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  1. I say we go to burgandies at home, for every game except the cowgirls, and for that one, out of respect for Joe. WE WEAR THE WHITES! :dallasuck :dallasuck :dallasuck :dallasuck :dallasuck
  2. I personally like the uni's, and liked the burgandy sock look. I prefer the current helmet, but would accept the R version if there was a switch. Wouldnt mind seeing the burgandy tops with mustard pants and the current helmet. Hell All burgandy wouldnt be a bad look. One things for sure. Gibbs liked the the Whites with burgandy pants. There may be room for change here, or maybe out of respect, Snyder says done toy with it, and I'd be fine with it. LETS GO WIN ANOTHER LOMBARDI, then they can wear whatever we want!
  3. Personally I think we play solid in the burgandy's. Lets go burg on burg!
  4. AGREED!!!!!!!!!! As for the pants, it looks like Joe got sick of everything, including all the time players spent determining what color of uniform they needed to be in, in order to win a game. Bout damn time we went back to what were are!