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Expect Antwaan Randle El to be cut due to his salary


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Per Rotoworld:

Antwaan Randle El-WR-Redskins Jan. 5 - 5:46 pm et

Redskins WR/PR Antwaan Randle El is due a $4.25 million salary in 2010, plus a $6.25 million offseason roster bonus.

Randle El's salary drops to $1.95M if the bonus is paid before August 31, but he's likely played his last down in burgundy and gold, no matter who coaches the team. The 30-year-old is still a decent slot receiver, finishing 2009 with 50 grabs for 530 yards, but offers no vertical ability and is totally ineffective on punt returns. He's not worth close to $8.2 million.

Thats not quite how his contract was explained in RI last year ;


As part of his new deal he got a $2.5 million signing bonus, and his deal now has the potential to extend years beyond his old one, through 2015 at max. And he has a $6.25 million option bonus in 2010, which the club has until Aug. 31, 2010 to decide whether or not to pick up.

If that option bonus is executed, then Randle El's deal can go through 2015, with that $6.25 million prorated over the ensuing six seasons (feel like you are reading the same paragraph over and over?).

If Randle El's option bonus is executed, his 2010 base salary is $1.375 million.

If that option is not executed, then Randle El's 2010 base salary jumps to $1.95 million and he is eligible to become an unrestricted free agent following the 2010 season. Should the Redskins opt to cut Randle El after the 2009 season, prior to executing the option bonus, then Randle El would count $4.4 million in dead cap space.

I say he might stay. We decline the bonus option & pay him ~$2m for a one year deal. Average player, good for a young locker room tho'. His 'dead cap' would also be much lower that the $4.4m quoted following 2010. Just a guess.

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The man was a sure first year hall of fame fair catcher.

Actually, I really like Randle El. His personality and effort were really high (possibly excluding this year). I'm not sure if his decline was due to his demotion, but his production as both a receiver and a punt returner were absolutely horrid this year. For that reason, even more than his salary I wish him well.

Sadly, there are a number of players who I like and root for that I am ready to say "good-bye" to.

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I'm one to agree that ARE was paid way too much for the talent that he was coming out of Pittsburgh. His value has diminished and was only on special teams for so long because Zorn had too good of a heart to humiliate him and cut him from punt returns. It's sad that our younger receivers have more value than he does as a #2 receiver.

Time to pack your bags Uncle Elroy and give back those Eastern Motors loaner cars!

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