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  1. Much to gain little to lose. To boxing fans, it's "losing its luster" but with each sensational story, with each leak about the fight ("the little guy is next") the fight is attracting more and more casual fans, and non boxing fans. Case in point, how many people do you know who don't follow boxing relgiously but would go see this fight because of all the hype over the years? It's growing... A few years ago they would not have grossed near $50m....now they should get at least that. If either one of them lose, they will still get their massive payday....it doesnt take away from the current bas
  2. No one is ducking anyone...it's all part of the game. The fight will happen when they reach peak earning potential and not a second sooner.
  3. Does that mean you're finished now?
  4. You know its funny. Floyd asks for drug testing. Manny declines. Floyd asks for drug testing. Manny agrees but not all the way up to the fight because it will "interfere with his training" huh? Floyd asks for drug testing. Manny agrees up to the fight but says he won't allow the US anti doping agency to do it, instead they want someone else to administer because they dont trust the nations' governing body of PED use in sports. And FLOYD is the one ducking Manny? You are delusional. He is asking for DRUG TESTING not an absurd amount of money, not to fight bare knuckle, not to do a tag team WW
  5. I havent seen many Floyd fans making the claims about Pac that Pac fans say about Floyd. If Marquez beats Pac, do you then admit you were wrong about Floyd 's selection of fighters and ducking tactics? Thats my question.
  6. Anything/everything related to floyd is downplayed - too this, too that...every win has an asterisk and a reason as to why he won. But Manny's are all clean. To me it seems you're the type of person who needs an excuse or answer for why the guy is perfect when in reality, he is simply undefeated, period bottom line. It's OK though, there is no convincing you, you've got your opinion, that's fine. What happens if Marquez beats Manny?
  7. No, he's actually playing you like a drum. We all see it but you dont. Saying "the proof is there" doesnt actually mean the proof is there. If Manny or Floyd loses, will you still watch the fight? If Manny or Floyd both make $100M each in fights leading up to their bout, will you still watch the fight? If Manny and Floyd dont fight for 2 years, will you still watch the fight? Right.
  8. No doubt. Manny declining the tests = more hype & questions surrounding the biggest fight in years. None of them are stupid. It's all about money. Manny's win over Marquez will again be a $ multiplier...and his loss won't have any effect on the Mayweather fight. These guys have it all down. Low risk high reward.
  9. Simmer down player, I guess everyone who doesnt have a manny tee-shirt in the basement closet of their moms house is a moron. You really dont think the hype for Manny/Floyd is more now, and growing with every fight, than it was 2 years ago? Floyd has erased every single thing said about him with the Hatton fight, Mosely fight, Ortiz, etc. He never fights anyone with a knockout punch. He ducks southpaws. He fights guys past their prime. On and on and on and on. And he keeps winning. And people keep hating him more. Perfect example - my girlfriend saw the replay and said "wow.....even I may wa
  10. Of being the more experienced fighter, who took a headbutt minutes before, and laid out a young punk who was getting frustrated because he couldnt whip Floyd like he thought he could? Yeah, sure. The rules are clear. What none of the highlights show, and if you didnt watch the fight live you wouldnt know, is that not just seconds before that, Ortiz came up to Floyd TWICE to apologize. How many times are you going to say youre sorry in a fight? Mayweather openly accepted his first hug, openly accepted his glove touch a 2nd time...and accepted it a THIRD time. After the third damn time of touch
  11. /fight. /thread. It was a good fight but Ortiz knew he was fighting Floyd's fight and no matter how hard he tried Floyd sucked him right back in. Enter headbutt. Floyd knew as well, knocking him out will result in a) a win + b)controversy + c) making him even more of a bad guy (hence the threats at the end...hate me more people!) = a bigger payday next fight, which now doesnt even have to be Manny. Floyd = best fighter alive and most fiscally creative/intelligent athlete on the planet.
  12. Honestly, if they did that, I would never sign up for Sunday Ticket, and I'm sure I'm not alone. The quality was just too good and it was just too easy. Unless DTV could share in that (and they probably have no interest) I dont see it happening. If they came to me and said "$100 for the stream, or $300 for the ticket" it'd be a no brainer. Well, first Id call them and say Id do the ticket for $120 like I do every year, but if they declined, it'd be a no brainer.
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