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  1. Dear car with broken brake lights, Thank you for cutting me off in stop-and-go traffic.
  2. You're on Cash Cab and make it to the end. Do you go double or nothing on the video bonus question or take the money and get out?
  3. My girlfriend makes this all the time. Hands down the best dessert I have ever had in my life.
  4. On another note, I'm really liking my new Orakpo avatar, even though it's U of Texas and not Redskins.
  5. My bad, I saw there were 1211 pages of posts and figured I'd just go for it, I guess post #1 tends to be an important one. Take it out of discussion then.
  6. I didn't know if there were out-of-bounds topics, it's just a random thought/discussion that came up today, thought I'd get some outside perspective.
  7. I have not, does it mention something about it?
  8. If aliens were ever found on another planet, would that disprove the existence of God? Seeing as how He created the Heavens and the Earth, but no mention of, say, aliens on Neptune, wouldn't that be a very damaging blow to the religious argument?
  9. Question, as a mod or staff member of the board, is that your job? I mean that as a full-time, paying position, or is it something you generously volunteer your time to?
  10. Brooklyn Brown Ale has been a favorite recently. Also picked up the Yards variety case last week, the Pale Ale and IPA are both amazing.
  11. I'm still upset that for the 75th anniversary year we never wore Burgundy jerseys with gold pants. That's the only change, I'd be ok with for our uniform. Otherwise, keep it as is.
  12. Loved'em. We should wear them again to erase the Steeler game memory. I still think the burgundy jerseys with white pants is the best uniform for us, but the burgundy on burgundy is a good look.
  13. I would like three things. 1. I wish we would wear true "home" uniforms. I like the burgundy jerseys better than the white. Plus, we end up wearing the white jerseys like 14 games a season. 2. I like the gold pants. I actually use those all the time when I play Madden. I wouldn't want the "R" helmet, though. I like the Indian chief emblem. 3. I don't like the white jerseys with gold pants that we wore this year. If we could wear the Burgundy jerseys with gold pants at home and white jerseys with burgundy pants, burgundy socks and white shoes on the road, I think we would look the most badas
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