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  1. The Rams one is that the Rams are the new Lions (or at least this year's Lions).
  2. **** **** **** the Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. HAHA! I have the mousepad with the cool kid on it AND the book!!!! **** Dallas!
  4. How do you add pics here? All I could post were links.
  5. I'm somewhat new here... but have always been a lurker . I love the Skins and have been a fan for about 30 of my 40 years! I hope these pictures come out okay. The first is a picture of me and my dad at a Nat's game in July of 2005 (LOVED going back to RFK!) and the second game is of the Skins about to score during the 49ers game this season. This is taken from our seats (well dad's seats!) in section 428. He's been a season ticket holder for 50 years this season!