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Funny Thing About Those WP Guys :)


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Kind of tough to coach a team full of players who don't want you there in the first place, though.

Honestly if this is the case right off the bat-then I'll lose a lot respect for our players.

You're professionals working toward a goal, if management makes a decision to try to work toward that goal and you dismiss it without giving it a chance, than you're not the right player for this team or any team.

You won no superbowls with Gibbs or Williams, the system isn't fool proof obiviously...so if someone else comes in and you refuse to even give them a chance-well that says a lot about the player, and none of it good.

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I checked around national news outlets and none of them are reporting about the fassel, ryan, zorn trio. Possibly cause the last two are staying put, but the Post guys are feeding are hunger with anything they can get their hands on. They're catching hell for it but it's part of the job. I'd think Mort or Pasquarelli would know sometihng first and report it cause they've been doing this for 20 years.

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Well, here's a mainstream (SI) sports news site that mentions the fan reaction to the possible Fossell hiring.


WASHINGTON (AP) -- On Monday, the world at large wasn't even aware that Jim Fassel was a candidate for the Washington Redskins coaching job.

By Wednesday, there were fan Web sites calling for him to be fired from the Redskins -- and for Dan Snyder's ouster, too.

Click the link for the rest of the article...

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I think Snyder needs to start listening to other peoples opinions. He wants instant satisfaction and is to quick to pull the trigger. Snyder's problem is the fact that he is too trigger happy and makes decisions too quickly. Common sense is that in order to build a franchise u need continuity. Not only is Snyder talking about getting a new coach, he want a new off. coordinator and def. coordinator.

It's just frustrating to us fans because it been so obvious all along what this organization needs and the man with all the power turns a deaf ear to everyone with a different opinion then his.

The best thing for this organization to do is keep al saunders as off. coordinator Williams as coach and then maybe bring somebody in as def coordinator or promote from within. We need to keep these people around.

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Dan just effed with the Post big time. Made them look like a bunch of tools and I bet they're real happy with it. JLC has actually been fair with us most of the year too so it surprises me a little but who knows what's going on behind the scenes. Dan is a master manipulator though...I've picked up that much but it just hasn't proven valuable in the NFL. At least not yet.

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Me being in the Military for 12 years I have been in alot of leadership positions and I have learned alot. I'm not trying to compare football to the Military,but as a leader you can't.........I will repeat.......YOU CAN'T let outside people have influence on you decisions.

You have to run it the way you want to. you have to make the best decision that you feel is right. Not what joe smo thinks.

We are just fans. We dont know jack **** about building a NFL franchise.

I want dan do what he feels right.

It seems Danny Snyder don't know jack spit about building an NFL franchise either..........:laugh:

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nothing I read or heard suggesting the Boy Owner is listening to fans, only that fans are reacting negatively

The Boy Owner would do well to listen to fans since revenue, as well as overall value, depends on the fan base in the long run

He has enjoyed the benefit of the most FANatical fan base in pro sports. If he blows this decision, and from all reports he is/was about to, I completely believe we have seen a market-top in franchise value

The supposedly brilliant business man would have been responsible for that reversal, not to mention the demise in fan base.

I am a bellweather fan, as are many here. AFter a while, it feels like we are rooting for burgundy and gold colored laundry

Make all the arguments you like about success under Gibbs, or failures of Saunders, vindication through Collins, or the future under Williams... these are worth arguing, but you cannot deny these things:

-we ended the season as a TEAM

-it felt good to be a Redskin fan again, ... a sense of pride and dignity

-continuity going forward was a real possibility

-most would argue that success is more likely on the field with all these ingredients

ALL of the above has been damaged, even if Williams is the eventual hire.

Dan and his moronic sidekick have accomplished just that.

Good post Chief............:applause:

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Let them think that they know what is going on behind the "veil of secrecy" and allow their heads to swell because they think they are so important that they and their readers/listeners influenced the coaching hire. The fact is that they don't know **** about this or anything else that has been going on for the past two and a half weeks.

oh yes they do...they know the first offical act after Joe Gibbs left was to promote Vinny into control over all personnel activities. hmmmmm....why did this take 4 years+????

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I don't know if I totally agree with that. Do I think Synder should hire based on who the fans actually want? No. He's done much more research and spent much more time on this than we have. However, I do think that he should pay attention to the negative reaction to Fassel (sp?). If a majority (like 80 - 90%) of the fan base hates this idea, then something is wrong. But I do not believe he should make his decision solely based on how the Redskins community reacted. I've lived in the area all of my life and feel that we are a big part of the team.

man what you talkin bout? we fans run this s**t! :D

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Yeah thier track records speak volumes for thier deep knowledge of how to run a winning franchise.

The Skins are a winning franchise.

Consistently #1/2 in Forbes list of top earners and was the #1 in net worth over the past seasons since Danny bought the team. Just recently did the Cowboys pass the Skins as the #1 franchise, and that's only because of the new stadium so those numbers are inflated.

Dan is right when he says the clock isn't broken so why fix it.

Just because the team can't win anything on the field doesn't mean the Skins are a losing franchise.

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I don't see anyone on the horizon with any kind of bona fides on the outside that wants this job.

Fassel is a retread who has been out of the HC game for the past 4 years.

Schwartz interviewed around the NFL and didn't get any of the jobs that were out there.

Meeks is a 53 year old career assistant with the resume of being a DC with a famous DC as the head coach. So, whose defense was it, his or Tony's? :)

These guys aren't the stuff of legend.

Even among mediocre hires like Jim Mora there was a reluctance to go too far in the process with Washington. As soon as Seattle gave him some assurances of a place after Holmgren leaves, Mora cut ties and flew back home.

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Like said before. If dan is listening to fans during this coaching search. I have lost all respect for him.

He should not listen to us. If he feels Jim Fassel is the best for the job,than he should hire him.

If Dan has proven anything in his (hopefully shortlived) tenure as owner of the Washington Redskins, it's that marketing (and the monetary rewards it reaps) is king.

As such, paying attention to the customer base when they make enough noise is probably something that Dan and Dan alone (among NFL owners) would do.

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