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  1. the store already paid Snyder for the hoodie to resell
  2. Man I hate those arrogant sons of ****es :mad:
  3. funny, I was thinking about if they would go all burgundy for MNF, just the other day though I still prefer the White over Burgundy look best
  4. per stwasm http://www.extremeskins.com/forums/showthread.php?t=207190 :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  5. I turned on the TV tonight, and the first thing I saw was Jerrah Jones, ass kissing Michael Irvin at the HOF ceremonies made me throw up in my mouth, knowing that should have been Joe Gibbs introducing Art Monk and makes me want to say with an even deeper passion **** the cowboys!!!!!!!
  6. exactly why everyone wants to say... **** the cowboys :laugh:
  7. don't insult :pooh: like that
  8. win 10... maybe but the pokes are also the most likely to crumble like a house of cards if one or two things go wrong, creating a domino effect if for no other reason than the expectations are so high, and there are so many uncertainties... where as the Skins & Giants, have little or no expectations on them... have a better chance to exceed expectations
  9. :laugh: he'll start day 1 of training camp
  10. the only part of your post that was spot on the rest is just the same old retarded Pokes good, redskins bad bull ****, that has nothing to back it up, but poke fans spew out as fact objectively... did you actually use that word???? I am impresses you actually used it, though you didn't do what the word means but still using words with more than two syllables is a major step for you :applause: ... now if you can actually be objective.... but that is expecting a miracle :laugh:
  11. how typical is it that THA and J_J are still trying to argue the point (and twist whats being said) even after this long, when anyone one else would just let it go an die out they keep flaming the fire
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