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  1. yeah...but RonArtest had some good points. I still think the guy is a bum and I don't think he'll change, but this draft is horrible and it is worth the risk if you can build the trade around that pick. ---------- Post added March-29th-2013 at 03:18 PM ---------- I'd take either Carter-Williams (we need a back up PG) or Plumlee (every team need an energy bigman).....this draft is so terrible though...I really wish we could get some sort of value from trading the pick (but it is doubtful). ---------- Post added March-29th-2013 at 03:19 PM ---------- Cleveland isn't making the playoffs next year if Zeller is their first round pick haha ---------- Post added March-29th-2013 at 03:23 PM ---------- I wanted Tobias harris soooo bad in the draft ....I had him 7th on my draft board behind #1 Irving #2 Willaims #3 Kanter #4 Thompson #5 Leonard #6 Faried Was so pissed when we chose Vesely. I remember emailing Ted about the draft saying I really wanted Klay Thompson (a realistic pick at #6)...he said they like Thompson, but 6th was too high to take him.... so we took Vesely...meanwhile I think Thompson is averaging 16 points per game with a good 3pt % on a playoff team....DAMN IT Ted and Ernie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I can agree with that....fair assessment...I don't think you keep both Nene and Okafor if Cousins comes to town though. That is way too much money invested into three starting caliber front court players. Not really sure who you get rid of there....I think Nene is a better overall player than Okafor, but Okafor's contract is ending soon and he will not get as much as Nene gets. Also think Okafor is strictly a Center and Nene is interchangeable in the two positions. Okafor seems to be a bigger locker room influence from what I read. I guess it would depend on what Sacramento would want back. I think they'd want Beal or Wall included in the trade and that just isn't going to happen.
  3. It isn't just about this is about mentality. The guy has never seen a shot he didn't has to do with discipline (something Cousins doesn't have and might never have). I will agree with you that if he worked out anywhere, this would likely be the spot (because of the Wall ties)...he'd probably also work out in LAC, MIA, or Boston because of the veteran leadership/coaching there. I definitely agree that he could not only be the best offensive 5 in the game, but he has the tools to be the best center in the game period. I agree with most of what you said, I'm just not willing to take a chance on another cancer....we just got rid of all our tumors and are doing well in remission...I'd hate to reverse that. This draft sucks...if Sactown took our Lottery pick and a filler, I'd make the trade, but I think they'd want more value in return.
  4. It isn't about basketball IQ....if anything his baskeball IQ is higher than the average player....he has pretty good positioning when he is playing defense on the wing...problem is he gets into foul trouble when marking down low because of his lack of strength. ---------- Post added March-29th-2013 at 12:40 PM ---------- The problem with Cousins is he doesn't go 100% all the time and he has a serious attitude problem. He is a cancer, I want him no where near my team. He also insists on shooting long jumpers (like Blatche) and has a terrible FG% for a Center. He has no business playing the perimeter and chucking up jump shots.
  5. I meant to repeat what he said (month) not game.....Jan rarely even gets into a game. Here's the thing....a basketball team can have up to 15 players on its roster. Only 12 of those players can be activated during the game. Out of those 12...usually only 8-9 of those players get rotation minutes. The rest of the spots on the team can be used for younger development players who may not play now, but will in the future. It makes absolutely no sense to get rid of a 22 year old 7 footer on a rookie contract. Jan can't shoot, we all know that. Jan is weak for his position, we all know that. Thankfully, both of these problems can be rectified. What Jan does have going for him is he wants to succeed...he wants to play and he plays hard when given the opportunity. The problem is he doesn't get enough game experience. You can't get better if you don't play. The Wizards have been out of realistic playoff contention for months now. Jan should have been getting 15-20 minutes per game. Jan is a decent defender....he is good at getting into passing lanes and disrupting the opponent's offensive flow. He still has a long way to go, but like I said, the guy is 7'0, 22 years old, and on a rookie deal....only an idiot would part ways with a player like that (especially since we are a couple years away from being a legit contender anyway). ---------- Post added March-29th-2013 at 11:40 AM ---------- it is all wittman's fault....he does this to players like Jan, Singleton, and makes no sense. ---------- Post added March-29th-2013 at 11:41 AM ---------- it is all wittman's fault....he does this to players like Jan, Singleton, and makes no sense.
  6. Anyone can get stronger by hitting the weight room (and Jan has a large frame, so he could definitely put on some weight)....the problem is the team brought him in expecting to play him at the 3.....he isn't a 3..he is a 4/5. As far as him only playing 10-20 minutes per game...that is on Wittman (along with Grunfeld...Wittman is hindering the development of this team...both need to go right away). A 7 footer always has a is up to the coaching staff and the player to be sure he gains the strength to play down low.
  7. in basketball, big men don't typically fully develop until they are 27. I think it would be a bad decision to cut ties with someone who could possibly develop. Jan can't shoot and makes some bad plays, but he is also a freakishly athletic 7 footer...those don't grow on trees. In the grand scheme of things, 4 million is not that much money in the NBA....we are already going to be 10 million under the projected cap (with him on the team). The only way you don't keep him is if you have the opportunity to sign some one much better and need that 4 million in cap space to get the deal done.
  8. I don't think I'd let him walk. We invested a 6th round pick in Vesely...I'd keep him through his rookie contract. Obviously you don't re-sign him after that if he doesn't improve, but I wouldn't decline the team option.
  9. I want no part of zeller....oladipo would be a perfect fit on this team though. We could use depth at guard.
  10. I was trying to figure out what kind of deal Okafor would get...I was thinking something like 3 years, 27 million. As far as Ariza...I don't see him back unless he really wants to stay and takes less. I don't think Ariza is worth the MLE at this point...he is way too inconsistent. Not to mention we will likely use the MLE this year to keep Webster; so we wont be able to use it in two years when Ariza is a free agent. Wall shouldn't get max money based on the body of his work and what other point guards have recently gotten. I expect him to get something in the ballpark of 4 years, 48 million. I would not do a max extension this off-season (that would be stupid). If another team gave him max money when he became a restricted FA in two years, I'd match...but I wouldn't just give it to him a year before he can even hit the market. I'm thinking the roster/cap will look like this in 2014: Wall 12m Beal 4.5m Webster 5.5m Nene 13m Okafor 10m (estimate 3 year 27 million contract extension) 2013 1st round pick: 2.2m (estimate 8th round pick in year two of contract Vesely 4.2m Booker 3.4m Singleton 2.5m 2014 1st round pick: 1.1m (estimating the pick to be somewhere around 20 Temple 1.5m (I love the guy and thing he is valuable moving forward. good bang for the buck) 2013 2nd round pick: 1m total cap hit for 12 players: 60 million give or take a couple million. the projected salary cap for next year is 70 million (it is based on BRI (Basketball Related Income) which is projected to go up 20% this year (wow!!! I know). It's hard for me to project 2014 salary cap, so I'll just keep it at 70 million The above situation leaves us 10 million for free agents. Andre Iguadala, Danny Granger, Luol Deng, Chandler Parsons, Gordon Hayward, Derek Favors, Larry Sanders, Pattrick Paterson are all guys that could possibly fit into that 10 million of cap space. anyways...the future looks bright. I hope our only move of the offseason is bringing Webster back and getting a back up point guard on the cheap. Save the cap flexibility for a great FA class of 2014. A longer shot would be to not re-sign Okafor and go after LeBron James who can use an early termination clause. I know that seems unrealistic and this is just a slight possibility, but LBJ and John Wall are good friends...if the Wizards have a good showing next year and make some noise, that might be a landing spot he considers. ******************edit************************* correction....if the cap is in fact the 70 million it is predicted to be, we will be about 10 million under the cap after signing our draft picks and NOT re-signing any of our own free agents. That means we can't use the mid-level on Webster. If we gave Webster 5 million per year and Temple 1.5....we'd still have 3/4 million in cap space to sign a very competent backup PG. Or we could not re-sign either of them and have 10 million to spend on one of these guys: Tyreke Evens, Mo williams, Jarret Jack, Devin Harris, DJ Augustine, Jerryd Bayless (2013 PG class is DEEP), Chase Budinger, Paul Millsap, JJ Hickson, Al Jefferson...list goes on. I think I'd rather re-sign Martell and get a cheap back up PG (like DJ Augustine or Jarret Jack) and save the rest for 2014. This team with the addition of a better back up PG and a lottery pick is good enough to get into the playoffs....then 2014 is the year we put it all together and contend.
  11. Even though I'm a huge Nene fan, I wonder if Indiana would trade Granger for Nene. We could replace Nene in this year's draft with whatever big man falls to us and add much needed scoring. The question is how bad would our defense suffer losing Nene. If Granger didn't work out, he'd be an expiring deal that year along with Okafor and Ariza....we'd be major players for a jackpot 2014 free agency class.
  12. This game fun to watch, so I've been looking up random ****. Fun fact....the Indiana Pacers are the best defensive team in the last 10 years of NBA play. Only San Antonio has been better in the past 14 years. Indian is currently holding opponents to a ridiculous .414% shooting from the field. San Antonio gave up .409 in 2003. To give you guys some numbers to compare to.... this year: OKC .428 GS/Wash .428 (tied for 3rd in the league) Cle .478 (worse in the league) worse in the past 14 years...get is hilarious...2005 Toronto .491. To put that into perspective the best team that year in terms of offense was Phx with .479 anyways...I was thinking that if miami some how doesn't win it this year, my dark horse is Indiana. Paul George isn't done getting better and that team is in good cap shape...they are going to be an absolute force in years to come.
  13. You think Ted is going to pay for offseason training and facilities? ---------- Post added March-27th-2013 at 04:07 PM ---------- I can't take credit for of my buddies pointed this out...but Vesely is not a 3/4....he is a 4/5. he needs to put on muscle weight and learn some post moves...focus on defense and rebounding....that's the only shot he has of being anything in the NBA. ---------- Post added March-27th-2013 at 04:11 PM ---------- I'd be more excited if it was a home game...I'm still going to watch and still slightly excited to see how Wall follow's his Monday performance, but I've got a gut feeling we lose by double digits.
  14. NO WAY....Nene is one of the most valuable players on this team. I don't think the casual fan understands all he does. Nene is the best defender on the team, he has a high basketball IQ, he is one of the better post passers in the game, and he is a very capable post scorer. I get it on the injuries and the contract.....I do think he is slightly overpayed...not by much though...big men are a premium in the NBA. We actually have a big man who is also skilled ( a lot of teams can't say this). I doubt Nene will miss nearly as many games next year when we are in the hunt the whole year. It doesn't make sense for him to play hurt when we are already out of the playoffs (maybe not mathematically, but realistically) Vesely has ZERO trade value. We are better off keeping him and hoping the light suddenly turns on. ---------- Post added March-26th-2013 at 01:28 PM ---------- You aren't going to see the Wiz get any love till we make the playoffs again (and I actually think that's the way it should be).....I prefer sneaking up on all the haters next year....take them by surprise!