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  1. have you been drinking the douglas adams stuff again?!!!!!
  2. well....we are all unique and varied in our approaches. save for those dedicated to character assassination alone...that is one of the glories of ES! wide latitude for tone/style. as for looking stupid.....very few if any fit that category (certainly not you).....it's allowing one's self to be cowed into silence (for whatever reason) that towers as the greatest sin of all. a defining condition of your/my inheritance as an American is the right to speak our minds unfettered - except as taste, personal style and good citizenship demand. ES leadership has been pretty good about this (in Stadium
  3. not what I am referring to...not to rustle skeletons.....but Tailgate has been personalized to a degree that far exceeds the tolerant approach to differences in perspective and style/tone that characterize Stadium...reflecting a disturbing attitude (dare one say censorship?) toward widening the aperture to all sources of information/informed opinions. but.....the cost is borne by others...not those "in the know".....manners over knowledge...etc...etc.....
  4. hmmm...different opinion here on Tailgate and the drive for "informed" debate
  5. Art does have a style that is...to say the least...a unique signature!!!! sometimes brilliant most times combative. OM shined like a brilliant diamond as well (without all the spears!). you were no shirker yourself GSF!!!
  6. true dat. don't forget the panache Blondie brought to the board, Utah's insightful football analysis, AtlantaSkin's other worldly analysis and contentiousness..... it's seems as though the old guard - and all their ties/memories to the 70s, 80s and 90s - have moved on to be replaced by a younger, exceedingly avid/loyal, but un-leavened group of fans. and so the cycle continues. one thing is certain: this board has always had cantankerous currents running through it...and always will...until the home team returns to dominance among the NFL's elite.
  7. I believe everything but salacious! promise to publish your "Game Change"?....:laugh:
  8. ES is a very nice site.....as I will attest at member #9. Just say I have a Sonny disposition on ES!!!! now...when will we get "the rest of the story"? for instance, the obvious divisions among the plank owners that has led to a competing website. or the"word of mouth" component that led to an accelerating membership?
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