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  1. Just so you'll know, the 60's uniforms and the 75th anniverary uniforms are the same.
  2. Yeah, gotta put that black in there, that's really unique. Just like every other team is doing now a days. Cartoon logo? Well that so called "cartoon logo" has a lot of history here and it's all positive. Hell, might as well change the name as it seems to cause so much "discord" around the country :doh:.
  3. If that pic is it then I'm sorry but it's just, damn ugly (no more lynch mob..please!) But....as long as they win, who cares. I just find it kind of sad that we are becoming like every other team in the NFL. Same colored pants and jerseys, like every other team is doing lately and no more Redskins band in between plays, just a bunch of piped in music like every stadium does in the NFL. We used to be traditional and not go with the flow, which I always thought distinguished us from the other teams and stadiums in the NFL. Now we are "generic", nothing distinguishes us and our stadium from the
  4. lol, you all act like I'm the only one who doesn't like the damn uniforms! Geez, I'm sorry if I hurt anybody or as it seems, everybody's feelings here. I just don't like the all burgundy and I feel like I'm standing in the middle of a lynch mob. Well, if it makes everybody happy, I love the all burgundy uniforms. As a matter of fact, they should add all burgundy shoes to go along with it and shoe laces to boot. We are not doomed! :notworthy
  5. It was a metaphor, a joke, just saying. Get a life man, it's only a game and we are talking about...uniforms for gods sake and you're going to jump in my face over this? :doh: lol. Like I said grow up.
  6. No TK, I'm actually on my meds. Sorry if I don't fall in line with the fashion police around here. I don't like it and why should that be an issue?
  7. Grow up. I'll criticize as much as I want. If it bothers you that I don't like it, ignore it...:doh:
  8. Well, that wasn't to bad, wearing the white socks and gold/white stripes on the side of legs. With burgundy socks and no stripes, it looks like ballet tights. Not intimidating at all.
  9. Nice, all burgundy. Now they are going to look like a bunch of little fairies wearing burgundy tutu's. That should really intimidate those Steelers. We are doomed....:doh:
  10. Return to the true Burgundy and Gold. It looked like a Cleveland Browns scrimmage game last Sunday...:doh:
  11. I'm sorry but when I read most of these threads, it just sounds so..........gay.
  12. News Flash! We have gone through 3 major uniform changes since the late 1950's. The only part of history that the current uniforms are associated with is the 4 Superbowl appearances under Joe Gibbs (something to be very proud of by the way). This is a new era and I hope that we can stop living in the past. Those teams, under the Cooke, Betheard and Gibbs regimes were a dynasty that will be near impossible to repeat. I'm okay with a change in uniform styles as long as we stay away from those college looking all white uniforms. And for those that keep wanting the color "black" in our uniforms,
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