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  1. If the league/owners vote to boot Synder and it just might happen, I would not be surprised if one Sean Carter aka Jay Z becomes the first minority owner in the NFL and he buys the team.
  2. Who knew he was about the strong arm life for real.
  3. Dun did not feel wanted by the Redskins but is a different type of wanted right now...life comes at you fast. FYI- He talked with the Seahawks media today before the news broke no indication of anything being up with him. #InRonWeTrust
  4. Laughing at Falcons fans thinking they have a shot at moving up to #2 to get Chase Young. Not even Julio could sweeten the pot enough for me to move off #2 and down to #16.
  5. So is Antonio Brown and I don't want him either. Not that I doubt for one second that Ron can't handle Diggs, we are not a receiver away from Superbowl contention. This team has far more pressing needs like TE, CB, and S. With Trent's and Dunny's I want a new deal or trade me demands you are looking at more holes. Diggs is a luxury we can not afford or need currently. JMO.
  6. Sounds plausible. As much as I love Trent and want him back alongside Flowers, any deal has to be favorable to the Redskins future.
  7. I'll pass. Why jettison one problem player for somebody else's and give up a draft pick? I don't get why some fans want to give away draft picks now that we are drafting better and hitting on late rounds picks?
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