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I'm losing my patience with the wizards

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This team is bad from top to bottom right now.

Gil and Antawn share two flaws in common...neither one of them plays defense, and neither one of them can hit a free throw. You can count on either of them to lose you a game at the charity stripe, or by letting the opposing player blow past them for an easy layup

Randy Foye and Andray Blatche continue to make mental mistakes and cost this team possessions in crunch time.

Nick Young is inconsistent

Javale is very undisciplined...you can count on him getting 3 goaltendings and 3 fouls in 8 minutes of play each night

Flip Saunders has destroyed the only thing this team was good at the past few years....scoring on offense.

How do you leave your best player (haywood) out of the game for the last half of the 4th quarter? Was Brenden hurt? He was killin' it all game. The only player that was producing on both sides of the court.

I'm very frustrated right now. If this team can't get back to .500 by the all-star break, I say we trade the Big 3 for players who will play defense and/or draft picks.

oh yeah...one more thing.....I wanna chop deshawn's hand off...that way he can never do the "I can't feel my face" wave ever again.

On a positive note, the wizards were 2 points away (Gilbert free throws) from taking the Celtics to overtime...or winning if Gil could have just gone 50% from the free throw line; once Mike Miller gets back...he could be the glue that brings the team together.

Miller is the only consistent 3 point shooter on the team, plays pretty good defense, rebounds, and is the smartest guy on the team.

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I was rolling around today listening to John Thompson and John was disappointed in the Wizards season so far

I haven't been able to follow the Wizards as much as I used to in the past due to pre-emptions by college basketball, but I'm not pleased by the record so far, I was expecting better results especially with the new coach and the changes that went on via trade.

Someone on radio either JT or some related individual on that program said the Miller loss really hurts

Hopefully the Wizards step it up and get some wins going, it'd be a shame if DC town had only one playoff team throughout the year

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Ultimately the bad part of being a die-hard fan who loves root for his team and desires badly for that team to win... is that it sucks when they disappoint. Its not like the Wizards owe you anything, you're not coach or owner... just a fan. This is why I've stopped pouring my heart into sports over the past couple of years.

The Wizards have been the same team they've been since they had the core of Butler, Jamison and Arenas... what was that 3 yeas ago? They haven't developed much young talent in that time (Haywood has come a long way in that time however, I don't think he'll stay on the Wizard beyond this season.)

I didn't like re-signing Jamison (can't remember if that was this or last summer). Sure he's a veteran leader, but I think talent trumps leadership in the NBA up to a point... once you are a team stuck in the playoffs going nowhere, then you look at getting veteran leadership to throw you over.

The new paradigm in sports unfortunately due to all the dilution (I think this holds in every league) is to toil between mediocrity and suck until you get a superstar you can build the team around. See: Tim Duncan, Dwayne Wade, LeBron, Kobe... the Detroit team that did well for a couple years ago is the anomaly... and even then they had a ton of young talent.

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Yes, the wizards are horrible right now. It is sickening. I wouldnt even know where to start first to fix this team, or how it would be feasible. However, i can point out the most significant problems in list form.

1) Antawn Jamison has got to go. He might play the worst defense ive ever seen. Every player on every team attacks straight though Jamison, regardless of the talent of the opposing offense. Half the time he does not even get his hands up. On top of that the only defense he knows involves fouling, and yet they are pansy fouls that usually result in an And 1. That is pathetic. I dont care if he is team captain. I love the guy, but he hasnt played defense in 5 years. This is why we continually get killed on the inside game. Also we can only have 1 player on the court that does not play defense, and unfortunately our franchise is tied to him. Jamison has got to go.

2) Caron Butler does not know how to play team basketball. Time after time i have to watch him get the kick out only to pump fake and then drive back into the chaos, usually resulting in a charge. If he would just take the shot when arenas (or other player, most likely boykins) kicked it out, we would play much much better. Also, for someone who used to take pride in his defense, hence the name 'Tough Juice', i have not seen him exert much effort outside the occasional steal. Caron is noticeably just looking for his shots instead of the kickout.

3) D Stevenson needs to be on the court. I know he has been pretty bad on offense lately. However, he is the only guy on the team outside of Mini Boykins who knows how to play any defense. How can we expect to win if the only man on the court playing defense is 5 and a half feet tall? ( I dont consider Javelle or Haywood or Blatche as defenders because they only go for the block. Haywood is coming around though.)

4) Haywood/Blatche need to work on their hands. How many times do we see inside layoffs for easy baskets go straight through their hands? If we are a running team, our bigs have got to be able to catch the ball.

5) Randy Foye is awful. The last thing we need on this team is another offensive player who jacks up ill-advised shots that hit backboard and or air about 50% of the time.

6) Lastly, Arenas is noticeably trying to be a traditional point guard this year. But this team just watches him do his thing. This is not 2004. or 2005. He is trying to get the rest of the team involved and they all just sit there on their thumbs. Then when the pass does eventually come out, it bounces off the fingers and out of bounds. For whatever reason, the team seems to pay a little more attention when boykins is playing the point, but i dont feel that is an indication of better passing, but more of a habit to watch gil do it all.

This team will not get better until Jamison is gone, and Caron either sucks it up and plays team ball or gets traded. The rest is coachable. Also when Miller comes back, i assume foye will be riding the pine. I dont expect anything to happen.

( On a side note, i think changing the name back to the Washington Bullets along with the team colors, would kill the curse. But i dont expect that to happen. So this is the best we can do. )

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the problem is they play zero defense. they say every off-season "oh we have been working on D the whole summer" but when the season starts they let rajon rondo and ray allen jam on them in the paint in key situations. Jamison is the only consistent shooter so he gets a pass on his god awful defense which he really shouldnt. Gil is just doing whatever...just cashing his check. Caron should get a lil more credit since he actually hustles on the court. I really thought we would be cruising this first part of the season but once again a Washington sports team has disappointed me. Thank God for Semmy, Ovi, Mike, Gabby, and Varly. Caps for the Cup!

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Ya'll have probably seen more games then me, but from the several games I've seen there's a lot that wrong and a lot that could possibly be right. One thing I'm absoultely sure of, if we're going to force Gil to be the #1, you cannot have a player like Nick Young starting as your #2. We have a bunch of quality players, but maybe one superstar, and that's it. You can't win in this league with that, aint' gonna happen.

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