s a selling point that has attracted the all timers previously. Coaches want full control and not all teams are willing to offer this.