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  1. Send Trent to Denver provided Elway's makes a great offer.
  2. Santana_89

    0-5 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    Not only 0-5 but I don't see 3 wins this year at all.
  3. Santana_89

    Raiders suspending Antonio Brown

    The Pats traded Demariyus Thomas earlier this evening and now this.... you knew some incident with Mr.Big Chest would happen but I was not at all expecting a rape allegation. If true I hope justice is served, if false there needs to be a law against filing false rape/assault accusations with a mandatory 3-5 year prison sentence. #GladItsNotTheSkinsProblem
  4. Santana_89

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)
  5. Santana_89

    Players Need To Shut Up And Play (Morgan Moses)

    I am all for standing up for your team mate but you do that in the coach's/ GM's office behind closed doors. I would love for the front office to draft Morgan Moses replacement in 2020. I am sick of his league leading holding penalties every Sunday.
  6. I am drinking the kool aid on Mc17 dude is legit.
  7. I agree with your post this is the best scenario for the franchise and for Trent.
  8. Or if he is fired his preferred running back is already on roster
  9. I am as anxious as the rest of the fan base to move Trent because clearly his mind is made up to never wear the burgundy and gold, but the Redskins are not just giving him away for a empty Popeye's chicken sandwich wrapper and a lukewarm soda.
  10. Santana_89

    The 2019 nfl cuts and who we should be interested

    My first WTH?? What is with this fascination with Apke?